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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Luna || Fire Emblem: Awakening OC ||


Name: Luna

Age: 18

Birthday: July 14

Gender: Female


Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Silver

Skin Tone: Tan

Body Type: Fit and small

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125 lbs


Good Traits: Loyal, Sense of Justice, Fast Learner, Thinks before Acting, Calm

Bad Traits: Stubborn, Hot Headed, Distant, has a hard time letting things go

Phobias: Erotophobia (fear of sexual love/abuse)

Personal Information

Likes: Flowers, training, having time to herself, trying to hold a conversation with people

Dislikes: failing, not having a conversation with people, rape, men who abuse women

Favorite Food(s): Bear meat & Apples

Favorite Drink(s): Water

Favorite Color: Red

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Best Friends: Sully

Close Friends: Chrom, Lissa, Emmeryn, Frederick

Friends: Stahl, Lon'qu

Acquaintances: The remaining Shephers

Enemies: Bandits & Plegia

Love Interest(s):



Lon'qu (more preferred)


Mother: Ameryth (deceased)

Father: Porter (deceased)

Future Daughter: Emma (alive)

Professional Information

Class: Lady Knight

Base Stats

Level: 2

HP: 18

Str: 10

Mag: 1

Skl: 9

Lck: 4

Def: 7

Res: 2

Move: 7

Skill: Hit Rate + 10

Weapon: Sword - D

Starting Weapon: Steel Blade

Growth Rates

HP: 90%

Str: 65%

Mag: 15%

Skl: 50%

Spd: 60%

Luk: 60%

Def: 50%

Res: 20%

Max Stat Modifiers

Str: -2

Mag: -3

Skl: +2

Spd: +2

Luk: 0

Def: -1

Res: 0

Current Weapon: Tear of the Moon


Born as an only child to a loving mother and father, Luna was raised in a supportive household. Her mother owned her own flower shop and her father grew crops. During the long war, Luna's parents were killed during a raid which left her defenseless. Among the girls in town, Luna was raped at such a young age. It had scarred her for life. This was the birth of her erotophobia.

After the war, Luna distanced herself from everyone and began to teach herself on how to defend herself. Day in and day out, she trained up until she turned seventeen where she left her village to serve her country as a Shepherd. On her way, a group of bandits were getting ready to rape more women after taking out the men. Chrom and his Shepherds were defeating the bandits that were blocking those who were about to be raped. Luna took this chance as to prove herself to be a Shepherd. Once Chrom and the others reached the center, Luna had took down every bandit that was about to rape the women. Chrome was impressed by her skill and brought her back to the capital of Ylisse.

As she grew stronger, Luna grew attached to Emmeryn. She reminded Luna of her own mother before her death. Their names were also close to one another. Luna had vowed to protect Emmeryn to her best ability. During this time, she had met Sully and the two had hit it off right away. Both enjoy training together and seem to be more feminine around each other. Often, they are seen together walking around the capital to just relax rather than doing their patrols Chrom had set them on.

Theme Song:

Demons by Imagine Dragons


  • Except for Chrom and Frederick, Luna doesn't speak much to the men or even look at them.

  • Luna has a hard time talking about what she likes with others except with Sully.

  • When she talks about herself who isn't Sully, Luna instantly starts to blush.

  • Luna is afraid of getting in a relationship because she believes she may get raped again.

  • Emmeryn and Sully are aware of Luna's past and her phobia.

Gwaine || Manticore Guild Master OC ||


Name: Gwaine

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Human (?)


Hair Color: Purple/Blond/Red/Sky Blue

Eye Color: Unknown (rumored to be completely black, but they're actually green)

Skin Tone: Pale

Body Type: Slender


Good Traits: Independent, Brave, Strategic, Family-Oriented, Nimble

Bad Traits: Insane, Blabber Mouth, Cheater, Cheap-skate

Habits: Spreading rumors to Jason, taking card games too seriously, losing his sanity

Personal Information

Likes: Gossip, Fairy Tail, Master Bob, Manticore, his guild members, card games, games, a challenge, going all out

Dislikes: Seeing his guild members hurt, Fairy Tail getting damaged, Zeref, the Magic Council, humorless people

Favorite Food(s): Fish

Favorite Drink(s): Red Wine

Favorite Color(s): Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple


Everyday: Gwaine pretty much looks like a jester with the color scheme of purple, blue, yellow, and red. He says that he feels more comfortable looking crazy and different than being clean and normal looking. Gwaine also has a hand of cards in his right hand no matter who he is talking to whether he be in a card game or not.
Formal: There is no different except that his hair is slicked back and his doesn't carry any cards. This is viewable  during the Founding Feast. Most people find him more terrifying like this than his every day attire.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Edolas Counterpart: Gwaine (female, so her hair is past her hips with the same colors)

Relationship Status: Taken (VERY HARD TO BELIEVE BY EVERYONE)

Best Friends: Master Bob &  Zane Anderthal

Close Friends: Haru Clare & Momoko Ichinose

Friends: Manticore guild members

Acquaintances: Everyone in Fairy Tail and those who have yet to learn of Manticore

Rivals: Ooba Babasaama

Love Interest(s):

Ooba Babasaama

Professional Information

Guild: Manticore

Guild Mark Location: Bottom of left foot

Guild Mark Color: Yellow/Red/Blue/Purple (he's the master. He can do whatever he wants)

Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Master/S-Class

Teammate(s): N/A (guild members find him too crazy to deal with on missions...even Zane thinks he's insane when taking a job!)

Magical Power Information:

Card Magic: Gwaine is able to use the same abilities as Cana and Sho, but also has something to add to the table. Depending on what cards are played, Gwaine can use three different special card attacks. First special card attack is summoning his card mecha. This card mecha can be summoned and can be controlled manually or Gwaine can let it have its mind of its own, but he prefers to control it manually (this shows more of his insanity). Second special card attack is Old Maid. It's more of a chance that he pulls out the bomb to use against his enemies, but other cards summon pirates that can heal him (unfair? Gwaine is insane and unfair. He's a cheater. Call him a hacker if you want.). The final special card attack is the contract cards. There are rumored Arcana cards that a card magic user can make a contract with to use during battle. Gwaine has three: The Hermit, The Joker, and Death. The Hermit gives Gwaine the ability to be invisible for about half an hour. The Joker enhances his insanity. Gwaine uses this mostly when he's controlling his card mecha, so if one is caught in battle with him and this happens, have fun spending three months in the infirmary because Gwaine NEVER holds back once The Joker is activated. Death doesn't put people to death. It's a card that most people fear, but Death actually puts people into a deep sleep until Gwaine allows them to wake up. In a sense, it's like death.


No one knows much about Gwaine other than he founded Manticore. The Magic Council aren't even aware of his origins. Master Bob doesn't even know, so Gwaine is pretty much a mystery to all in Fiore and the world. Some say he's not even human because of how insane the man is and how much magic he can channel through his veins. The Magic Council have tried to dub him as a Wizard Saint to replace Jose Porla, but Gwaine turned it down most likely because "the man is insane to turn down such a title" quoted by Jura Neekis.

Theme Song:

Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moon Light by Tiny Tim


  • If he's not at Manticore, he's either traveling Fiore, visiting Magnolia Town, or at Blue Pegasus to have a chat with Master Bob.

  • Jason can't leak out Gwaine's stats because he fears that Gwaine would kill him or stop feeding him gossip that the man feeds him (most likely the first part).

  • The Magic Council is perfectly fine if Gwaine doesn't attend meetings since he's insane and things could get a bit out of control if they tick off Gwaine in any way.

  • There is no explanation as to why he is attracted to Ooba Babasaama. He just is. Let's leave it at that, okay?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fang-hua || Avatar:Last Airbender/Legend of Korra OC ||

Name: Fang-hua (Aromatic Flower)

Nickname: Fang (Fragrant; pleasant)

Biographical Information

Nationality: Fire Nation

Ethnicity: Fire Nation

Age: 15 (in Last Airbender, 86 in Legend of Korra)

Born: 84 ASC

Physical Description

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Tan

Personal Information

Allies: Team Avatar (in Last Airbender & Legend of Korra), Tenzin, General Iroh (Last Airbender & Legend of Korra), Zuko, Katara, Bei Fong

Enemies: Equalists, Fire Lord Ozai, Azula, Zhao, Long Feng, Yakone, the Rough Rhinos, Jet, Gow, Combustion Man

Weapon of Choice: Fire, Chain

Fighting Style(s): Firebending, melee style

Chronological & Political Information

Profession: Tea Shop owner, tactician

Position: Map Reader, planner

Affiliation: Descendant of Avatar Wan, Fire Nation, Team Avatar, The Blue Spirit


When first meeting Fang, she's a bit wary of who they really are. She's heavily interested in her ancestor Wan and tries her best to get more information on him. Besides that, Fang is a nice girl with a bit of attitude. She's stubborn and won't back down from a fight unless there isn't a point to it. Verbally fighting is her favorite type of fighting since it comes in handy when coming up with tactics for fighting in a group. As she grows older, she matures and doesn't fight as much unless it's to protect her friends and customers. Adapting to the new technology isn't a problem for her, but what confuses her is the fact that people watch other people bend as a sport. Not having children of her own, Fang takes her employees as her children and sees Katara's children as her niece and nephews. Her motherly side comes out only around them, but her customers see this side to her as well if they are regulars to her tea shop.

Likes: Melee weapons, fire, her lineage, tea, making tea from the herbs around her, animals, sun sets, defending others, equality for everyone, spirits, Avatar Wan, Raava

Dislikes: Unfair treatment, being looked down on because she is a girl, people fearing her because she's from the Fire Nation, others taking the wrong path when approaching things, disrespect for the eldery, Vaatu

Fears: Death, being the last of her friends to die, darkness taking over the world


Fang was born in a small village in the Fire Nation and was raised by her father. As she grew up, her father taught her fire bending along with the story of Avatar Wan. It was then she learned that she was one of the descendants of Avatar Wan. She learned of his journey within the spirit world which led her in loving spirits. When she turned fifteen, her father was killed while protecting the village. Fang, not taking likely to this, took her father's spot and defended the village up until she met Aang.

Meeting Aang and his friends was a bit of a problem. They were pretending to be people from the Fire Nation, but Fang didn't buy it. When she confronted them, Sokka laughed nervously telling her that she was crazy. In result, Fang decided to attack Aang who instantly used water to protect himself. Seeing that he was the Avatar, Fang instantly opened up and began to ask questions about the first Avatar. Unfortunately, she didn't get much information out of the boy.

When the group was about to leave, Fang joined in wanting to know more about the Avatar and explore the world. Suki and Katara were the only ones who agreed on this. In the end, they allowed her to join for the remainder of the journey before the final battle between Aang and Fire Lord Ozai would occurr. During this time, Sokka and Fang would go head to head on how they should approach things. Not only did they verbally fight, but they would spar since Fang mostly used her chain over her own fire bending.

Once the Hundred Year War ended, Fang left the group to travel the world on her own hoping to run into them again one day in the future. Upon her departure, Fang gave Zuko and Sokka both a kiss on the cheek. The girl laughed and ran off leaving both men in confusion. On her journey, she ran into Iroh when she stopped by to get some tea. She learned from him and learned more about Zuko before she had met him. It was nice spending time with Iroh, but Fang had left saying that she wasn't done seeing the world just yet.

Growing old over the years, Fang settled in Republic City around in her late thirties not knowing that Sokka would be there along with Toph. She attended a trial and saw Sokka, Toph, and Aang there. Never in her life would she think of seeing them now. Once the trial ended, Fang purposely attacked Sokka just for good ol' times. It took some time for Sokka to even realize it was Fang even though Aang and Toph figured it out right away. Soon, Fang met back up with Katara with her children along with Zuko who was traveling.


Last Airbender Team Avatar: In truth, Fang only truly got along with Katara and Suki. She never argued with them. Aang had to keep telling Fang that he didn't really know much about Avatar Wan. Zuko and Fang rarely spoke to one another, but tolerated one another. Sooka and Fan argued over simple things or just when they had different ideas. Toph and Fang always seemed skeptic of one another, so leaving them alone was never a good idea or else Toph would most likely tear Fang into shreds.

Legend of Korra Team Avatar: Fang was more of moral support when Korra or any of the others needed someone to talk to. She would tell them that they were lucky to be living during this time and not the days she lived in. Fang has a strong connection with Korra due to Fang's relation with Avatar Wan. At this age, Korra isn't bothered by the questions of Avatar Wan and believes that Fang has the right to know more about the man. Mako is probably the only one who has a hard time expressing his feelings with Fang since she's like a mother figure to all. Bolin and Asami are open with Fang and see her as a mother figure.

Tenzin: Their relation is a bit bumpy since Tenzin had learned about her constant bickering over Avatar Wan. Despite this, he sees her as his aunt see how he was there for all of them once Aang had passed away. Out of the three, Tenzin has the least bonding experience with Fang since he was more focused on airbending.

Kya: Kya would bounce between Katara and Fang when she needed help. Both can tolerate one another and do not mind each other's presence. They can easily hold a conversation over tea even when one of them is having a bad day.

Bumi: No matter how hard Bumi tried, he couldn't bend. He had such a hard time of not being able to bend anything like his parents that he got sad instantly. Fang took her time to spend time with him teaching him other ways of fighting and protecting his future siblings and parents.

Relatives: Unnamed Mother (deceased), Unnamed Father (deceased), Avatar Wan (deceased)

Love Interest:


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yuka || Fairy Tail OC 4 ||


Name: Yuka
Nickname(s): Drool Monkey, Baka
Age: 10 (pre-time skip), 17 (post-time skip)
Birthday: November 4. X760
Gender: Female
Race: Human


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: As a ten year old, she pretty much has the same body type as Wendy. Once seventeen, Yuka gets a chest, but it's not that large if you compare to others. Most say that she has the same size as Levy.
Height: 4'10 (10 yrs), 5'5 (17 yrs)
Weight: 107 lbs (10 yrs), 119 lbs (17 yrs)


Good Traits: handy, trustworthy, easily impressed
Bad Traits: laid-back, shy, falling in love
Habits: Going over old blue prints
Phobias: Pupaphobia (fear of puppets)

Personal Information

Likes: traveling, making weapons, testing new weapons, Sakya, Shiki, birds, Musica
Dislikes: Griffon Kato, Dark Guilds, puppets, being alone, getting lost
Favorite Food(s): Mushroom Soup
Favorite Drink(s): Green Tea
Favorite Color: Gray Blue


Everyday: As a ten year old, she wore a pink, frilly dress with light pink boots. Her hair was tied up into pigtails seeing how they always got in the way when she tried to do something. When she turned seventeen, her outfit changed. She wears a gray blue shirt with black and white arm warmers. Her shirt lays over a black tank top that can be mistaken as a vest. A pink layered skirt is wrapped around her waist. On her left leg, she had something wrapped around her thigh, but that's been there even as a child. It originates from where her adventure started, so she keeps it there to remind her of that day. Yuka wears light pink boots just like before, but adds gray blue and white socks that stop before her knees.
Sleepwear: At night, Yuka is usually just wearing a dirt brown, beat up hooded coat to keep her warm. This, too, is from her past. She doesn't have sleepwear other than the coat, so she keeps her every day wear on at night since she's constantly traveling.
Formal: Since she's always traveling, Yuka had never found the time to look for a formal outfit.
Swimwear: Yuka just wears her tank top and her underwear seeing nothing wrong with it since the people she grew up with until she was ten didn't seem to mind it.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive
Edolas Counterpart: N/A
Relationship Status: Single (most people don't believe this)
Best Friends: Sakya, Irie Jeskar, Shiki Ryuho, Alzack & Bisca Connell, Erza Scarlet, Musica
Close Friends: Elie, Haru, Jet, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Cana Alberona
Friends: Curlon Belusas, Mirajane Strauss, Elfman Strauss
Acquaintances: Everyone else in Fairy Tail
Rivals: Sakya and any other blacksmith

Love Interest(s)

Hibiki Lates
Yuka was traveling away from camp to get food in a nearby town where she ran into Hibiki. Just like any other man she finds attractive, Yuka fell in love. He aided her when some guy tried to rob her from buying some food and Yuka felt like she was in heaven. Their paths went their own ways after that. Down the road, Yuka heard about Hibiki again three years later from a group of girls who were watching the Grand Magic Games in town. When she saw Hibiki change, her heart raced. She still had the same feelings for the man just as she did three years ago.

Gray Fullbuster
Gray was her last crush before she left Fairy Tail to continue her travels before he left for the alliance. First, it was Laxus, then Loke, and lastly Gray. Of course, she was a bit shy, so she never showed her feelings for the older boy. Plus, with Juvia around, Yuka didn't feel like she was even worth his time. She left to travel still having those feelings for the ice mage in her heart. Seven years later, Yuka had heard from Musica that he had met Gray and that they became great friends. The girl's heart raced and couldn't believe that Gray and Musica even met!


Mother: Uknown (deceased)
Father: Unknown (deceased)
Brother: Cliff (unknown)

Professional Information

Guild: N/A
Guild Mark Location: N/A
Guild Mark Color: N/A
Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Yuka may not be in a guild, but can be labeled as the average mage from any guild.
Teammate(s): Sakya (formerly), Musica, Cliff

Magical Power Information

Yuka uses this magic only when she's testing out new weapons she has created, but does use it from time to time when in battle. Her weapons range from swords to guns to even arch-like-weapons. As a child, this was the magic she resorted to since it didn't put a great toll on her energy.

Soul Attachment
This magic isn't supposed to exist. It's not some ancient magic, but of a failed experiment. Yuka's soul is attached to Cliff's soul. If one dies, then the other dies. It's more of a set back. As a child, Cliff didn't come out as much since it put a great toll on Yuka's energy. Yuka, then, started to practice on using her energy properly. The more she practiced as she grew up, the more she started to use Cliff as a weapon or defense. Cliff doesn't seem to mind since he's a rather cocky guy and believes he can take down anyone. Only Yuka can see Cliff unless Cliff reveals himself to others.


After Yuka was born, she was put into a mass of other children for testing. What became of her parents is unknown to Yuka, but she assumes they are dead. During these experiments, scientists attempted to attach two souls together into one body. Many children died in this process and Yuka's older brother Cliff was one of them. During their time together, they did bond and Cliff became protective of his little sister. Such a bond created what the scientists couldn't achieve. Cliff and Yuka became attached at the soul. Scientists began to test Yuka to see if they could do it again, but was stopped by four teens. They took in Yuka and raised her up until she was about eight. On their journey together, Yuka had befriended Sakya, Irie, Shiki, and Curlon. Sakya became the older sister figure for both Yuka and Cliff as she taught Yuka how to make weapons. The five of them, six if you want to include Cliff, traveled across the world until they reached Fiore. Sakya felt that this was a great place for Yuka to be raised in. She believed that the young girl deserved a better life and left her in Fiore.

For two years, Yuka lived on the road in Fiore until she stumbled upon Fairy Tail. Erza was the one to take her in first seeing how a young girl like her shouldn't be alone. When everyone in Fairy Tail learned about how she could make weapons, Erza, Bisca, and Alzack became her customers and best friends in Fairy Tail. Yuka was making money from this, but was happy that her customers and friends were pleased with her work. Unfortunately, her time at Fairy Tail came to an end once Erza and the others left to make an alliance. Yuka felt the need to leave and get stronger before Erza came back. Bisca, who had grown attached to the girl, begged her not to go, but Yuka left anyways telling everyone that this was the only way for her to improve in strength, mental abilities, and her knowledge of making weapons.

Four years down the road, Yuka had joined a group. This group happened to be with Elie, Haru, Let, and Musica. She had joined them by Musica who had saved her from a group of thugs trying to rob her of her new matieral. Since then, she's been traveling with them. Even though Cliff is her brother, Yuka had grown fond of Musica and he became her brother figure. The next three years, Yuka had officially changed from the time she had left Fairy Tail. She was stronger than before, but still had her downfalls. Still traveling with Musica and the others, Yuka hopes to see her friends from the past one day.

Theme Song

Secret Base (Kimi ga Kureta Mono) by Zone


  • During her time in Fairy Tail, she had fallen in love with Laxus, Loke, and Gray in the same day.

  • Hibiki is probably her most recent "crush".

  • As a child, with Shiki and the others, she would fall in love with random men, so Irie nicknamed her Drooling Monkey.

  • In Fairy Tail, Happy called her a Drooling Monkey.

  • When she came back from meeting Hibiki, she was slightly drooling and Elie giggled as she called her a Drooling Monkey.

  • Musica doesn't call her Drooling Monkey, but calls her an idiot for falling in love with men so easily.

  • Cliff doesn't actually scold Yuka for falling in love with every guy she sees fit, but laughs at the fact that she does.

  • Yuka still hears stories about Shiki and the others about their adventures, but since it's been such a long time, Yuka has a feeling that they could possibly be either dead or have forgotten about her.

  • Sakya is probably the best blacksmith according to Yuka and defeats any blacksmith that says otherwise in a weapon making contest.

  • Yuka has yet to lose to a weapon making contest.

  • Sakya is her rival and role model when it comes to making weapons.