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So, most of my OCs are up here because where I rp at doesn't allow me to post them up which is lame. They're all here except for the ones on the site. I have a YouTube channel that's mostly gaming and I don't have a specific theme like most people which is usually Minecraft, CoD, horror, pixel, or simulation games. Me? I just do whatever I feel like playing...and what I can afford. YouTube is the same name if you didn't know.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Akatsuki || FREE! OC

Basic Information

Full Name: Akatsuki (Dawn) Matsuda

Nicknames: Tsuki, Tsu-nee-chan (by her brothers), Tsu-chan (by her parents), Kat (by sister), Tsuki-chan (by Nagisa and Makoto), Akatsuki-senpai (by Rei)

Aliases: The Aka Triplets (when she's with her brothers)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 15

Astrological Sign: Leo

Ethnicity: Japanese

Physical Description

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short (she has the shortest hair out of the triplets)

Eye Color: Forest Green

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 108 lbs

Bust: 34A


Uniform: Sadly, the school wasn't aware that Akatsuki was a female, so they gave her the male's uniform. It fits her fine and already most of the school just assumes that she's a boy.

Everyday: When she's not at school, Akatsuki wears black slacks, a white collared shirt, and a green sweater.

Formal: This depends on the event. Since people mostly assume she's a guy, she wears a classic tuxedo. If a family member was getting married or some big even thrown by family, Akatsuki would wear a light blue blouse with a white mini skirt since dresses don't fit her too well.

Sleepwear: At night, Akatsuki wears an over-sized, long-sleeved shirt that has a dog on it along with black gym shorts.

Swimwear: Sadly, Akatsuki is forced to wear a one piece on family trips which makes her feel embarrassed. When the school decides to use the pool, Akatsuki doesn't take part in the activity.

Good Traits: Loyal, Friendly, Kind, Natural Cook, Virtuoso

Bad Traits: Quiet, Doesn't voice her opinion, Dependent, Awkward

Habits: Drawing out her answers during exams/tests/quizzes rather than using words or numbers

Phobias/Fears: Losing her brothers, swimming pools

Personal Information

Likes: singing, drawing, cooking, being around her brothers, visiting her sister

Dislikes: being away from her brothers for too long, people in the swimming pool she doesn't trust, disappointing others

Favorite Food(s): Crab cakes, sushi, ramen

Favorite Drink(s): Apple juice

Favorite Color: Green

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Mai, Akako, Akane

Friends: Gou, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Rin

Acquaintances: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Professional Status

Occupation: 2nd year High School Student

Affiliation: Iwatobi High School, Music Club

Part Time Job: Local Music Store Cashier


Father: Hikaru (light/radiance) Matsuda (alive; 52)

Mother: Rina (jasmine) Matsuda (alive; 50)

Sister: Mai (ocean) Matsuda (deceased; 16 when she died)

(this is Mai)

Brother: Akako (red child) Matsuda (alive; 17; white hair)

Brother: Akane (madder/red eye) Matsuda (alive; 17; black hair)


The triplets aren't actually Matsuda blood. They were adopted. Before their adoption, the triplets didn't have names nor did they converse with anyone. To everyone at the orphanage, the triplets were just there taking up space. The three of them did everything together and wouldn't let anyone in. Even the older kids at the orphanage didn't like them and would talk about them at school as if they were some sort of disease.

This went on up until the triplets turned five. The Matsuda family arrived at the orphanage after Rina had a still-born. She couldn't bear the pain of losing her next child, so Hikaru took the family to the orphanage to adopt. Of course, all the kids were ignoring them because they were having fun except for the triplets. They were the only ones who acknowledged their presence. Mai, Rina and Hikaru's daughter, noticed the trio and walked over with a smile. The original plan was to adopt one child, but because of how attached Mai and the triplets became after only a few words, the Matsuda family adopted all three. When paperwork arrived, it was a bit difficult since they didn't have names. Rina and Hikaru couldn't come up with three names, so Mai named them Akane, Akako, and Akatsuki.

Growing up, the triplets became more social, but were still attached to each other and to Mai. When Mai became interested in swimming, the triplets would go to her practices and swim meets. They believed that she was the best after all the awards she had won. Akako and Akane wanted in and decided to join the Iwatobi Swimming Club where they met Rin, Makoto, Nagisa, and Haruka. Akatsuki only met them a few times during swim practice since her brothers weren't ready for swim meets just yet. The boys made the mistake of Akatsuki being a boy due to her boyish looks and her boy name. Akako was the one who kindly corrected them while Akane called them idiots.

Half way through middle school, Mai took the triplets to a late night swim practice at a nearby gym. Mai was teaching the boys some of her moves while teaching Akatsuki how to swim properly. Of course, Mai's coach caught them, but allowed them to continue to use the pool as long as Mai practiced for her next race. As the triplets dried up and watched their sister, all three cheered her on. She practiced hard, but unfortunately something strange happened. Mai was going at a higher speed than normal and smashed her head into the wall on the other side of the pool. Blood poured around her as she stopped moving. Her coach ran over as Akatsuki stared in fear while her brothers screamed out for their older sister's name. Mai's body was pulled out as her coach called an ambulance.

Twelve hours later, the doctors told everyone that her head was fractured and caved into her brain. This caused brain damage and left her to forget how to breathe. By the time her body reached the hospital, Mai had passed away according to the doctor. Rina had broken down crying as Hikaru couldn't believe it. Akane and Akako stared at the ground in silence as Akatsuki was still in shock from the whole thing. Her hands were shaking and both of her brothers noticed. They held hands and comforted one another after the death of their older sister.

The triplets reverted back to not being socially active and had lost contact with Makoto, Rin, Haruka, and Nagisa. Mai's death had been kept within the family, so it was a small funeral since most couldn't make it due to either work or school. The boys decided to keep on swimming and ended up going to Samezuka Academy where they ran into Rin once more. As for Akatsuki, she went to Iwatobi High School and stopped swimming in swimming pools. When she had ran into her old friends, Akatsuki wanted to cry, but didn't. She greeted them with a big smile and hung out with them from time to time, but she declined every time Nagisa invited her to the pool.

Love Interest(s)

Makoto and/or Rin


  • Akatsuki has a birthmark under her right eye unlike her brothers, so when her brothers entered high school, they got matching tattoos under their right eye just to have something similar to their younger sister.

  • The twins don't live in the dorm. They go home after school since they don't want to leave Akatsuki alone.

  • Hikaru has two jobs, so he's rarely home leaving Akatsuki alone if the twins are at swim practice.

  • Akatsuki has cried during a group performance since the song reminded her of Mai.

  • Akane is the eldest by three minutes, Akako is the middle child by six minutes, and Akatsuki by nine minutes.

  • Akane is the tsundere twin trying to be tough for his sister because he hates seeing her cry or even get hurt.

  • Akako cooks with Akatsuki whenever he gets the chance.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Miyako || Ao no Exorcist OC 2||

Basic Information

Full Name: Miyako Usami

Nicknames: Klutz

Alias: Project Red Eyes

Age: 16

Birthday: November 24, 1994

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Japanese

Blood Type: B

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Past her hips

Hair Style: Since her hair is long, Miyako keeps her hair up in a high ponytail to  keep her hair up at least around her hips. Her hair is also wavy the longer it is.

Original Eye Color: Light Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 139 lbs

Bust: 34C


Uniform: Miyako wouldn't mind wearing the female uniform, but because of who she is, her uniform is somewhat different that matches her appearance. She wears the female top to the uniform without the blazer and tie. As for her bottoms, they're ripped black shorts that stop above her knees. They were originally jeans, but they were ripped after a certain incident.

Weekend: During the weekends, she wears an off white long sleeved shirt, black studded bracelets, skull rings, a studded belt, a black mini skirt, and blue tube socks. As for her shoes, they're black converse that are rather beaten up showing its age.

Formal: When the time comes, Miyako has a secret dress in her closet that no one has seen. It's her own secret that no one knows about. She wishes to keep it a secret until the time comes for the occassion.

Sleepwear: At night, Miyako actually wears silver checkered swim trunks with a blank tank top.

Swimwear: Her silver checkered swim trunks and a black bikini top is what she wears when it comes to swimming. Miyako feels comfortable in swim trunks rather than bikini bottoms.


Good Traits: Good memory, good listener, loyal, positive

Bad Traits: Slow, over-protective, dependent, clumsy

Habits: Shut her eyes when she's either afraid or trying not to lose her temper

Phobias/Fears: Going back and seeing "her"

Personal Information

Likes: animals, protecting others, doing something right

Dislikes: Satan, Azami, death, her "eyes", being scolded

Favorite Food(s): Teriyaki

Favorite Drink(s): Raspberry Tea

Favorite Color: Black

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Shiemi

Close Friends: Shiro, Yukio, Shura, Nemu

Friends: Rin, Izumo, Ryuji, Konekomaru, Renzo

Acquaintances: Mephisto, Angel, Tsubaki

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: Azami


Class Year: Second Year

Affiliation: True Cross Academy, True Cross Order

Class: Exwire, Project/Experiment

Meister Type: Knight


Father: Shigure Usami (alive; 53)

Mother: Ryoko Usami (deceased; 47)


Before True Cross Academy: Miyako was born into a family who didn't exactly have enough money. Life was tough for the trio, but what mattered most to them was just sticking together for moral support. Living in the city, both her parents worked hard as Miyako stayed at home with her baby sitter. It went like that for about a few years until Miyako turned six. When she turned six, they left the city and moved up into the mountains for fresh air since her mother was having breathing problems due to the smog in the city.

At the age of ten, Miyako's life had taken a huge turn. While spending time with her mother out by the lake not far from their home, a pack of wild wolves attacked them both. Her mother protected Miyako from the wolves, but failed for Miyako ended up losing her life as well as Ryoko. The moment she died was the day she met "her". Miyako entered a white place with a girl with long, curly black hair and red eyes. The girl smirked down at the young blonde. She didn't like the feeling she got from the black haired woman at all, but didn't move. With that, everything went black. Her eyes slowly opened with her father holding her in his arms crying. Shigure hugged his daughter thanking the spirits from beyond that his only daughter survived. Next to them, a brutally, bloodified body was out in the open. Her mother didn't come back to life.

Two years later, her father had brought Miyako to a strange city to greet a strange man with purple hair. The man was known as Mephisto. Shigure had told his daughter that he had to go somewhere far and that the man before her would take care of her. Unfortunately, it wasn't true. The True Cross Order had discovered of how Miyako came back to life and her new ability. They began to test on her leaving her in a lonely world. She was informed that her ability was labeled as "analysis" which allows her to hear information from anyone from a 1 mile radius. When she uses it, they had told her that her eyes turn red. Her name became Project Red Eyes within the order. Miyako became lonely up until she had met Shiro. He was the only one to cheer her up and he eventually introduced her to Shura and Nemu.

The day she turned fifteen, Mephisto allowed her to go to True Cross Academy to live a normal high school life, but the following year she would enter cram school. It was a deal to get away from the experiments she hated so much. Shiro encouraged her to do so and Miyako took the deal.

Current: Miyako still attends True Cross Academy and has entered cram school just as promised. With these in tune, the True Order keeps an eye on her to monitor her ability seeing her as an asset when it comes to stealth missions as an Exorcist. Tsubaki is the only one who shows concern when she's up for her turn during his class since she's clumsy.

Love Interests

Rin Okumura

Ryuji Suguro

  • Pasttimes and talents: making music from what she "hears"
  • Average bath time: 30 minutes
  • Average hours of sleep: 3-6 hours
  • Favorite music genre: rock, punk, pop, ballad, and electronic
  • Favorite word: I did good.
  • Favorite type of guy: Miyako wants a guy who won't keep secrets from her and she wants a guy who will see her as a person and not as some weird project. There are times when she just wants a guy who will protect her, but those times are only when she fails at something.
  • Secrets: Miyako has very little control over her red eye ability, so she pretends to be angry to shut her eyes to make sure other people don't see the change. Other students aren't aware of her eyes unless they're Exorcists. Her "project" has been going on for a few years which have developed into possibly a threat if someone wishes to use Miyako to get to Azami. According to Miyako, Azami can speak to her in her dreams if needed and has told her that she can create the perfect world between humans and demons.