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So, most of my OCs are up here because where I rp at doesn't allow me to post them up which is lame. They're all here except for the ones on the site. I have a YouTube channel that's mostly gaming and I don't have a specific theme like most people which is usually Minecraft, CoD, horror, pixel, or simulation games. Me? I just do whatever I feel like playing...and what I can afford. YouTube is the same name if you didn't know.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Persona 4 OC || Kiyo Nanase

Name: Kiyo Nanase

Also Known As: The Big Shrimp

Age: 14 (15)

Birthday: November 25, 1996

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height: 147 cm (4'10")

Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)

Weapon: Nagimata

Arcana: Chariot

Persona: Ares

Due to being so short, Kiyo has a bad temper. She hates it when people point it out to her, so she makes it up by doing things normally girls her height wouldn't do like pole jumping and be a middle blocker in volleyball. Kiyo also has a lack of presence if not doing something that doesn't make her stick out. Besides her terrible temper and lack of presence, she has a big heart and always wears a smile when with friends. She enjoys her time spending with friends rather than being at home and will do anything to avoid going home. Even with all this, Kiyo has a soft voice and doesn't speak unless needed to.

Kiyo lives in a household of five. She has her mother, father, an older brother, and a younger sister. Within that house, her family members are tall except for her. Her parents and siblings rarely noticed her because she was the shortest of them all. This was the beginning of how she lost having an actual presence. The more her family didn't notice, the more people from outside started to not notice her. Kiyo even lost her ability to speak if her teacher didn't take note of it. The girl wanted to be noticed, but wasn't sure how to approach it. In result, she just did what she thought was right. Kiyo joined sport teams and hoped for the best to get noticed, but mostly by her family.

"Huh? What I think about school? I don't mind it. It's the place where I met all of you, so it's not bad." (To Yosuke)

"DON'T CALL ME SHORT!" (To anyone who mentions her height)

"How about we go to Junes?! Ah, I mean, if you guys want to." (When no one knows what to do after school)

"I'm fine! No, really. Go on ahead." (When friends have other plans and can't hang out with her)

"I just want them to notice me for once without being surprised!" (Her feelings being revealed through her Shadow)

Kiyo has no sense of style.

The girls on the volleyball team call her The Big Shrimp for her big heart and small height.

She hates seeing her friends sad, so she will do almost anything to cheer them up right away, but will resort to crying if she runs out of options.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Persona 3 OC || Annalise Fitz

Name: Annalise Fitz 

Age: 15 (16)

Birthday: June 6, 1992

Height: 160 cm (5'3")

Weight: 56 kg (125 lbs)

Zodiac: Gemini

Weapon: Butcher Knife

Arcana: Tower

Persona: Bishamonten

Affiliation: SEES

Annalise doesn't pretend to be something she isn't. She will express her feelings for things she likes and hates instead of keeping it to herself. Being so direct with others have caused others to be disliked by most students which makes her self conscious. Deep within, she's worried with what others think of her and worries over the people she cares for, but due to her direct nature, people find it hard to see that side of her. Annalise hates her direct attitude, but continues to be direct in hopes to make more friends since she isn't sure how else to approach at making friends.

Originally from America, Annalise moved to Japan at the age of ten after an incident that changed her life. When she was five, her parents had a divorce and her mother left for Japan. It was hard on both Annalise and her father. Her father, not being able to keep up with bills, got into a bad group of people who soon got to Annalise. They used her to pay up her father's debts by collecting other debts from others even if it meant by using force. She learned how to beat people up over the years and soon enough, Annalise was asked to take care of her father secretly. Unfortunately, the young girl lost majority of her sanity and went all out blaming him for turning her into a monster. Even apologizing to him at the same time for harming him. Two years of rehab she went through and the court decided to send her to Japan to live with her mother.

Living with her mother was different, but more stressful. Her mother got married to a man who had a son three years older than her who was an honor student. She didn't fit in and none of them seemed to mind when she would take care of herself. While alone, Annalise had discovered her obsession with blood after what she had gone through as a child. Not necessarily killing, but to see blood. When others weren't around, she'd find herself blood whether it be from dying animals or her own when she got hurt. The secret didn't last and her mother instantly started Annalise to see a therapist. With that going on, her mother also thought it was a good idea for her daughter to live on her own near school. So, Annalise left her home and left for Gekkoukan High.

"I hate waiting. It's a whole other level of pain, darling." (To Yukari while waiting to get food)

"Eh? I guess I'll stick around with you punks. As long as I get to kill something that is." (To everyone before joining SEES)

"Guns are so lame. I prefer to be up close and...personal." (To Junpei when discussing weapons)

"Start dying on me, would you?" (When fighting a Shadow)

"Man, I love the Dark Hour." (After defeating a Shadow)

When she grows up, Annalise becomes an expert in Blood Splatter.

Mitsuru and Annalise don't get along very well, but Annalise hopes that could change.

Koromaru was the first to fully trust Annalise before she had joined SEES.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Naoki || Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project OC ||

Name: Naoki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Species: Human

Height: 162 cm (5'4")

Weight: 54 kg (120 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Birthday: May 14

Occupation: Cashier at a Candy Store

Ability: Glass Eyes

Status: Alive


Naoki has a large mass of energy thus taking her forever to actually get rest. The only reason she even has so much energy is because she's always eating sweets or drinking carbonated drinks. She doesn't particularly enjoy sleeping for certain reason from her eye ability. Despite having her energy, Naoki isn't as hyper as many people would assume. Since she doesn't get much sleep, she sometimes baby sits kids during late hours which adds to the factor of why she doesn't sleep much. There is a downside to her lack of sleep. After a long time of no sleep, Naoki's words become mixed around and holding up a daily conversation becomes difficult.

Eye Ability

Through the Looking Glass: Naoki's eye ability is shortened to "Glass Eyes" which allows her to see the different paths in a scenario; the good and the bad.


Naoki doesn't recall her birth parents, but she remembers living with an old lady who had no name or surname. She just called her granny and from what she could remember, Naomi was an active kid who wouldn't sit still. Besides that, everything else is a haze to her. What she can't remember was the day her granny died.

One day, Naoki and her granny were walking home after getting groceries. It was a normal day, so nothing strange was to be expected. They took the same path home, but it was blocked off for construction. There were two options: take a cab or take the detour the construction workers had given them. Not having the money to pay for a cab, both decided to just take the detour. While walking down the detour, Naoki was being herself as she skipped beside her granny. No one was there beside them except for a shady man walking their way. The man looked around and instantly pulled out a gun aiming it at granny demanding for food and money. Naoki began to cry in fear which caused the man to become irritated. Demanding that granny would silence Naoki, granny held her telling Naomi to make a run for it. Naomi didn't want to leave her granny and continued to cry. The man lost his patience and pulled the trigger, killing granny. Panic ran between the man and Naoki. Not thinking straight, Naoki ran into the street to run far away from the man who started to gather the food for himself. Naoki just ran down the street not realizing that there was a car making a turn. As the car made its turn and sped up, Naoki was hit and killed. Upon her death, Naoki was brought into the haze where she was possessed by the snake with the "Glass Eyes" giving her the ability to see the different paths of a scenario.

After her granny's death, Naoki continued to live in the apartment she grew up in with her granny. Whether or not they were truly related is something she never cared for. Naoki believed that they were family and continued to stay in the apartment. With her new ability now at hand, Naoki, at first, didn't have control over it. When she went to bed, Naoki would see the day before her as it showed her the different paths that could play out. It was strange at first, but there were some that got out of control such as seeing car accidents and robberies from people on the street. Once it came to that, Naoki began to fear of what she could dream next.


  • Her hoodie was given to her by her granny at some point before her death.

  • Naoki never thought of giving herself a surname.

  • In her mind, she believes that there isn't a single guy out there who could really fall in love with her because she's always full of energy.

  • Her favorite color combination is pink and black.


Kousuke Seto (preferred)

Shintaro Kisaragi

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lilith || Fairy Tail OC 8 ||

(Saphira & Lilith)


Name: Lilith Ambrosia

Nickname(s): Lili

Age: 10 (pre-time skip), 17 (post-time skip)

Birthday: September 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human


Hair Color: Silver Blue

Eye Color: Yellow Green

Skin Tone: Pale

Body Type: Slim

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 lbs


Good Traits: Disciplined, Open Minded, Reserved

Bad Traits: Loner, Over Emotional, Hot-Headed

Habits: putting her hands in her pockets or behind her back, leaving without saying a word of where she's going.

Phobias: Pyrophobia (fear of fire)

Personal Information

Likes: water, ice, blue, white, Saphira, magic, animals, Altera

Dislikes: fire, brutes, friends being in trouble (life on the line situations), being forced to go all out, pickles

Favorite Food(s): Blue Raspberry Snow Cones

Favorite Drink(s): Water

Favorite Color: Blue/White


Everyday: Lilith wears a light blue knitted hooded sweater with black shorts. Under her shorts are black stockings. Her shoes are black, fuzzy boots that have blue ribbons wrapped around them.

Sleepwear: At night, Lilith just wears what she wore for the day because she's never was aware that there were different outfits for different occasions.

Formal: Unfortunately, she doesn't have one, but it's not like she goes to any parties.

Swimwear: When swimming, Lilith just uses her shorts and her bra since it looks similar to a baby blue bikini top.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Edolas Counterpart: Lilith Frair

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Wendy Marvell, Juvia Lockser, Altera, Saphira

Close Friends: Lyon Vastia, Chelia Blendy, Sherry Blendy, Toby

Friends: Jura Neekis, Dobengal, Levy McGarden, Gray Fullbuster

Acquaintances: Most of Fairy Tail

Rivals: Natsu Dragneel (assumed by many due to their elements)

Love Interest(s):


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Foster Mother: Saphira

Professional Information

Guild: Lamia Scale (former), Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location: Right back hand (former), Right Shoulder Blade

Guild Mark Color: Light Blue (former), White

Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Regular Rank (former), Regular Rank

Teammate(s): Altera

Magical Power Information:

Sapphire Dragon Slayer Magic

Mostly uses water based defense with some support. There are time when ice is used for attack, but it's rarely used. Since she is the Sapphire Dragon Slayer, many are confused with her abilities since it's a gem and not an element.  Like the other Dragon Slayers, Lilith actually has the ability to manipulate water and ice.
Sapphire Dragon's Roar: This is a water version of Dragon's Roar, but as shimmers of sapphire in it. When using this attack, Lilith breathes a water tornado-like blast at her given target. There are times when this attack becomes ice over water. When that happens, the water tornado-like blast becomes more of multiple icicles shooting towards her target.

Sapphire Dragon's Claw:  Lilith rarely uses this attack since once she swipes her arm in the direction of her target, ice erupts from the ground traveling to stop her target from running away by freezing their feet.
Unison Raid: She can use this with Lyon when she uses her water based magic when they work together.
Dragon Force: Lilith cannot perform this ability as of yet, but feels close in achieving it. She's learned from Saphira that it will give her the ability to actually perform Unison Raid on her own since she can use both water and ice.

Hand to Hand Combat: It's avoided most of the time, but Lilith will only do so when it's her last option.
Enhanced Smell, Durability, Endurance, and Reflexes: Just like the other Dragon Slayers, Lilith has these abilities since she, too, is a Dragon Slayer.


As far as she can remember, Lilith was raised by Saphira, the Sapphire Dragon. Saphira taught her Sapphire Dragon Slayer magic, but was a bit strict with it. Even though it was tough, Lilith pulled through and still loved Saphira as a mother. Saphira was different from most dragons. She didn't have wings like the others, but the blue dragon explained that she 'flew' in the water. Unfortunately, her happy life came to an end when Saphira disappeared. Lilith was alone and began to travel on her own hoping to find her.

Down the road, Lilith had joined Lamia Scale because she felt that she could improve her strength. When she joined, Lilith didn't confess to being a Dragon Slayer. She had told everyone she was just a water mage. The young girl had a small fear of what people would think of her being a Dragon Slayer, if they believed her at all! Many believed her, but Jura had suspicion on the girl's lie. As she took more jobs, Altera soon came into her life. Lilith had found Altera with a bloody back, crying. The young girl took the cat into a place where no one would see and started to treat the wound with the help of her magic. Altera is an Exceed with black fur and blue eyes, but unlike her kind, she no longer had her wings. Poachers had ripped them out for money. Since then, Lilith took care of Altera without the others finding out.

Lilith had felt upset about Toby and Sherry leaving the guild to follow some guy. She became cold towards everyone the moment she started to overreact. Others took note because she loved her friends. When they returned with a new face, Lilith cried happily to see her friends back in one piece. Once Lyon was introduced, Lilith felt like lashing out at him, but had a feeling they must have been through a lot since their absence, so she instantly forgave him with a smile with a welcome to the guild greeting.

As the alliance was formed, Lilith had only joined her guild mates for the journey to the meeting point.  At the half point, she had a confession to make to everyone. Prior to leaving, Lilith had officially left the guild. The young girl felt like she hadn't improved like she'd hope to. The group was rather shocked at her announcement and as expected, Sherry instantly disagreed of this, but it had already been done. Lilith grabbed her things and said her final farewell to her friends telling them the next time they saw her, they wouldn't recognize her right away.

Years of training on her own, Lilith had no problem of being alone with just Altera. She was improving and felt as if Saphira would be proud of her. Even though she was doing things on her own, Lilith did feel a bit strange from time to time. The small village she lived near always wondered what she did and Lilith was pretty sure they had hired someone to attack her at some point. That point was now. A man had appeared in a ninja like outfit had attacked. Lilith did her best to keep him away, but only hand to hand combat seemed to be the only option. Altera cheered her on, but both were equally matched. Both stopped and Lilith had asked if her suspicions were true. He agreed only to stop seeing things weren't bad. She treated him to some water that she had and the two talked for a bit. Next thing she knew, he was teaching her some tricks when it came to hand to hand combat. When asking of his name, the man called himself Dobengal of Sabertooth. Lilith did as well only no longer adding Lamia Scale in her name. Their meeting was cut short as the sun started to set. She felt a bit happy to see a new face and considered him a good friend.

As the Grand Magic Games came around, Lilith was outside of Magnolia Town when she came across a small building with the name 'Fairy Tail' on it. She felt like this would be the guild she would now call home and felt confident of calling herself a Dragon Slayer. When she called herself the Sapphire Dragon Slayer, most had never heard of it, but welcomed her with open arms. They were a cheerful bunch and it was easy for her to make friends. Wendy and Juvia came right through since Wendy was kind and gentle with Altera while Juvia had the connection with water. Carla also got along with Altera and also gave her clothes since Altera had no clothes to begin with. When the Grand Magic Games occurred, Lilith didn't make herself known to many. The word of Lyon or just seeing her old friends at the event made her smile seeing how they had changed as well.

Theme Song: 
Let It Go - Idina Menzel (Cover by Elizabeth South)


  • Her relationship with Natsu is rather difficult to place. When he starts using fire when not in a serious battle, Lilith overreacts in fear. The moment she does, water and ice tend to go crazy and it's hard for people to calm her down once it happens. Juvia and Gray are usually the ones to stop her.

  • Lilith stays with Wendy and helps with rent since Carla sees that Altera needs clothes.

  • Even though Saphira is no where to be found, Lilith will swim in the ocean hoping to find her foster mother. She does this usually around lunch time when she's not on a job and people in Fairy Tail are pretty much used to it by now.

  • Lilith is for certain that when Lamia Scale learns that the Sapphire Dragon Slayer is her, they'll try to bring her back just so that they have a Dragon Slayer in their guild rather than having Fairy Tail have four Dragon Slayers.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anna || Starry Sky OC

Basic Information

Name: Anna Kazami

Age: 16

Birthday: February 14

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Ethnicity: Japanese American

Physical Information

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Gold

Bust: 32A


Uniform: Anna normally wears the female uniform of Seigatsu Academy keeping a clean and cut look. Her hair, though, remains to be a mess.

Everyday: When she's not at school or at an event, she's usually seem in brown sweats, Domo slippers, a long sleeved black and white striped shirt, and a kitty sweater. Her slippers are mostly for when she's inside, but when she goes outside, Anna wears warm black boots.

Formal: During events, Anna is always found wearing dark gray dress pants, a dark purple collared shirt, and a black vest with black slip ons along with black socks. Her hair is put into a nice bun putting on a professional look.

Sleepwear: Anna just sleeps in whatever she wears for the day except for her school uniform. It's just her way of being lazy and conserving laundry.

Swimwear: This is the only time Anna actually shows some skin. She wears  a dark blue two piece bikini keeping her hair in a messy style.


Good Traits: Conservative, Loyal, Honest, Independant, Hard Working (when she's really into what she's working on at least)

Bad Traits: Lazy, Socially Awkward, Sleep Deprived, Clumsy

Habits: Falling asleep with her eyes open after not sleeping the night before

Phobias/Fears: Being alone

Personal Information

Likes: Coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate, outdoors, fantasy books, romance books, cats

Dislikes: Decaffinated coffee, spicy food, people leaving her alone after they had set up to get together, learning to be a lady

Favorite Food(s): Chocolate

Favorite Drink(s): Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Favorite Color: Brown

Social Information

Status: Alive

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Tsukiko Yahisa, Kanata Nanami, and Suzuya Tohzuki

Friends: Kazuki Shiranui (she sees him as a friend, but isn't sure if he sees her as a friend as well) and Hayato Aozora

Acquaintances: Homare Kanakubo and Oushirou Shirogane

Professional Status

Year: 2

Department: Mythology


Father: Ryosuke Kazami (alive)

Mother: Erica Jones (deceased)

Cousin: Wataru Kazami (alive)


In her early years, Anna lived with her mother. Her father and mother weren't married at the time. Due to her father's financial status, Anna was left to live a normal life until anything turned for the worse. She grew up loving mythical creatures and their backgrounds, but kept it on the inside since most kids found her weird for it.

During her early years in school, Anna had become close to a trio: Tsukiko, Kanata, and Suzuya. Since she didn't have any siblings, Anna became attached to them. She enjoyed the simple life with her three friends. Unfortunately, once they reached elementary school, things started to change. Tsukiko introduced Kazuki to the rest of the group. Anna, though, could only meet up with them from time to time to place since her mother's health started to fall. To the rest of the group, they started to think that Anna wasn't comfortable around Kazuki. Then, after Tsukiko was found in one of the shrine storages, Anna was at home where her mother passed away in her sleep from her bad health.

After her mother's death, her father came into the picture explaining everything to her. Her father was a wealthy business owner who had no children of his own, but her. He explained that she would have to leave the life she knew and start a new with him. Anna didn't have much of a choice and left not having time to say goodbye to her friends.

Living with her father was a big change. Anna had to learn the proper behavior for a young lady and that one day, she would take over her father's business once he retires. To help her, Anna's cousin Wataru was to teach her in the ways of business. Her father, though, wanted her to also follow her interests and not be ashamed of them. Wataru began her lessons while finishing up his days at Seigatsu Academy in the Space Department. Anna became interested in the school and began her studies to get into the school.

Anna got into Seigatsu Academy two years after Wataru had graduated and pretended to be a boy since the population was all male according to what Wataru told her. For half of her first year, Anna pretended to be a guy until Hayato called her out on it wondering why a girl like her would pretend to be a girl when she wasn't alone. Hearing there was another girl in the school, Anna had announced that she was a girl and pretty much shocked her class. During that day at lunch, Anna was on the hunt to find the other girl. Reaching the roof of the school, Anna had run into a familiar trio. In such a long time, Anna had met Tsukiko, Suzuya, and Kanata again. Without saying hello, Anna just started to cry out of happiness confusing her friends. It took a while of explaining of who she was, where she had been, and the happiness they all shared, but in the end, they were back together in the same school.

It wasn't until the beginning of her second year where she asked Suzuya about what happened to Kazuki. He told her about what had happened and Anna nodded pretending he never existed for Tsukiko's sake.

A few days later, Anna helped Hayato carry some files to the Student Council room because she didn't want to head home to more lessons on how to be more lady like. When they walked in, she saw three third years at a table drinking some tea. Hayato greeted them all and introduced Anna to them all. Oddly enough, Kazuki was right there. She felt awkward all over again just like when she first met him all those years ago. Anna gave an awkward greeting making Oushirou laugh causing Anna to feel even more awkward. Homare gave a kind smile explaining that Oushirou was a kind person. She gave a small smile to Homare, but couldn't help and glance at Kazuki wondering if he recognized her at all. Sadly, her visit was cut short when her phone went off. Wataru was calling her signalling her to head home. She bid her farewell and went home.

Love Interest(s)

Kazuki Shiranui

Even though Anna is awkward around the older male, she develops feelings for him after they see each other again in the Student Council Room. Anna can never find words to even say to him when he comes out of nowhere while she's having a conversation with Hayato. Most of the time it's right before she asks Hayato if he could help her with one of her lessons on how to walk properly, but because Kazuki arrives before the question comes out, Anna pushes it aside and excuses herself right away so they could discuss Student Council things. In a sense, it's her way not wanting Kazuki to know that she can't even walk in a straight line or have a professional attitude.


  • Anna can't walk in a straight line which ticks off the maids back home and her older cousin Wataru.

  • Since her father is at work all the time, Anna either spends time in her room or just taking small walks around the large estate.

  • Anna didn't tell Tsukiko, Suzuya, and Kanata that her father was a rich businessman during her explanation about what she had been doing over the years.

  • Most of the guys in Anna's class had voted her as the class representative after she announced being a girl.

  • Hayato helps Anna out with being their class's representative.

  • When her father invites her to a party filled with business partners, Anna hides herself by the chocolates and ends up staying up the whole night.

  • Anna is a heavy coffee drinker.

  • Hayato and Suzuya are trying to get Anna off her coffee addiction.

  • The two hair clips in her hair belonged to her mother, so Anna wears them in memory of her mother.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nabi || Magi OC 2

Biographical Information

Name: Nabi

Physical Description

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"; 163 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Ice Blue


Allies: Buer, Morgiana, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, Aladdin

Enemies: Shion


Djinn: Buer

Occupation: King Vessel, Slave (former)

Affiliation: Buer, Sinbad, Alibaba, Morgiana, Aladdin, Hakuryuu, Amon, Zagan


Good Traits: Intelligent, Observant, Patient

Bad Traits: Loner, Brooder, Hot-headed, Trust issues

Favorite Food: As long as she gets to eat, then it's fine

Favorite Drink: As long as she gets to drink, then it's fine

Likes: Food, drinks, spending free time alone

Dislikes: Oblivious people, idiots, liars, Shion


As long as she could remember, Nabi was constantly being sold off to a new master every other month. She was constantly abused and soon lost her ability to cry or show emotion besides a hatred look. When she turned ten, Nabi was put under the care of a man named Shion. He treated her fairly well and pretty must treated more human than her previous masters. In her heart, she felt like she could regain her ability to show emotion. During these years under Shion, he taught her even how to fight! Nabi felt more comfortable to use a bow and arrow, but just the bow for close combat. In close combat, Shion told her that she was talented with using the metal bow he bought for her. Her emotions slowly surfaced and she was smiling again.

At the age of fifteen, Nabi didn't feel like a slave anymore. Shion was like a father figure to her now and she was proud to have him around. Unfortunately, Nabi wasn't aware of Shion's true colors. Shion was a two-faced man. He'd put on a facade just to get closer to what he wanted. In this case, he wanted the weapon locked away in one of the dungeons that happened to be close to his home village. Shion raised Nabi just for that purpose. When they reached the village, Shion showed his true colors to her. He shoved her into the dungeon giving her a fake smile telling her that he'll wait for his prized weapon when she got back.

Nabi lost the ability to show her emotion within the dungeon and wandered around. There were men screaming in pain, but she showed no fear. She no longer cared and would accept death. Her own father figure played her like a violin just for this moment. Nabi couldn't believe she couldn't see through his lies! As she continued through the dungeon, the djinn of the dungeon watched her closely. In his dungeon, he had set up illusions for all men to fall for, but Nabi walked by them as if she didn't see them. When she got hungry or thirsty, Nabi had shown to the djinn that she knew what was poisonous and what was safe to drink or eat.

Once reaching the top of the dungeon, Nabi looked around not finding anything interesting to her. There was a ton of gold around her and yet, she didn't want any of it. The djinn showed himself as Buer, djinn of illusions. He had told her how her intelligence brought her here and proven to him that she was worthy to be his vessel. Before he had infused himself in her bow, Nabi stopped him. She dropped the bow and arrows telling him that she no longer wanted her bow and arrow. Looking around the room, she found a golden bow and a good set of silver tipped arrows. Nabi took them and told Buer that she was ready. Buer smirked and fused himself into her bow and arrows telling her that they would be the strong together.

Nabi had returned and according to the locals, it had been three years. She had aged up to eighteen while in the dungeon. Asking around where Shion was, all she was given was that he had given up after two weeks and left her for dead. Nabi decided to kill Shion as her mission hoping to stop the man from using anyone else just to get what he wanted.

During her travels in finding him, she stayed in Sindria once Sinbad had gotten word of her conquering a dungeon on her own. He treated her by giving her a wonderful room, nice clothes, and good food, but she turned it all down unsure if Sinbad was the type of man she could trust.

Soon, Alibaba came around with his friends and Nabi didn't get along with Alibaba right off the bat nor Hakuryuu. Nabi called Alibaba an idiot on many occassions for not seeing that Morgiana liked him more than a friend. With Hakuryuu, he gets upset with her for not fighting back if she gets wounded to the point where she could die. Nabi told Hakuryuu that she accepted death three years ago and wouldn't have a problem with dying now.


Archery: Thanks to Shion, Nabi is very skilled with using a bow and arrow. She also learned how to use a bow in close combat if it comes to that.

Observance: Originally, Nabi could usually tell what people were like, but was decieved by Shion. When she joined with Buer, her observing skills doubled and now she can observe others and already tell what kind of person they are and how strong they are.

Intelligence: Nabi was already intelligent to begin with, but now with Buer, Nabi had gained other knowledge most common folk wouldn't know about. Buer feeds her information which grows her intelligence on a daily basis, so she never stops learning.

Djinn: Now with Buer at her side, Nabi can manipulate illusions and create others to decieve her opponents in any fight. Despite Buer being a Djinn with high knowledge in logic,  natural and moral philosophy, and the virtues all herbs and plants, he has the knowledge in knowing how to decieve men and women with his illusions after observing them to see what they desire most.

Metal Vessel: Nabi's Metal Vessel is her golden bow and silver tipped arrow that she got from the dungeon Buer resided in. Originally, it was supposed to be her bow and arrows given to her by Shion. (she does have attacks, but I don't feel like naming them. Lazy mini~)

Djinn Equip: In this state, Nabi's body becomes half purple smoke. Her legs become smoke, so it makes it easier for her to sneak around when the opponent listens for her movements. An emerald strap goes around her shoulder which holds to quiver that holds her arrows giving an endless supply of arrows. When in Djinn Equip, Nabi shows her hatred more and her emotions are usually what fuels her magoi in this state.

Djinn Weapon Equip: There isn't much difference between weapon equip and when she regularlly uses her bow and arrow. The only difference is that when she draws one arrow, she can make illusions to show that she's shooting more than one, but in reality she aims one at her opponent. The illusion arrows are just distractions.


Quantity of Magoi: 3

Fighting Ability: 4

Physical Strength: 3

Technique: 3

Leadership Ability: 2

Wisdom: 5

Love Interest: 

Hakuryuu Ren

Theme Song

A Realistic Logical Ideologist (English Cover) by Juby Phonic

Relationships (more in detail)

Sinbad: Nabi can tell he has a good heart with his ideals, but there's another side that she sees that makes her unsure to see if he is trustworthy. Even though he has all these supporters, Nabi can't fully trust the man. She also hates the way he gets women right beside his side just by a few words. There were times he tried flirting with her to have Nabi to join forces with him, but she declined just like she did with all the free things he had offered her before.

Alibaba: Nabi knows she can trust Alibaba, but she doesn't enjoy the fact how oblivious the male is to many things. She considers him to have full potential in becoming a good leader, but would lack in many other things such as knowing who to trust. Nabi has considered of actually joining Alibaba's group, but knew it wouldn't exactly work with how she acts around others and she had her own mission.

Hakuryuu: They've never gotten along since they met. Hakuryuu had tried and Nabi never did. It's the fact that she just accepts things for they are and doesn't want to change much about the world. He also hates the fact on how she just accepts death and that she won't fight back if it comes to that. Nabi knows Hakuryuu doesn't know her backstory and hopes that he doesn't find out. She believes that he will treat her differently if he ever found out.

Morgiana: Morgiana is the only one that Nabi told about her past and swore her to secrecy about it. Nabi finds only Morgiana worthy to know of her background and knows that Morgiana would keep a secret until it was the right time to reveal it to the others. Buer says that they have a strong connection because of how they were both slaves at one point, but also because it's good for females to bond together.

Aladdin: He tries his best to get close to Nabi, but she pushes him away. Nabi does trust Aladdin since he's a trustful magi, but because of her loner attitude, she doesn't want to be around others often. It also goes with her trust issues after Shion betrayed her. She sees Aladdin someone she could go to right away for help, but since she could never admit that to his face, it would be her secret she would only know.

Shion: Before he showed his true colors, Nabi adored him like a daughter would her own father. They were close, but after he left her to die in the dungeon when she didn't come out after two weeks, Nabi hated the man. When she's by herself, she asks people if they had heard of Shion. If they did, she asked them what they knew about the man. Killing Shion is her only goal in life, but never thought of what she would do after she accomplished that goal.


  • People have a hard time reading Nabi while she can easily read people.

  • Nabi had gotten close in meeting Shion again, but ran into Alibaba and his friends.

  • Her attire is barely seen since she's wearing a huge cloak over it, but she wears the bottom rags she wore as a slave and her top is something she took from Buer's dungeon.

  • She didn't take much from Buer's dungeon. Just her new bow, arrows, and a top since her rags were torn.

  • Nabi finds it annoying to tie up her hair, so she leaves it down having it dangle past her waist.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Christine "Chrissy" Williams || Ace Attorney OC

Name: Christine Williams

Aliases/Nicknames: Chrissy, Chris, Tweedle Dee, Number 2

One-off nicknames: Miss Blank

Born: 1994

Age: 22

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'4"; 162 cm

Family: Unnamed father (52)
Kristopher "Kris" Williams (twin brother, 20; deceased)

Friends: Phoenix Wright (Childhood friend and former defense attorney), Maya Fey (Good friend), Miles Edgeworth (Childhood friend),  Pearl Fey (Good friend), Larry Butz (Childhood friend and childhood crush), Dick Gumshoe (Detective involved with the last two cases she was involved in)

Affiliates: Mia Fey (former defense attorney), Judge, Winston Payne (former prosecutor during her first trial), Franziska von Karma (former prosecutor during her last two trials)

Occupation: High school student, Drop out college liberal arts student, Cashier, Waitress, College Law Student, Defense Attorney


Good Traits: Observant, Patient, Can Keep Composure, Poker Face

Bad Traits: Temper, Snarky (slightly), Unorganized, Lazy


As a child, Chrissy would cause trouble everywhere with her twin brother Kris. In grade school, they would be the instant person to be accused after they prove that it wasn't Larry. They got away with most of their pranks and neither parted from each other. Both were good friends with Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Larry during this time until they parted their ways for different schools.

During high school, both Chrissy and Kris were accused of murder. In this period of time, the twins had developed a rebellious stage. Students pretty much feared them because they got into fights with other people. Both twins went on trial with Mia Fey as their defense attorney since neither could afford to have two different defense attorneys. The victim happened to be the school's prefect who kept the school in line. He was found dead by the garbage bins beaten to death with kendo swords. Everyone expected it to be the twins since they fought anyone who pissed them off. Mia proved their innocence revealing that the killer was actually the captain of the kendo club, a shy boy with good grades. It turned out that they had bad history with one another ever since they were kids. Both twins were thankful of Mia and promised to her that they would clean up their act and change their lifestyle.

About a month or two after the trial, the twins decided to leave home. Their father was a drunk and would usually beat the twins up if they were around. Kris got two jobs while Chrissy studied to get into college.

Two years later, Chrissy was on her way home from college when she entered her apartment she shared with Kris. A large man had knocked her out and vanished. She had woken up the next day held up in the detention center. Afraid of what was happening, she instantly asked for Mia Fey, but was informed of her death. Chrissy felt broken as she sat in her cell. Her college professor decided to call up a defense attorney for her and told her that he was a good man who would help prove her innocence. Phoenix Wright appeared and the two had a rather awkward reunion. Maya Fey was there and believed every word Chrissy had said while explaining what had happened. Chrissy, though, wasn't aware why she was in there. She didn't find out until the day of the trial. The moment Franziska accused her of murdering Kris, Chrissy was shocked. She instantly broke down crying shocking the entire court. The trial went on for another two days and Phoenix had solved the case nearly too close to call once he discovered the relationship between Kris and his father. Their father, apparently, had been harrassing Kris and Chrissy. Chrissy wasn't aware since Kris hid the phone calls and letters from her. The day she came home, her father knocked her out after strangling his own son for not returning home. Chrissy thanked Phoenix and Maya for all that they did.

Once she got back on her feet half a year later and dropping out of college, Chrissy decided to become a defense attorney just like Phoenix and Mia who both have saved her from being falsely accused of murder. She thought it would be some sort of closure for her brother's death and a way to thank Phoenix and Mia.

Chrissy didn't have much money to go back to college and pay rent at the same time, so she decided to land two jobs to handle it. Her first job she got was a cashier at a music store that had just fired their last employee for stealing money. The second job she got was a waitress of a new cafe that had just opened up by her apartment.

Just as she got to her bar exam, Chrissy witnessed a murder on the way to use the restroom. Well, it wasn't exactly seeing it, but she heard it. She hid in a supply closet and heard the murderer run away. Curious, Chrissy went to find the victim and found the body. She instantly informed the police and her bar exam was put on hold until it was cleared up. Phoenix became the defense attorney on the case and was rather shocked that Chrissy was a witness and the one to find the body. They caught up for a bit and Chrissy ended up meeting Pearl. During their interview/hang out, they ran into Larry who instantly started to flirt with Chrissy not remembering her at all. Finding Larry funny, she broke the news to him after a few minutes of endless flirting with lame puns. 

After passing her bar exam, Chrissy became a defense attorney! She ended up working for Phoenix since she didn't see anywhere else she wanted to go to. During work, Phoenix tends to complain about her lazy attitude, but she does get the job done by winning most cases.

Love Interest(s): Larry Butz, Phoenix Wright, or Godot

Theme Song: Drawing The Line by Royal Pirates


  • When Chrissy is on a case, she never wears formal wear. She's always seen wearing sweats, shorts, sweaters, or hoodies with sneakers.

  • When Chrissy went up against Godot the first time, he called her Miss Blank since she had a blank expression on everything, but that was only because she didn't get any sleep the night before.

  • She still pulls pranks, but mostly on Phoenix.

  • When she's not on a case, Chrissy is usually found eating sweets in the park.

  • Edgeworth and Chrissy haven't run into each other as of yet, but she's aware of what he does and hopes to see him one day in court.

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Fyra || Fairy Tail OC 7


Name: Fyra (pronounced Fear-a)
Alias(s): Fy (pronounced Fai)
Age: 17
Birthday: March 17
Gender: Female
Race: Half Human/Half Demon


Hair Color: Forest Green
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: Skinny and Small
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 lbs


Good Traits: Kind, Encouraging, Charming, Humble
Bad Traits: Negative, Shy, Self-Conscious
Habits: Stare at the floor when trying to say what she wants
Phobias/Fears: Silver (the mage, not the ore xD), Demon Slayers

Personal Information

Likes: Singing, Sitting in the middle of a mass of trees, Four-Leaf Clovers, White Cosmos, being Fy
Dislikes: Demon Slayers, Silver, Having people belittle her because of her size, Seeing people sad
Favorite Food(s): Red Apples
Favorite Drink(s): Anything that isn't alcohol
Favorite Color: Green

Everyday: Fyra keeps a somewhat formal attire, but has a childish sleepwear to it. Around her neck is a faint brown scarf, a tan blouse with a white tank top over it and a white cosmo around her left shoulder, tan khaki pants, and white sandals. In her hair, it's held as pigtails with white hair ties, and a four-leaf clover in her hair.
Sleepwear: At night, she just wears her tank top and some white shorts.
Formal: Similar to her everyday wear, the only difference is that she wears a skirt.
Swimwear: Fyra wears a white bikini top and white shorts with a four-leaf clover.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive
Edolas Counterpart: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Best Friends: Wendy Marvell
Close Friends: Levy McGarden, Lisanna Strauss, Lucy Heartfilia, Romeo Conbolt
Friends: Fairy Tail
Acquaintances: Her fans and other guilds
Rivals: Jenny and Mirajane Strauss (she doesn't see them as rivals, but it's what people think)

Love Interest(s): 

Gajeel Redfox


Mother: Halua (deceased)
Father: Leviathan (alive, but in hell)
Half-Brother: Gideon (alive, but in hell)

Professional Information

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location: The back of her neck
Guild Mark Color: Green
Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Regular Mage
Teammate(s): Gideon

Magical Power Information:

Demon Magic

Since Fyra is half demon, she can summon any kind of demon except for any demon that is higher than her father, Leviathan, a prince of hell. There is no limit to how many she can summon, but it can take a toll on her energy depending on their size. Fyra summons her brother Gideon the most because of their bonds. Gideon, though, can summon his own demons without using Fyra's energy to make sure she doesn't use too much of it. Fyra rarely uses her magic for attacking and she only uses it to spend time with her brother. She can be powerful, as told from Gideon, where she can summon her own father, but it has never been seen by anyone since when she first did it, the person who attacked her was never found.


Her mother was a sickly woman who wanted a child. She tried everything to have one, but couldn't. Appearing before her one day, Leviathan had raped her. He left giving the woman a child of human blood and demon blood. Unfortunately, giving birth to Fyra ended in her death leaving Fyra in an orphanage.

Growing up in the orphanage, all the kids feared her and picked on her because she was different. In their area, no one had her big, green eyes and she became an outcast. Fyra didn't  make any friends and ended up playing with herself or hiding away from people. She wasn't treated well either by the adults. They would kick her and end up beating her up to a pulp.

Once she was old enough, Fyra left the orphanage and traveled around. During her travels, Fyra discovered her magic and it was there she met Gideon who was three years older than her. He explained to her who she was and decided to protect her from anyone who tried to harm her. They traveled together creating a bond that became more than brother and sister. Gideon had fell in love with his sister, but kept it to himself knowing she couldn't survive in hell since she's half-human.

During the absence of the Tenrou team, Fyra joined Fairy Tail where she bonded with Romeo for a bit. When the Tenrou team returned, Fyra instantly became close with Wendy without hesitation because of their shy nature. Her time in Fairy Tail was the best. Fyra loved everyone in Fairy Tail and thanks to Mirajane, she became rather famous under another name. Fyra became a singer in Fiore under the name Fy after Mirajane pulled some strings after Fyra sang in Fairy Tail after the Grand Magic Games.

Theme Song: 

You and I by IU


  • Fyra learned about Silver and Demon Slayer Magic from her older brother during the time he taught her about her own magic and what she was.

  • She enjoys singing as Fy and isn't afraid when she's on stage, but gets nervous and shy when people push her towards the stage or chants her name to sing.

  • Fyra's voice, to give you something to picture or to listen to, is IU's voice.

  • She's never been on a mission that was on the mission board.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Neru || Fairy Tail OC 6 ||


Name: Neru

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 18

Birthday: November 14

Gender: Female

Race: Human


Hair Color Pink (originally brown)

Eye Color: Pink (originally brown)

Skin Tone: Pale (originally tan)

Body Type: Small and thin

Height: 4'10"

Weight: 100 lbs


Good Traits: Patient, Stealthy, and Animal Lover

Bad Traits: Lazy, Stubborn, and a Mooch

Habits: Steals food from others and not wear shoes or socks

Phobias/Fears: Zeref followers

Personal Information

Likes: Food, Nature, Pastel Colors, Getting drunk

Dislikes: Zeref followers, Animal abuse, death

Favorite Food(s): Meat

Favorite Drink(s): Alcohol

Favorite Color: Pink


Everyday: Starting from the bottom, Neru rarely wears shoes or socks, so people would see her feet and black nail polish. From the waist down, Neru has a long, flowing, pink skirt that almost looks like a dress with black leggings. Her shirt looks like a black corset, but in reality it is a sleeveless hoody. Neru wears black arm warmers that look as if she cut it off from the hoody before it became sleeveless.

Sleepwear: At night, Neru sleeps in a large baby blue shirt that stops at her knees and long gray sweat pants.

Formal: During formal events, Neru wears a light pink, strapless dress that's as flowy as her skirt in her every day wear.

Swimwear: Neru isn't too fond of it, but she wears a one piece baby blue bathing suit.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Edolas Counterpart: N/A

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy

Close Friends: Sho and Wally Buchanan

Friends: Millianna

Acquaintances: Jellal Fernandes, Simon, and Erza Scarlet

Rivals: N/A

Love Interest(s):

Rogue Cheney
Neru grew fond of the Dragon Slayer after seeing him in action during the Grand Magic Games. She also admires how strong he is, but fears that he may fall into darkness which pushes her more to find more Arcana since there's a certain Arcana that can balance the light and darkness in one's heart. Neru wants to do that for Rogue in hopes to make his life longer in case something terrible happens.


Mother: Unknown (deceased)

Father: Unknown (deceased)

Uncle: Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Professional Information

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Guild Mark Location: Left side of her waist

Guild Mark Color: Pastel Brown

Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Normal Mage (she is too lazy to try to go for S-Class)

Teammate(s): Sho and Wally Buchanan (former), The Trimens (on and off)

Magical Power Information:

Arcana Magic
Neru's magic has two categories. There's the option of using the power of the Major Arcana herself or summoning an actual Major Arcana where they battle it out.

When using the power of the Arcana, a tattoo of the Arcana she's calling out to will appear somewhere on her body. Each Arcana has its own special ability, but Neru has yet to attain all 22 cards. 

With summoning an actual Arcana, there's a twist to it. If she uses this, all damage goes to her body. Rarely does she ever use this method, but uses it only when it's necessary because of the price she has to pay.

The Arcana cards she has and their abilities

The Lovers: can hear one's innermost thoughts

Death: puts people in a temporary slumber

The Hermit: gives invisibility to its user

Strength: amplifies one's strength 10x fold

Temperance: nulls magic

The Emperor: manipulates memories

The Star: locates comrades/enemies

The World: the ultimate Arcana that allows the user to make contracts with other Arcana, but has a downfall. The less Arcana that is under a user's control takes away small chunks of the user's life putting them in danger.


In a small village that barely had enough people to have some sort of government, Ichiya's older brother lived with his wife and his young daughter Neru. They lived peacefully and took care of one another. Nothing was wrong and it was a great place for them to raise their daughter. Unfortunately, good things never last long. Zeref followers attacked and gathered children for the Tower of Heaven. Neru's parents fought to protect their daughter, but died in the process. They took young Neru away and put her to work in the Tower of Heaven. Word got around and Ichiya was informed of the death of his brother and sister-in-law along with the disappearance of his only niece.

Being pushed around by the guards, Neru could barely fight back. She cowered away and spent time alone crying for her parents. Then, a young boy with blond hair confronted her saying that she didn't have to be alone. Sho had entered her life and Neru became close friends with him and Wally, seeing as she found him pretty funny. The brown haired girl had met the others, but only befriended Millianna since Wally was so fond of her. Neru didn't always spend time with the group. She would spend time alone as well just to think, but most of those times were taken away by Zeref followers who began to test on her. 

During the tests, Neru felt as if she was drifting away and began to give up on life. She wanted to die and be with her parents even though they died for her survival. A voice had erupted her thoughts of the darkness. The voice was of a man. "A girl with so much potential cannot die. You, child! Your parents did not die just for you to die. These men are your enemies. Allow me to aid you in getting rid of them, but in return, you must find my brothers and sisters. Accept my offer and you will be able to see the light of day!" the voice told her. Neru accepted and the Zeref followers around her were shocked to see her get back on her feet from the abusive tests. Her eyes were empty as she looked at the men. "Il Mondo." she whispered causing a large creature appeared attacking them.

When everyone escaped, Neru left before Jellal could brainwash her into completing the Tower of Heaven. Instead, she traveled the world to find the rest of the Arcana just as she promised.

At the age of fourteen, Neru had finally found The Lovers after four years. When she made the contract, Neru's hair and eyes changed to pink as compensation to the Arcana. Once making the contract, Neru felt more confident in finding the rest of the Arcana.

Once she hit eighteen, Neru ran into Sho, Wally, and Millianna who were traeveling the world together. It had been such a long time that it was hard to believe that Neru had changed. Neru felt happy and joined them hoping she would be able to find more Arcana with them at her side. In truth, it did help her find more Arcana. Even after Millianna left for Mermaid Heel, Neru stayed with the boys as they continued to travel.

Three months after Millianna had joined Mermaid Heel, Neru had made contracts with five Arcana. One night, an Arcana had gone rogue and attacked the group. Neru protected her friends and defeated the Arcana with the help of her other Arcana. This Arcana was known as Death. Sho and Wally were concerned about what price had to be paid, but Neru knew it had to be done. Death wanted to take away seven years for her to practice in the world of Arcana where time doesn't move. With The World's toll, Neru accepted despite Sho and Wally disagreeing. She told them to take care and that she'd be back in seven years.

After seven years, Neru was all alone. She had no lead on where to go, so she made her way to her home village where it used to be. It was left in rubble and it was hard to tell that the village once had people in it. Walking into where her home used to be, Neru found an old, ripped painting of her family. Her father and mother were in it. She was just a baby in her mother's arms, but there was another man in the picture. A man who was probably shorter than her stood next to her father. This was probably her only lead at this point, so she ventured out in finding this man.

Ironically, the man wasn't too far from the village. He was apart of a guild where men serviced women and women pleased men in a sense. Neru walked in and a big, bald man greeted her with a kind smile. She asked for the man and just like that, the mysterious man entered the room talking about her perfume. Instantly not pleased with his attitude towards her, Neru held out the small painting demanding who he was to her. It was revealed, in his tears, that she was his long lost niece.

About a month later during the Grand Magic Games, Neru watched her friends participate, but never cheered on her uncle. She'd cheer on Ren, Hibiki, Jenny, and Eve whenever they'd appear. When she saw Millianna, Neru was eager to see her in action since it was a long time since they last saw one another. She had the option of being apart of the Grand Magic Games, but Ichiya didn't allow such a thing even though she wanted to try it out.

Theme Song:

REBOOT feat. JubyPhonic (SenzaFine Remix)


  • Neru met Chelia and Wendy during the Grand Magic Games after the two had their battle.

  • According to Jason, Neru is at a tie for Cutest Girl in Fiore with Wendy and Chelia.

  • Romeo has a huge crush on Neru and is not aware that she's already eighteen.

  • Millianna finds it hard to believe that Neru is related to Ichiya.

  • Erza denies that Ichiya has a niece and that it's Neru.

  • Ichiya and The Trimen are always trying to get Neru to wear shoes and at least wear socks since she's always walking around without them.

  • The toll for The Lovers was Neru's physical appearance.

  • The toll for Death was seven years of time in Earthland (this stopped the effect of The World).

  • The toll for The Hermit was her skin tone.

  • The toll for Strength was her own actual strength.

  • The toll for Temperance was how much magic she could contain.

  • The toll for The Emperor was the memories prior to the Tower of Heaven.

  • The toll for The Star was a part of her knowledge.

  • The toll for The World is her life force. A certain amount is taken away by how many Arcana she's missing after a year. (If she's missing three, three years of her life force is taken away, shortening her life.)