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Friday, August 30, 2013

Yuriko || Stray Love Hearts OC ||

Name: Yuriko Kataro

Nicknames: Yuri, Koko, Riko

Alias: Sayuri Rokata

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Baby Blue (Hazel when she's Sayuri)

Birthday: October 28

Blood Type: A

Height: 5'5 (165 cm)

Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)

Grade: 2nd Year

Favorite Food: Takoyaki

Hates: Not being able to practice

Dorm: C-Hall

Family: Unnamed parents (unknown)

Personality: Yuriko is pretty upbeat with life and is always making sure she keeps in shape by practicing or either going out for a run around school. Being an idol requires for her to always be in her ideal weight range for her height, so she makes sure she gets her exercise and daily practice session. She enjoys being at school since she feels like a normal kid again. Being an idol causes her to be more tired than other students, so she has a habit of passing out by her dorm. Yuriko is very serious when it comes to school work, but according to Sayuri, she's a total ditz. It's a complete act, but doesn't always lie when she's being Sayuri. Only certain things such as family and how many friends she has at school. Not many students are aware of her being Sayuri, so she's used to lying about small things.

History: Yuriko has very little memory of her parents since they always had her shipped off to boarding schools. It's hard for her to recall what they look like, so she doesn't think about them. When she got into St. Nazareth Academy, she made sure she got into C-Hall since she loves to dance. A scout discovered her while she was practicing by herself and the following year, she became Sayuri Rokata. It was during the beginning of her second year that she started to hear about S-Hall and how creepy it was. Yuriko was interested in it, so the following morning she took a jog over there. To her, the place just looked old was all. She didn't seem any residence and decided to just head back before classes started when she tripped over someone sleeping. Yuriko looked down and saw Uegaito Miki, an athletic student that was known for sleeping in trees or bushes. She felt bad and put him back where she found him. Sadly, he woke up and Yuriko started to freak out and explained herself to him. He seemed pretty relaxed about it. They talked for a little more before Yuriko announced that she had to head back to get ready for class. Ironically, they had the same class and they never noticed each other up until now.


  • Yuriko's only friend currently is Uegaito Miki

  • Her room is pretty bland for being an idol.

  • All of her belongings are in boxes that are under her bed.

  • When she can't sleep, she's found practicing in one of the dance rooms in the C-Hall.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Serenity || Barajou no Kiss OC ||

Name: Serenity Tanaka (first, last) (meaning: Peaceful Dweller)

Nicknames: Seren

Rose Color: Pink

Disguise: Virtuoso First-Year Student

Rose Title: Pink Rose/The Genetic Rose

Magic Attribute: Illusions

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: A mix of pink and lavender

Birthday: February 28 (Pisces)

Blood Type: O

Height: 5'4 (162 cm)

Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)

Family: Unknown parents (unknown), Itsushi Narumi (guardian)

As a Rose Rhode Knight:

Relationship with the Rose Princess:

 Ironically, both Serenity and Anis were friends prior to revealing their true identities. When Serenity revealed herself after Narumi gave Anis her card, Anis was a bit surprised, but didn't make a big deal out of it like she did with Kaede. They're more friends rather than having the typical knight and dominion relationship due to the fact that Serenity does not wish for Anis to use her unless to escape a dangerous situation and other knights are too injured to help her. In a sense, they act more like sisters more than anything else.

Relationships with the Other Knights:

Kaede Higa: Serenity acts rather awkward around Kaede. She doesn't know how to act around him. Even though their rose colors are pretty close to each other, both don't talk to each other much unless they're in battle and yelling at each other. They don't hate each other despite their yelling. It's just that neither know how to approach one another when they're not being a knight. This is probably because Serenity is a female knight for the dominion and not a male. The only thing they have in common that they're both aware of is that they both highly dislike Mitsuru.

Mitsuru Tenjou: She hates how he's obsessive over Anis. In result, she insults him and calls him a future pedophile or pervert. Even if he's good with healing, Serenity doesn't fully trust him unlike the other knights.

Mutsuki Kurama: Neither of them talk much to each other. Before they met, Serenity was terrified of his appearance. After personally meeting him as a rhode knight, she grown to liking him as a person. When they do talk, she ignores the fact that other students fear him. She's even managed to hold up a decent conversation with him during school hours which freak out some other students.

Seiran Asagi: From the beginning, Serenity was aware that Seiran was a replacement. She had a little attitude towards him at first, but grew to soften up on him after learning that they were the same the more she thought about it. Neither of them were supposed to exist and so Serenity started to give off an older sister aura around Seiran whenever she spent time with him.

Haruto Kisugi: Serenity knew of the yellow rose knight and how he went rogue. She knew the yellow rose had some beef with the knights Anis had minus her. When she first met Haruto, she didn't understand why he was so closed. She got jealous how open he was towards only Anis. The day she met Haruto as the pink rose and him as the yellow rose, he questioned her purpose with the dominion and Anis. Serenity never answered him, but only that only time will reveal the truth.

Personality: Serenity is virtuoso. She also often has fantasies of finding her own prince despite herself being a knight for Anis. Like many girls, she has many personalities. With Anis and Seiran, she gives off the sister vibe and always takes care of them no matter what. With Mitsuru, she often shows her temper and snaps at him more than others. Serenity has this awkward relationship with Kaede which causes her to be awkward when they have to be by each other. Mutsuki brings out her intelligence out, so they tend to have deep conversations with certain topics such as tatics. Then there are people who confuse her deeply: Haruto. He causes her to mix everything together into one. When by herself, she acts more like a giddy girl enjoying life as if there was nothing with the world. A side only Anis as seen.

History: According to Narumi, Serenity's parents were normal, average citizens. They were planning on starting a family and did so when they had Serenity. Everything seemed fine until her hair grew in. No one in their family had pink hair nor the eye color she had. Confused, they consulted a doctor and they even did a DNA test. Serenity was their daughter, but nothing could show why she had these genes. One day when Serenity turned four, a doctor known as Schwartz Yamamoto appeared and told her parents that she was a special case that needed to be taken into his custody to assure her own safety. Her parents believed him and they didn't want a daughter who didn't have their eyes or hair. Serenity was put into care of Schwartz, but then into Itsushi Narumi's care. As she grew up and Narumi left Schwartz as his apprentice, he explained her gift of being the Pink Rose Rhode Knight. Ironically, both of her grandfathers were the Red Rose Rhode Knight and White Rose Rhode Knight. Those genes were passed down onto her only to create pink. No one had seen it coming. Narumi had to do some research to discover this. Serenity began to train and discovered that she could create illusions to trick others as Narumi helped her training. With the way things were, she wasn't classified as a fake rose rhode knight, but more of a genetic rose rhode knight. A rose rhode knight born after mixing two rose colors together.

Love Interest: Kaede Higa or Haruto Kisugi


  • Serenity plays guitar.

  • She sings in the music club and plays the guitar in the music club when they meet up.

  • Her illusions costs a dominion a great cost of blood depending on what is needed to be created.

  • Serenity used to play with Ninufa during her training days which was before high school.

  • Once high school started, Serenity put more time into the music club to have an attachment to a "normal" high school life.

  • Talking about family is a sore subject for her.

  • She has no feelings for her parents seeing how they instantly got rid of her when they  had the chance without thinking how it would effect/affect her in the future.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Karen || Full Metal Alchemist OC ||

Name: Karen Becker

Age: Early 20's

Aliases: That girl with three jobs

Birthplace: Western Amestris


Unknown father (deceased)
Unknown mother (deceased)
Mother Annabel (68, alive)


Amestrian State Military
Sweet Indulgence
The local orphanage

Species: Human

Weapon: Shotgun


Desk Intern
Delivery Girl/Cashier

Unique Trait: Plaid scarf

Goal: Have a stable life


Mother Annabel (Karen loves Mother Annabel as her own mother. They keep in touch via letter since the church doesn't own a phone due to financial issues. She feels obligated to send money to help them out despite her own financial issues.)

Roy Mustang (She ignores all his attempts to flirt with her when she's on the job. Karen doesn't find him attractive with his personality. Despite being a good alchemist, Karen doesn't see how every girl at the front desk swoons over him.)

Alex Louis Armstrong (He always seems to make her laugh when she's having a tough day. They have high respects for one another and Armstrong is one of the few people who call her Karen.)

Edward Elric (Karen worries about him when she sees him, but doesn't want to put more stress on him than what he already has on his shoulders. She gives off the older sister vibe to him and hopes that he won't push himself over the limit.)

Alphonse Elric (They have a sibling relationship, but not with what he and Edward have. She cares for his well being and they chat when they see each other outside the office. Alphonse reminds her of the children at the orphanage, so she tries her best to make sure he's well.)

Maes Hughes (Karen always saw him as a father figure before she got her job as an intern. She owes so much to him and when he passed away, Karen decided that half of her pay would go to the Hughes Family which she sends anonymously.)

Riza Hawkeye (They both have a calming relationship. Neither yell at each other unless one does something rather stupid. Karen sees Riza as a sister, but doesn't show it as much as she shows her sister side to the Elric Brothers.)

Good Traits: 

Good Listener
Hard Working

Bad Traits: 

Light Sleeper
Hard Worker


Passing out while listening to others


When she was born, her parents had taken her to an orphanage at a local church not ready for a family seeing how unstable their lives were. Growing up, Karen would help out with the other kids while taking care of herself. It went like that up until she was of age to live on her own. Mother Annabel encouraged Karen to live in Central and help out with the orphanage there that was run by a good friend of hers. Karen agreed and moved to Central living at the orphanage there. There was no pay, but they gave her a roof over her head. Needing money, Karen began to look for a job on the streets. One day, she was about to give up when she ran into a man walking along in the park with his wife and daughter. His daughter had seen her and rushed over handing her a flower making Karen smile. This was how Karen and Maes Hughes met. She had told him how she was looking for a job to help the orphanage along with the orphanage back home. He had reccommended her to the front desk and landed her a job as a paid intern. Karen was grateful and started the following day. She enjoyed the people she worked with and worked hard for her money. When Roy Mustang and his crew moved in, she had gained stressed after getting another job at a nearby bakery she worked right after her work hours at the desk. Roy met her at the front desk and instantly flirted with her seeing how he had succeeded with the other women around. Countless of times, she turned him down. Karen would even give him the cold shoulder when she needed to pass on a message to Riza or have a chat with Hughes. When Hughes passed on, Karen cut her salary in half by sending it to the Hughes family. Since then, she's had less time to have a social life since working was more important in reaching her goal than talking to others.

Love Interest: 
Jean Havoc or Greed (the new Greed, not the one that Edward Elric first met)


  • Karen does her best to avoid Roy.
  • She takes a walk at night when she can't sleep.
  • Karen is always half an hour early to work.
  • Due to her work schedule, Karen tends to forget to eat properly.
  • Her goal was decided when she discovered about her parents abandoning her due to their unstable lifestyle which was when she was ten.
  • The plaid scarf was given to her by Mother Annabel as a good luck charm for her new journey in Central.
  • Compared to most women in Central, she has a small chest and still looks like a teenager to most of the military personel.
  • Karen is always the first to see Armstrong when he returns to Central.
  • Riza visits Karen at the bakery when she can.
  • At the bakery, Karen has been put at gun point several times.
  • Behind her desk, by the cash register, and at the orphanage, Karen keeps a shotgun for self protection.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lubanah // Magi OC \\

Biographical Information

Name: Lubanah (wish or desire)

Also Known As: Loulou, Banana, The White Magician (self proclaimed), Idiot

Physical Description

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Height: 5'0 (152 cm)

Weight: 111 lbs (50 kg)



Badr (full moon); younger adoptive brother; alive; 10; better known as Badr al Din (Full moon of the faith)

unknown mother; deceased

unknown father; deceased


Alibaba Saluja



Hakuryuu Ren










Occupation: Magician, Merchant

Affiliation: Unknown Caravan (former), Magnostadt (former)


Hair Color: Dark purple (some say black)

Eye Color: Brown (some say pastel pink)

Clothing: She wears black leather shorts and black leather boots that are durable for traveling. Lubanah wears a lavender shirt with a small brown pouch around her waist. Over her shirt, she wears a black coat with a hood that's pink on the inside. Just for fun, Lubanah wears a witch hat that she used to wear during her days in Magnostadt.

Items: A blue jewel hangs from her hat and she carries a scepter  that looks like a fan on the end with a flower.


Lubanah is a kind young woman who is always seen around children where ever she goes if there aren't any animals to play with. She doesn't feel the rush of ever growing up like the many women of her age. If someone who doesn't have any relations to her and yells at her for being stupid, she'll just ignore them by commented on something completely off subject. It's different with kids or other sorcerers, though. When a child or another sorcerer scolds her for not remembering something simple or making a stupid move, Lubanah easily gets depressed and either starts crying (most likely with Yamraiha) or become in a zombie like state muttering discouraging words to herself (most likely with children). When traveling, she's gotten into the habit of never staying too long in a place. If it's a hotel, Lubanah usually stays one night and leaves due to money issues. When she's sleeping outside on the ground or even in a tree, Lubanah usually stays in the area for about half a month or more depending on how much money she needs to get to the next location she comes across. Sometimes, even if she's in a hotel of some sort, Lubanah would forget to pay attention to how much money she has or even bother to learn how to cook properly when alone. The woman also has an issue with remembering important things. Information doesn't come to her easily and it didn't help her in any way by giving up in the middle of learning something (something she does often). Lubanah also gets bored rather easily if what she is doing is not fun to her. This takes a huge toll on her learning ability as a sorcerer.

Good Traits: Family Oriented, free spirited, loves the outdoors

Bad Traits: Taking care of herself, not very wise, free spirited


Lubanah was born in a moving caravan where her parents worked for. Her mother died at childbirth and her father took care of her up until she turned three when the caravan was robbed. She was raised by the other members of the caravan until they noticed that she could see Rukh after she told stories of seeing white butterflies visiting her and telling her stories of their past life. The leader of the caravan decided for them to take her to Magnostadt in order for her to learn more.

When she was five, that was when they arrived in Magnostadt and she left the caravan. Lubanah began to learn more about magic. During her studies, she was constantly scolded for not remembering certain incantations or information that was put into her lessons. When she turned eighteen, Lubanah stopped learning and went on her own to travel around the world after reading on the very little information on Yunan that was given to her.

On her travels, she met Badr who also knew magic, but was ousted from his own village. Seeing how wrong it would be to leave a young child of the age of five behind who didn't know any better with what he could do, Lubanah brought him with her as they traveled. It was her most treasured memories now that she had someone to call family.

Thanks to Badr, they ended up in Sindria after hearing people talk about how great the country was. Lubanah was interested, but wondered more of what the big deal was. During their first week there, Badr was in awe when he saw Sinbad and his eight generals fight. Well, more so in awe when he saw Yamraiha. Having a huge soft side for the small boy, they requested to see Sinbad to see if Yamraiha could teach them anything. Sinbad was fine with it and welcomed them both to stay in his palace during their stay.

During their stay, Badr had learned so much that he learned how to create some magic tools such as the Eye of Rukh. Yamraiha praised him and showed favoritism. With Lubanah, it was a different story. When she tried to study with the woman, all Yamraiha would do was yell at her for not understand "basic knowledge" of magic. Instead, Lubanah had more fun wandering around the palace making small talk with Jafar when she would see him or spar with Masrur. If both weren't around, she would watch Sharrkan practice with his sword. She never really understood how men fought with swords, so she ended up just watching from the side lines. There was a time when he offered to teach her, but she instantly refused saying to him that swords aren't really meant for her. When the time came, Lubanah felt that they overstayed their welcome. Taking Badr overnight, they left Sindria without a single word to anyone.

It was around when Badr turned ten that Lubanah couldn't teach him more than she knew, so she took him to Magnostadt, just as the caravan did for her, and told him that one day they will meet again. When that day came, she wanted him to be a great magician. Lubanah left once again and traveled around with no destination in mind.

Traveling on her own, Lubanah became lonely. She missed Badr deeply, but knew him being in Magnostadt was for the best. While traveling once again on her own, she ended up getting stuck in a small village after she couldn't afford transportation. Lubanah could have used the wind to help, but she was pretty much lazy to do it. She stayed there selling small things to children and made some money, but it wasn't enough to get her out of there. Walking did come across her mind, but walking alone felt empty and she thought she would go insane if she didn't have some interaction with someone that would be next to her! Waiting in the small village, she began to hear the word magi going around. She instantly assumed it was Yunan and went to where people were saying he was staying at. Unfortunately, it wasn't Yunan, but a small boy named Aladdin. He was accompanied with three other people: Alibaba, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu.

They developed some sort of friendship when they were in the small village. Lubanah became interested in Aladdin and his abilities of being a magi. Alibaba didn't enjoy her constantly being around Aladdin all the time and ended up trying to pry the older woman away. Morgiana enjoyed her company seeing how she was the only girl in the group and felt that it would be nice to have another girl in their group. Alibaba was the only one to protest, but gave in when Hakuryuu told him that she had an older sister image for them. Aladdin agreed and Lubanah ended up joining the group.

Lubanah felt welcomed in their group, but with her, that feeling came back. She was overstaying her welcome. During the night, she tried to leave, but Aladdin ended up catching her in the act. He questioned if they were bothering her now, but she disagreed. Lubanah had confessed that she loved being around them, but didn't want to be a burden. In the end, Lubanah still left, but said her farewell to the young magi.

During one of her nights in a hotel she decided to stay in, Badr had contacted her. He had informed her of what he had learned about a certain magi. Lubanah, of course, thought it was Yunan. Her younger brother had told her to be cautious around a magi named Judal. He told her about all the nasty rumors he had heard during his recent studies and only wishes for her safety. Lubanah reassured to him that she was fine, but Badr insisted that she went back to Sindria for a better chance to stay safe. Lubanah knew Badr wanted her to be safe and decided to agree with him.



Borg: This is said to be the proof of a Magician. It is a defensive ability. It blocks out attacks with evil intentions. It also blocks out all physical attacks and magical attacks to some degree. It's strength, however, depends on the person. Lubanah does not actually have full control over this as of yet due to not fully completing her studies.

Wand: Her wand happens to be her scepter.

Martial Arts: As a child, Lubanah was taught martial arts for self-defense in case of when the caravan was attacked.

Eye of the Rukh: It is a communication tool that allows Magicians to talk over a long range (this depends on their amount of Magoi, making it ideal for a Magi). Because of its long range Clairvoyance Magic, it is possible to use the Rukh scattered in the atmosphere as a intermediary and to transmit information.

Wind Magic: a type of Magic, where the magician orders the Rukh to gather wind and manipulate it.

Laysa Haqeeqee Reeh (Fake Wind): It is a wind magic that makes enemies believe that they are being attacked by small tornadoes when in face it is just their imagination. When an outside party is watching, all they would see would be Lubanah staring at her opponent who would be grunting and falling back from unknown forces.


Quantity of Magoi: 4/5

Fighting Ability: 4/5

Physical Strength: 3/5

Technique: 3.5/5

Leadership Ability: 1/5

Wisdom: 2/5

Theme Song:

 (Fairy Tail - Dragon Force)

Love Interest(s)




  • Only on rare occasions does Lubanah stay in a hotel.

  • Even though she has one special attack, Lubanah can easily control the wind to her advantage.

  • Her scepter was given to her by the caravan she grew up in.

  • Badr is the only one who calls her Banana.

  • Lubanah gave her the nickname Loulou since half of the people she met couldn't remember her name.

  • Being the less intelligent sorcerer she is, Lubanah doesn't realize that all wind users are called white magicians. She thinks it was a nickname given to her to define her from the rest.

  • During the night, Lubanah and Badr communicate through the Eye of the Rukh, but it's not every night. Badr is the one that contacts her first. Only on rare occasions does she call Badr.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amaya //Toradora OC\\

Name: Amaya Machi

Nickname: Mochi

Age: 17

Height: 5'0 (152 cm)

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

Eye Color: Olive Green

Hair Color: Brown

Status: Alive

Good Traits: Creative, Open Minded, Loyal

Bad Traits: Money spender, Socially Awkward, Lazy

Habits: Not saving money, sleep with a giant panda plushie

Hobbies: Painting pottery, create flowers out of duct tape, make paper stars and put them in jars

Fears: dying, not finding a job she'd love to do for the rest of her life

Likes: painting pottery, painting, paper stars, music, sweets, reading, playing board games, pandas

Dislikes: not having sweets around, the stereo typical job every parents wants their child to have, liquid medicine, bribing

Favorite Foods: cake, candy, cookies, caramel flan, crepes,  pie, danishes, ice cream, tempura ice cream, mochi

Favorite Drinks: ramune, water, lemonade, pink lemonade, banana milk, apple juice, peach tea


 Ryosuke Machi (60; father; alive)
Rena Machi (50; mother; alive)
Aerith Mitskuni (80; grandmother; alive)


 Amaya was raised by both of her parents up until she turned ten. When she turned ten, her parents were put in jail for apparently stealing from other families and possibly making meth and selling it to people. Amaya was then put under the custody of her grandmother who raised her to live her own life in ways she liked. At the age of twelve, her grandmother had stopped working and retired. Around this time was when her grandmother started her own pottery business. Since then, Amaya has been helping her grandmother with pottery and would casually paint them when she had the money to purchase paint. In school, her grades were never steady. During logical assignments, Amaya would fail at it even with a tutor. When a teacher told them to make something creative for their assignment, she would get the best grade. At the age of fifteen, her parents were released from jail and they've tried to get their daughter back only to find that their daughter was far more happier with her grandmother than she was with them. Rena decided to allow her daughter to stay with her mother while Ryosuke still tries to convince his daughter to move back in with them. A month after their release, Amaya was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after she kept having abdominal pain after frequent fevers. Her grandmother, fearing for her granddaughter, had her have surgery taking the intestinal resection option over the other two. After the surgery, Amaya was put on some medication and her diet changed to mostly home cooked meals.


  • No one in her family has had Crohn's disease.

  • Amaya has a huge sweet tooth.

  • She frequently talks to her doctor on the phone.

  • Other people mistaken her doctor as either her brother or her lover when they are seen together.

  • Amaya prefers to live with her grandmother because she fears others may bully her once they meet her parents.

  • There are times she wishes she had a sibling, but is thankful she doesn't have one seeing how they wouldn't have parents to guide them.

  • After her surgery, Amaya sang a song in a light voice quietly which scared the other patients in her room, so she had to be transferred to a room where no one else occupied it.

  • All of the painted pottery in her grandmother's pottery store is painted by Amaya.

  • Her nickname is Mochi because when she was six, she misspelled her last name as Mochi instead of Machi.

Friday, August 2, 2013

♘ Jacquelyn // Merlin OC \\ ♘

Name: Jacquelyn Cullins

Also Known As: Lady Jacquelyn, Jackie, Ward of Lord Raefus

Age: Early twenties

Race: Human, Witch

Origin: Cotter Citadel, Ireland

Occupation: Thief (in secret)

Family: Raefus Cotter (father; alive; late 50s), Elenor Cullins (mother; deceased; early 30s), Isabel Cotter (step-mother; alive; early 50s), Jackson Cotter (half-brother; missing; mid 20s)


(This is what she wears as Lady Jacquelyn.)

(This has been with her since her birth. It originally belonged to her mother Elenor.)

(What she wears when she's pretending to be Jackson the Thief)


Jacquelyn is a young woman who believes that women have the same rights as men do. With these beliefs, it gives her a strong will at heart when facing enemies or others that get in her way. She can be lady-like when she only needs it to be shown such as formal meetings with other nobility. Jacquelyn has a sisterly attachment when it comes to her "brother" Jackson, but towards anyone else she doesn't show much kindness. She has a strange connection with mythical creatures such as Gryphons. They usually come to her at ease and she treats them kindly unlike to other humans. Treating men and women get the same treatment from her. There is no difference between them in her eyes. With treating both genders equally, it shows how much of a leader she can be when leading a group of people who are in dire need of help. Jacquelyn enjoys a good fight every now and then and does not resort to magic unless up against another sorcerer. Other nobles believe she is just a sweet, innocent girl according to her looks, so many underestimate her by first glance. She does not appreciate that many men instantly underestimate her and causes her anger to build up.

Good Traits: equalist, strong willed, kind, decieving others, family oriented, good swordwoman, charismatic, sharp eye

Bad Traits: hot headed, decieving others (pushes people away from getting too close), stubborn (due to strong will), clumsy

Likes: helping injured mythical creatures, helping others who need help, stealing from the nobility, giving back to the lower class

Dislikes: seeing a king or ruler mistreat their people, watch others suffer, be on stand by, men seeing her as someone who can't stand up for herself, sexists

Fears: the extinction of mythical creatures, others discovering of her magic, others discovering that she's been pretending to be her "brother"

Aliases: Prince Jackson, Jack, First son of Raefus, Jackson the Thief

Affiliations: Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, Knights of Camelot, Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, Gaius, Raefus Cotter, Jackson Cotter

Alignment: Good

Abilities: Jacquelyn uses magic, so anything in any magic spell book she is able to read, she'll be able to perform. Although she uses magic, she favors in using elemental magic when she can.

Weapons: She prefers a normal sword in battle, but when sneaking around such as scouting the area, Jacquelyn uses a bow and arrow.

Enemies: Morgana Pendragon, Mordred, Morgause, Nimueh, Uther Pendragon, most nobility


Raefus was ruler of Cotter Castle with a wonderful wife named Isabel and a great son named Jackson. It was a great family until a dear friend of his named Rowan came to him and wished to take care of the young baby girl he had in his care. Rowan had promised his long time friend Elenor, an old flame to Raefus, to take care of her daughter Jacquelyn, but could no long afford to do so. With this, Raefus took baby Jacquelyn into his home as his ward. It was obvious that Isabel was not her mother as the young girl grew up. She decided to take on her mother's maiden name Cullins rather than being a Cotter like her brother Jackson. In secret, Isabel taught Jacquelyn the secrets of magic seeing how the girl had the ability to use it. Jacquelyn didn't use magic much, so it wasn't obvious she was a witch to her people or her father Raefus. On her twentieth birthday, Jackson went rogue against his father and became a thief that was well known throughout the land and in other kingdoms as well. In secret, Jackson came to Jacquelyn asking her to take his place while he went on a journey in search of a relic known as The Fountain of Youth. Jacquelyn agreed to his request and took Jackson's place, but made sure no one knew it was really her as Jackson. She stole from noble families during her visits to their kingdoms, but only when they were being distrustful to their people. When she visits Camelot, she steals from the Pendragons seeing how cruel they can be to those who use magic even if not all magic is cruel. No one has yet to suspect her of stealing from any kingdom due to her kind and innocent appearance.


Arthur Pendragon (The two met when they were mere teenagers when Uther and Raefus were meeting for the first time. At first, Arthur didn't care much for Jacquelyn until Jackson had brought her to when both boys were to practice sparring together. They make small talk, but it's all just jokes when the two flirt with each other seeing how they see one another as siblings)

Gias (When she was visiting Camelot, Jacquelyn was sick at one point and Gais had brought back into good health. She trusts Gias more than anyone besides Jackson. When she snuck into Camelot, she had told Gias of her impersonating as her rogue brother and about how she can use magic)

Merlin (Jacquelyn had met Merlin when she was pretending to be Jackson. She had robbed Arthur and his men when they were protecting some royal jewelry from another noble family. When Merlin had secretly used magic, she used magic openly to cancel it out revealing that she knew magic, but only as Jackson. When she's Lady Jacquelyn, she helps Merlin with his tasks against his objections of saying that a lady of her nobility shouldn't bother with such things)

Gwen (Gwen had accidentally walked in on Jacquelyn changing into Jackson one night when she was visiting Camelot on family business. Jacquelyn made Gwen promise not to tell a single soul about her identity. After that, Gwen allows Jacquelyn stay with her when she is as Jackson. Both get along perfectly fine even if they have their quarrels every now and then)

Lancelot (Both have come across paths, but only as Lancelot and Jackson. Never has Lancelot seen Jacquelyn as Lady Jacquelyn, but only heard of her. She is impressed by his skill with a sword and hopes that one day he would treat her no different if she ever reveals herself to him).

Love Interest(s)

Lancelot or Merlin

(I am in love with this series! I just got to season 3, but I already know what happens due to watching an episode a few months ago where Morgana was all evil and what-not.)