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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fyra || Fairy Tail OC 7


Name: Fyra (pronounced Fear-a)
Alias(s): Fy (pronounced Fai)
Age: 17
Birthday: March 17
Gender: Female
Race: Half Human/Half Demon


Hair Color: Forest Green
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: Skinny and Small
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 lbs


Good Traits: Kind, Encouraging, Charming, Humble
Bad Traits: Negative, Shy, Self-Conscious
Habits: Stare at the floor when trying to say what she wants
Phobias/Fears: Silver (the mage, not the ore xD), Demon Slayers

Personal Information

Likes: Singing, Sitting in the middle of a mass of trees, Four-Leaf Clovers, White Cosmos, being Fy
Dislikes: Demon Slayers, Silver, Having people belittle her because of her size, Seeing people sad
Favorite Food(s): Red Apples
Favorite Drink(s): Anything that isn't alcohol
Favorite Color: Green

Everyday: Fyra keeps a somewhat formal attire, but has a childish sleepwear to it. Around her neck is a faint brown scarf, a tan blouse with a white tank top over it and a white cosmo around her left shoulder, tan khaki pants, and white sandals. In her hair, it's held as pigtails with white hair ties, and a four-leaf clover in her hair.
Sleepwear: At night, she just wears her tank top and some white shorts.
Formal: Similar to her everyday wear, the only difference is that she wears a skirt.
Swimwear: Fyra wears a white bikini top and white shorts with a four-leaf clover.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive
Edolas Counterpart: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Best Friends: Wendy Marvell
Close Friends: Levy McGarden, Lisanna Strauss, Lucy Heartfilia, Romeo Conbolt
Friends: Fairy Tail
Acquaintances: Her fans and other guilds
Rivals: Jenny and Mirajane Strauss (she doesn't see them as rivals, but it's what people think)

Love Interest(s): 

Gajeel Redfox


Mother: Halua (deceased)
Father: Leviathan (alive, but in hell)
Half-Brother: Gideon (alive, but in hell)

Professional Information

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location: The back of her neck
Guild Mark Color: Green
Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Regular Mage
Teammate(s): Gideon

Magical Power Information:

Demon Magic

Since Fyra is half demon, she can summon any kind of demon except for any demon that is higher than her father, Leviathan, a prince of hell. There is no limit to how many she can summon, but it can take a toll on her energy depending on their size. Fyra summons her brother Gideon the most because of their bonds. Gideon, though, can summon his own demons without using Fyra's energy to make sure she doesn't use too much of it. Fyra rarely uses her magic for attacking and she only uses it to spend time with her brother. She can be powerful, as told from Gideon, where she can summon her own father, but it has never been seen by anyone since when she first did it, the person who attacked her was never found.


Her mother was a sickly woman who wanted a child. She tried everything to have one, but couldn't. Appearing before her one day, Leviathan had raped her. He left giving the woman a child of human blood and demon blood. Unfortunately, giving birth to Fyra ended in her death leaving Fyra in an orphanage.

Growing up in the orphanage, all the kids feared her and picked on her because she was different. In their area, no one had her big, green eyes and she became an outcast. Fyra didn't  make any friends and ended up playing with herself or hiding away from people. She wasn't treated well either by the adults. They would kick her and end up beating her up to a pulp.

Once she was old enough, Fyra left the orphanage and traveled around. During her travels, Fyra discovered her magic and it was there she met Gideon who was three years older than her. He explained to her who she was and decided to protect her from anyone who tried to harm her. They traveled together creating a bond that became more than brother and sister. Gideon had fell in love with his sister, but kept it to himself knowing she couldn't survive in hell since she's half-human.

During the absence of the Tenrou team, Fyra joined Fairy Tail where she bonded with Romeo for a bit. When the Tenrou team returned, Fyra instantly became close with Wendy without hesitation because of their shy nature. Her time in Fairy Tail was the best. Fyra loved everyone in Fairy Tail and thanks to Mirajane, she became rather famous under another name. Fyra became a singer in Fiore under the name Fy after Mirajane pulled some strings after Fyra sang in Fairy Tail after the Grand Magic Games.

Theme Song: 

You and I by IU


  • Fyra learned about Silver and Demon Slayer Magic from her older brother during the time he taught her about her own magic and what she was.

  • She enjoys singing as Fy and isn't afraid when she's on stage, but gets nervous and shy when people push her towards the stage or chants her name to sing.

  • Fyra's voice, to give you something to picture or to listen to, is IU's voice.

  • She's never been on a mission that was on the mission board.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Neru || Fairy Tail OC 6 ||


Name: Neru

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 18

Birthday: November 14

Gender: Female

Race: Human


Hair Color Pink (originally brown)

Eye Color: Pink (originally brown)

Skin Tone: Pale (originally tan)

Body Type: Small and thin

Height: 4'10"

Weight: 100 lbs


Good Traits: Patient, Stealthy, and Animal Lover

Bad Traits: Lazy, Stubborn, and a Mooch

Habits: Steals food from others and not wear shoes or socks

Phobias/Fears: Zeref followers

Personal Information

Likes: Food, Nature, Pastel Colors, Getting drunk

Dislikes: Zeref followers, Animal abuse, death

Favorite Food(s): Meat

Favorite Drink(s): Alcohol

Favorite Color: Pink


Everyday: Starting from the bottom, Neru rarely wears shoes or socks, so people would see her feet and black nail polish. From the waist down, Neru has a long, flowing, pink skirt that almost looks like a dress with black leggings. Her shirt looks like a black corset, but in reality it is a sleeveless hoody. Neru wears black arm warmers that look as if she cut it off from the hoody before it became sleeveless.

Sleepwear: At night, Neru sleeps in a large baby blue shirt that stops at her knees and long gray sweat pants.

Formal: During formal events, Neru wears a light pink, strapless dress that's as flowy as her skirt in her every day wear.

Swimwear: Neru isn't too fond of it, but she wears a one piece baby blue bathing suit.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Edolas Counterpart: N/A

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy

Close Friends: Sho and Wally Buchanan

Friends: Millianna

Acquaintances: Jellal Fernandes, Simon, and Erza Scarlet

Rivals: N/A

Love Interest(s):

Rogue Cheney
Neru grew fond of the Dragon Slayer after seeing him in action during the Grand Magic Games. She also admires how strong he is, but fears that he may fall into darkness which pushes her more to find more Arcana since there's a certain Arcana that can balance the light and darkness in one's heart. Neru wants to do that for Rogue in hopes to make his life longer in case something terrible happens.


Mother: Unknown (deceased)

Father: Unknown (deceased)

Uncle: Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Professional Information

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Guild Mark Location: Left side of her waist

Guild Mark Color: Pastel Brown

Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Normal Mage (she is too lazy to try to go for S-Class)

Teammate(s): Sho and Wally Buchanan (former), The Trimens (on and off)

Magical Power Information:

Arcana Magic
Neru's magic has two categories. There's the option of using the power of the Major Arcana herself or summoning an actual Major Arcana where they battle it out.

When using the power of the Arcana, a tattoo of the Arcana she's calling out to will appear somewhere on her body. Each Arcana has its own special ability, but Neru has yet to attain all 22 cards. 

With summoning an actual Arcana, there's a twist to it. If she uses this, all damage goes to her body. Rarely does she ever use this method, but uses it only when it's necessary because of the price she has to pay.

The Arcana cards she has and their abilities

The Lovers: can hear one's innermost thoughts

Death: puts people in a temporary slumber

The Hermit: gives invisibility to its user

Strength: amplifies one's strength 10x fold

Temperance: nulls magic

The Emperor: manipulates memories

The Star: locates comrades/enemies

The World: the ultimate Arcana that allows the user to make contracts with other Arcana, but has a downfall. The less Arcana that is under a user's control takes away small chunks of the user's life putting them in danger.


In a small village that barely had enough people to have some sort of government, Ichiya's older brother lived with his wife and his young daughter Neru. They lived peacefully and took care of one another. Nothing was wrong and it was a great place for them to raise their daughter. Unfortunately, good things never last long. Zeref followers attacked and gathered children for the Tower of Heaven. Neru's parents fought to protect their daughter, but died in the process. They took young Neru away and put her to work in the Tower of Heaven. Word got around and Ichiya was informed of the death of his brother and sister-in-law along with the disappearance of his only niece.

Being pushed around by the guards, Neru could barely fight back. She cowered away and spent time alone crying for her parents. Then, a young boy with blond hair confronted her saying that she didn't have to be alone. Sho had entered her life and Neru became close friends with him and Wally, seeing as she found him pretty funny. The brown haired girl had met the others, but only befriended Millianna since Wally was so fond of her. Neru didn't always spend time with the group. She would spend time alone as well just to think, but most of those times were taken away by Zeref followers who began to test on her. 

During the tests, Neru felt as if she was drifting away and began to give up on life. She wanted to die and be with her parents even though they died for her survival. A voice had erupted her thoughts of the darkness. The voice was of a man. "A girl with so much potential cannot die. You, child! Your parents did not die just for you to die. These men are your enemies. Allow me to aid you in getting rid of them, but in return, you must find my brothers and sisters. Accept my offer and you will be able to see the light of day!" the voice told her. Neru accepted and the Zeref followers around her were shocked to see her get back on her feet from the abusive tests. Her eyes were empty as she looked at the men. "Il Mondo." she whispered causing a large creature appeared attacking them.

When everyone escaped, Neru left before Jellal could brainwash her into completing the Tower of Heaven. Instead, she traveled the world to find the rest of the Arcana just as she promised.

At the age of fourteen, Neru had finally found The Lovers after four years. When she made the contract, Neru's hair and eyes changed to pink as compensation to the Arcana. Once making the contract, Neru felt more confident in finding the rest of the Arcana.

Once she hit eighteen, Neru ran into Sho, Wally, and Millianna who were traeveling the world together. It had been such a long time that it was hard to believe that Neru had changed. Neru felt happy and joined them hoping she would be able to find more Arcana with them at her side. In truth, it did help her find more Arcana. Even after Millianna left for Mermaid Heel, Neru stayed with the boys as they continued to travel.

Three months after Millianna had joined Mermaid Heel, Neru had made contracts with five Arcana. One night, an Arcana had gone rogue and attacked the group. Neru protected her friends and defeated the Arcana with the help of her other Arcana. This Arcana was known as Death. Sho and Wally were concerned about what price had to be paid, but Neru knew it had to be done. Death wanted to take away seven years for her to practice in the world of Arcana where time doesn't move. With The World's toll, Neru accepted despite Sho and Wally disagreeing. She told them to take care and that she'd be back in seven years.

After seven years, Neru was all alone. She had no lead on where to go, so she made her way to her home village where it used to be. It was left in rubble and it was hard to tell that the village once had people in it. Walking into where her home used to be, Neru found an old, ripped painting of her family. Her father and mother were in it. She was just a baby in her mother's arms, but there was another man in the picture. A man who was probably shorter than her stood next to her father. This was probably her only lead at this point, so she ventured out in finding this man.

Ironically, the man wasn't too far from the village. He was apart of a guild where men serviced women and women pleased men in a sense. Neru walked in and a big, bald man greeted her with a kind smile. She asked for the man and just like that, the mysterious man entered the room talking about her perfume. Instantly not pleased with his attitude towards her, Neru held out the small painting demanding who he was to her. It was revealed, in his tears, that she was his long lost niece.

About a month later during the Grand Magic Games, Neru watched her friends participate, but never cheered on her uncle. She'd cheer on Ren, Hibiki, Jenny, and Eve whenever they'd appear. When she saw Millianna, Neru was eager to see her in action since it was a long time since they last saw one another. She had the option of being apart of the Grand Magic Games, but Ichiya didn't allow such a thing even though she wanted to try it out.

Theme Song:

REBOOT feat. JubyPhonic (SenzaFine Remix)


  • Neru met Chelia and Wendy during the Grand Magic Games after the two had their battle.

  • According to Jason, Neru is at a tie for Cutest Girl in Fiore with Wendy and Chelia.

  • Romeo has a huge crush on Neru and is not aware that she's already eighteen.

  • Millianna finds it hard to believe that Neru is related to Ichiya.

  • Erza denies that Ichiya has a niece and that it's Neru.

  • Ichiya and The Trimen are always trying to get Neru to wear shoes and at least wear socks since she's always walking around without them.

  • The toll for The Lovers was Neru's physical appearance.

  • The toll for Death was seven years of time in Earthland (this stopped the effect of The World).

  • The toll for The Hermit was her skin tone.

  • The toll for Strength was her own actual strength.

  • The toll for Temperance was how much magic she could contain.

  • The toll for The Emperor was the memories prior to the Tower of Heaven.

  • The toll for The Star was a part of her knowledge.

  • The toll for The World is her life force. A certain amount is taken away by how many Arcana she's missing after a year. (If she's missing three, three years of her life force is taken away, shortening her life.)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Amatersu || Diabolik Lovers OC ||

Basic Information

Full Name: Amaterasu Yamamoto (first name means shining heaven)

Nickname(s): Tera, Psycho, Teramisu (by Laito)

Age: 18

Date of Birth: December 14

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Occupation: 2nd Year High School Student

Appearance Information

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Amaterasu keeps her hair down that stops at her shoulder blades. Her bangs are usually swept to her right. When her hair isn't down, she has her hair up in a high ponytail. This hairstyle is commonly seen when she's either studying or cooking.

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 158 cm (5'2")

Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Figure: Due to her past, she's rather slim and seems so frail that she looks like she'll break from a single touch.

Bra Size: 28B (could be mistaken for a 38A)

Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: On the back of her neck, there's a star-like shaped burn mark.

Personality Information

Personality: Amaterasu appears to be psychotic, but on the inside, she's afraid and only wants comfort from someone. This psychotic appearance is her defense system and is often triggered through her anger. Students from previous schools fear her as do faculty of different schools. She keeps up her grades to show that a terrifying girl like her is also intelligent. Only when she is alone that she shows her true self. When alone, Amaterasu relaxes and actually shows a sincere smile that means no harm. Her heart, deep down, is pure despite her defense facade. It's hard for her to make friends or at least people she really wants as friends. 

Likes: sweets, satisfaction, the taste of her own blood, fog, dark nights, full moons, music

Dislikes: being called Psycho, pink, cats

Talents: kendo, making ramen from scratch

Shortcomings: making any other dish besides ramen, fighting back without her katana, swimming

Fears: death, drowning, never finding her place, ending up in the asylum

Relationship Status

Family: Mother (unknown, deceased)

Father (unknown, deceased)

Older Brother (18, deceased)

Friends: Laito Sakamaki (mostly because he's the only one who actually talks to her)

Love Interest(s): Ayato Sakamaki, Laito Sakamaki, Shuu Sakamaki, Subaru Sakamaki

Biographical Information


At the age of four, Amaterasu's older brother gained a sister. They were a quiet family of four with secrets. Amaterasu was raised more by her older brother than her parents since they were busy with work. Their work happened to be hunting vampires. Her mother would leave the country while her father was mostly managing paperwork. Neither were to be bothered, so Amaterasu was raised by her older brother until she turned five.

When she was five, she saw less and less of her brother who started to train in becoming a hunter himself, much against his will. During this time, she tried to get affection from her parents, but in the end she only got neglect and some times even had physical abuse for bothering them. At one point, her mother had enough and decided to show her daughter some discipline by burning the back of her neck. Her scar turned into a start over time and it scarred her to remind her of her past.

Fearing her parents, she studied alone in her room up until she turned fourteen. One night, they were attacked. Both her parents died in a rather brutal way. Amaterasu saw their corpses, but didn't cry. Instead, she smiled. She was glad they were gone. The girl had no affection for her parents. Her older brother grabbed her and they made a run for it moments later. A powerful vampire had murdered their parents and was now after them. Her older brother did her best to protect her, but lost his life in the end before her eyes. Amaterasu cried then. After all, he was the only one to show affection for her during her child years. Before the vampire could kill her, hunters saved her just in time.

After the murder of her family, Amaterasu was raised by the church. She went to school and students feared her for her dead eyes. Rumors went around of her actually killing her family since they weren't aware of vampires. She went along with it and made no friends. Before she went to high school, hunters decided to put her in night school. When she transferred over, the rumors followed along with her nickname. People stayed clear of her except for one. Laito Sakamaki bothered to talk to her even though their conversations never went anywhere; they were one-sided conversations.


  • She lives in a small cottage far from the church she was raised in.
  • Her room has a bunch of cute stuffed animals.
  • Amaterasu got her katana from the church she was raised in and dedicated her studies in kendo for her older brother.
  • Every once in a while, she'll visit her old home where her family was murdered which is now just a plot of land.
  • She drinks her own blood when she gets a small cut.
  • Not once has Amaterasu muttered a single word to Laito.
  • She's fully aware of the Sakamaki family being vampires.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Julia || Fairy Tail OC 5 || (AU OC)


Name: Julia Hitomi
Nickname(s): Juli, Jules
Age: 17
Birthday: July 16
Gender:  Female


Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Maroon
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: Slim
Height: 5'3
Weight: 115


Good Traits: artistic, creative, athletic, competitive, friendly
Bad Traits: stubborn, doesn't voice out opinion (she feels like it's a burden to others), quiet, heavy sleeper, loner
Habits: drools when taking a nap
Phobias: Kakorrhaphiophobia (Fear of failure or defeat/rejection)

Personal Information:

Likes: music, art, video games, sports, sweets, sour candy, reading, making animations
Dislikes: losing, rejection, being alone in silence
Favorite Food(s): takoyaki
Favorite Drink(s): Dr. Pepper
Favorite Color: mostly dark colors


Everyday: Her school uniform is usually worn in a lazy fashion. Julia's blazer is never buttoned up, her tie is loosely around her neck, and her white button up shirt is never buttoned, so her black tank top is shown. The only part of her uniform that is normal is her skirt. Her shoes are usually her sneakers that way she can always run, but since she wears a skirt, Julia wears shorts underneath. When she's not wearing her uniform, Julia wears black overalls, black tights, and a gray long sleeved shirt. Her shoes remain as sneakers.

Sleepwear: At night, she just wears one of her dad's old t-shirts that stops around her thighs. She finds it more comfortable that way.

Formal: Julia usually feels embarrassed wearing some fancy dress that her mother always sends her for formal events, so she's built up the reputation of just wearing slacks and a collared shirt with dress shoes. Rarely will she wear the dresses her mother sends.

Swimwear: Khaki shorts and a maroon bikini top is what she always wears when she's going to go swim unless it's those weird swim uniforms at school.

Social Information/Personal Status:

Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Best Friends: Levy McGarden
Close Friends: Lucy Heartfilia & Lisanna Strauss
Friends: Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Chelia Blendy, Rufus Lore
Acquaintances: Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox, Natsu Dragneel, Laxus Dreyar, Lyon Vastia, Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearm, Ren Akatsuki, Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Orga Nanagear
Rivals: N/A

Love Interest(s):

Lyon Vastia: When hanging out with Juvia one day on campus, they were on a mission to get Juvia on a date with Gray. Julia never really conversed with the guy, but did it for Juvia. When they found Gray, he was chatting away with Lyon. Julia had never met him before and wondered if he was from a different school. Sadly, the guy confess his love for Juvia. Julia, though, still didn't stop from developing a crush on the white haired male. Since then, when Juvia asks Julia to accompany her to find Gray, she follows in hopes to see Lyon again.


Mother: Elena Hitomi (alive)
Father: Haru Hitomi (deceased)

Professional Information:

Year: 2nd year
Roommate: Levy McGarden
Club: Art club


Growing up, Julia had been put in boarding school after boarding school after her father's death. The doctor told her that it was just a way for her mother to cope which was strange. Her father was a famous animation artist before he passed away. One night after returning from the hospital, Haru was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have much time left to live. Julia adored her father and wanted to follow in his footsteps, so they spent his remaining days in front of a computer doing small animations together.

When Julia made it to high school and put into another boarding school, she had a hard time making friends with anyone, including her roommate Levy. Levy was the one to make the first step and their friendship blossomed over talking about some books. It was from that point that she met Levy's friends and some other people within the school and from different schools that visit the school on request of their headmaster.


  • Julia used to go to a music boarding school, so she has friends she keeps in touch from that school who help her with her animations that involve music.

  • Her conversations with Lyon, when he's around her, are mostly about Juvia and how he wants to never lose against Gray.

  • She draws her notes out when in class. They're easier for her to read rather than words.

  • The only time she reads words is if it's a sign or a book she's been reading.