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Saturday, October 19, 2013

ZhenZhen || Legend of Korra OC ||





Biographical Information


Republic City
United Republic


Fire Nation
Water Tribe




154 ASC

Physical Description



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Skin Color


Personal Information


Lin Beifong


Agni Kai Triad
Triple Threat Triad

Weapon of Choice


Fighting Style(s)

Waterbending, Chi Blocking

Chronological & Political Information




Upper-class United Republic citizen (formerly)
Middle-class United Republic citizen


The Blue Spirit
Team Avatar


Despite her innocent look, ZhenZhen doesn't rely on others for help. She strongly believes that one can only achieve their goals if they do it themselves and help is only needed when there doesn't seem like there's any other option. ZhenZhen is usually seen smiling and looking on the bright side, but it's only to keep others around her happy. In truth, she's a bit blue on the inside from her past. She's come a long way, but refuses to give into the sadness that resides in her heart. ZhenZhen has kept an open mind to understand others, but it goes away the moment someone threatens her father or her friends.


her family
doing something productive
entertain children with water bending (usually to make animals or little ice pendant necklaces for them)


animal abuse
not having something to do
using her bending to entertain herself


Losing her father, giving up on her mother, losing everything that makes her happy, ending up like Amon


Eisoptrophobia (fears of mirrors)


ZhenZhen was born from a woman named Seiko, a non-bender, from the Fire Nation and a man named Kalil from the Northern Water Tribe. Seiko had moved to Republic City to expand her business from the Fire Nation. Her business, ZhenZhen still doesn't know the name, allowed for information to be passed on to someone else. It was an underground business that caused their family to enter the upper-class society.

Growing up, Seiko would bring ZhenZhen to play with Asami as Asami's father and ZhenZhen's mother were partners. Both children were friendly towards one another and became some-what like family. Even after Asami's mother's death, ZhenZhen would visit her friend for support and to show that she was still there for her.

When Avatar Korra arrived in Republic City, Seiko instantly taught her daughter how to use Chi Blocking. Not seeing anything wrong with it, ZhenZhen went with training not realizing that her mother worked along side with the Equalists. Her father Kalil didn't see anything wrong with it seeing it as a back up in case ZhenZhen's waterbending wasn't helping.

After Amon vanished, Seiko was arrested for helping the Equalists. Kalil and ZhenZhen were heartbroken to hear the news. With her mother in jail, they left high society and went to the middle class where they live in a one bedroom apartment. ZhenZhen lets her father sleep in the bedroom while she sleeps on the couch. To pay rent, she went to go work at The Blue Spirit as a waitress which not many people go to. Soon, her father became ill, so ZhenZhen does her best to support both of them while taking care of her father. Leaving high society, Asami and ZhenZhen stopped seeing each other. ZhenZhen even stopped going to Pro-Bending matches to see Bolin. She no longer sees anyone from Team Avatar. When she's not working and her father is sleeping, she would visit her mother in hopes to change her mother's mind about hating on benders. Seiko refused and even admited that she even hated ZhenZhen for being a bender when she couldn't bend as a child.

Now with the Civil War between both water tribes, ZhenZhen fears for her father's safety.

Kalil: Before the rebellion, her father was a professional photographer that worked for the local newspaper. He wasn't around much, but that didn't stop him from expressing his love towards his daughter. When she would come home from visits from Asami, he would teach her a new trick on waterbending. They have a close relationship where they stick up for each other. ZhenZhen, then, takes care of him despite his stubborn nature as he tells her to go have fun for once rather than to work.

Seiko: ZhenZhen still loves her mother even after what she had done. Her mother, though, hates her daughter out of jealousy. Seiko wanted to bend fire as a child, but when her child got to bend water, Seiko felt like she had given birth to a demon that took away her dreams. Her mother slowly lost sanity over time that led to her betrayal, but due to her love for her mother, ZhenZhen tries to change her mother's mind that it doesn't matter if people can bend or not.

Asami Sato: Both practically grew up together to be sisters. ZhenZhen always felt she had gained an older sister even if they weren't related by blood or law. Both share the burden of having their parent help the Equalists behind their backs, but ZhenZhen still believes there is a way to change that. Once the rebellion ended, they drifted apart as Asami tried to save her company and ZhenZhen started her new life in the middle-class community.

Mako: They never really had a chat with each other. Though, there was a time when ZhenZhen thought she had a crush on the fire bender, but it turned out to be false. The only thing they had in common really was that they work in order to support their family.

Bolin: ZhenZhen connected with Bolin easily with his fun-loving nature at hand. It was only a plus that they were the same age. She enjoyed watching some of the games the Fire Ferrets were in. Both had met on the streets when ZhenZhen went for a walk in town. Becoming quick fast, ZhenZhen developed a crush on him, but never said a thing seeing how he always chased after other girls that were never into him, but his brother Mako. It pained her even more when his heart broke when he found Korra kissing Mako. ZhenZhen could only watch from the sidelines when Bolin went after a girl, but comforted him when his heart was torn into two. When she saw Bolin go after Eska, ZhenZhen nearly had enough of waiting and headed home before the Civil War happened. Asami filled her in at what happened and ZhenZhen became furious once she got word about Bolin wanting to be with the actress Ginger. Now, ZhenZhen ignores Bolin.

Korra: They have a mutual frienship. Neither get in each other's hair, but they do have their moments when they argue. ZhenZhen understands that Korra has a lot of things to deal with since she's the Avatar.

Amon: When ZhenZhen learned that Amon was a waterbender, she started to be afraid of herself. She never told anyone about it, but ZhenZhen feels that she could end up like Amon. She could lose her mind and try to hurt others by making others believe that benders were the problem. It's an inner conflict she has with herself.

Eska: Eska was the ignition to ZhenZhen of giving up on Bolin. Neither girl have met personally, but ZhenZhen is well aware that Eska is Korra's cousin along with Bolin's ex-girlfriend.


Father: Kalil (alive)
Mother: Seiko (alive; imprisoned)

Love Interest


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kaylee || OHSHC OC ||


Name: Kaylee Hayashi

Age: 15

Birthday: March 9

Star Sign: Pisces

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1 (155 cm)

Blood Type: A

Ethnicity: Eurasian

Nationality: English-Japanese

Personal Status

Class: 1-B

Favorite Subject(s): English, World History (preferably Asian countries), Art

Favorite Food(s): Cheesecake Pocky, Cheese Pizza, Deep Fried Oreos, Sushi, Ramen, Candy canes

Club: Music Club

School: Ouran Academy

Occupation: 1st Year High School Student, Musician/Singer

Relatives: Unknown Father (Unknown), Unknown Mother (Unknown), Henry Elric (Uncle, Alive, 52)


Most would say that Kaylee has multiple personalities, but don't most girls? Kaylee enjoys spending her time alone away from others for as long as she can remember. When she's at school, she shows a happy, intelligent girl who doesn't seem to have problems. At home, Kaylee's smile fades away not enjoying her life. She hates herself for not being able to speak up more in class and make friends. Instead of making friends, she's found an outlet of just projecting her feelings through music and words in hopes someone would just welcome her with open arms.


Kaylee has brown eyes and brown hair that drops down past her shoulders, but never goes past her biceps. At school, Kaylee keeps her hair down feeling her ideas would stay in her mind and not drift somewhere else. When she was at home or performing, Kaylee tied up her hair to unleash her feelings and ideas. She wears reddish brown glasses to read things like when she's writing music or lyrics. On her person, she keeps a pocket watch that belonged to her mother according to her uncle.


Born in London, Kaylee could vaguely remember those times. According to her uncle, her parents were in love and wanted to have a large family, but after Kaylee was born, her mother could no longer have children. Their jobs also prevented them from taking care of her, so they left her in the hands of her uncle, her mother's brother. Her days in London were fine, but not as cheerful as a child's life should be. She came home to an empty villa majority of the time with no pets. Kaylee grew up feeling lonely. Around her time being in junior high, she had transferred to Japan to embrace her Japanese heritage from her father's side. It was hard for her to adapt since she was now living on her own, but had help on the way by a guy named Arai. He introduced her to his friend Haruhi Fujioka Her world started to get brighter as they spent more time together until high school came around. Options were open, but Kaylee had no choice. Her uncle had already enrolled her into Ouran Academy and she never got the chance to have the proper goodbye to Haruhi or Arai. Losing her friends caused her to fall into depression. About three weeks after attending Ouran, Kaylee needed an outlet and just started to write. Her words soon turned into music and her talent for singing was discovered when she was at a karaoke bar late at night on a Saturday. A teen male her age recruited her for his band and she made the cut by becoming the singer and lyricist. She became the new image for the band Project K. They gained more fans and became a famous local band within the commoner community. This became apart of her life as an outlet for her feelings and soon caused her depression to leave.


Haruhi Fujioka: They have yet to meet at school since neither of them had seen each other there, but they do hang out outside of school. Kaylee prefers Haruhi as she is now than what she looked like in the past seeing it brought out her personality more. On special occasions, Kaylee has invited Haruhi out to watch her perform. Sometimes Haruhi would invite her over for tea, but Kaylee refused each time not wanting to bother her and Ranka. For being close friends, both shortened each other's names to Haru and Kay.

Arai: Both don't talk much, but they do write to one another as penpals seeing how far apart they are. Kaylee wishes to keep the friendship going seeing how Arai was her first friend in Japan.

Love Interest

Kaoru Hitachiin


"Thank you...for being my friends. Really, it means a whole lot to me." (to both Haruhi and Arai during their final year in junior high)

"I never seem to have a choice, do I?" (to herself after Henry tells her that she would be attending Ouran)

"New faces, but it's not like they're going to try and be my friend. They all know each other. I'm just an outsider to their rich world." (to herself on her first day of high school)

"I didn't ask to be famous, but I can't say that I hate it. It's cheered me up from the darkest of times. Thank you guys for sticking with us!" (to her fans at a gig for Project K)

"Sorry!" (to the Hitachiin Twins after school when she's late for practice after leaving Music Club)

Kaylee can play the guitar, the bass, the piano, and the harmonica.

She envies that Haruhi still has her father around.

Kaylee lives in Japan alone in an apartment near Ouran while her Uncle Henry is in England running his own telemarketing company that's rather famous in Europe that is expanding to America and Asia.

Her bed is a giant stuffed animal.

The first song she ever sang with Project K was called Outer Science.

Her bandmates are Paku (guitarist), Ryo (drummer), and Eri (bassist).

Kaylee leaves her glasses on all the time unless she's with Project K.

Even though she attends Ouran, she has never set foot inside the Host Club. She believes that they're men who toy with a girl and her feelings.

Every day, she speaks in Japanese and speaks English to her uncle, but when she sings, it's in English.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Manticore Guild

Guild Name: 



S-Class Mages: 
Zane Anderthal, Haru Clare, Momoko Ichinose

Legal Guild

Manticore is located in the country of Fiore. It's main base is in an old castle town Oak Town.

A few years after Phantom Lord was disbanded, Manticore was formed by Gwaine. Manticore started out small with only three members, not including Gwaine. As time went on, several more joined over the years. When several of Fairy Tail's most strongest mages went missing, Gwaine would pay respects by visiting Magnolia Town, but never actually visiting Fairy Tail and their members. Several locals have even commented about how strange it was to see a man like Gwaine constantly coming by. He wished to name the guild Leviathan at first, but felt like there was something lacking. Gwaine learned more about the creature the Manitcore and named his guild after it. The lion head stands for the courage each member will have whether they come with it or if they gain it over time with in the guild. Bat wings on the Manticore are to represent happiness for everyone in the guild and all clients that they serve. Lastly, the scorpion tail signifies that they will gain a victory over any enemy that comes their way.

The S-Class Mage Promotion Trial
In Manticore, any mage in the guild can step forward to take on the trail at any time. Gwaine, not liking to make things complicated, decided to just have a survival brawl. The way to only become a S-Class Mage is to last at least a full day of a battle from any of the S-Class Mages or Gwaine himself. Even if the trial seems simple, the battle is not.

The Founding Feast
To celebrate the founding of Manticore, a feast that lasts a whole week is thrown for everyone in the guild along with the people in town and any by passers. Gwaine did not come up with this idea. Momoko came up with the idea in hopes to surprise Gwaine since the guild was founded in the same week as the master's birthday. Since then, it's been a yearly feast where anyone is invited and has become rather famous in Fiore by the spread of word from travelers.

Leaving Manticore
No one as of yet has left Manticore since it's still relatively new, but if they wish to, they are free to do so. Gwaine liked the idea from Fairy Tail of how mages were allowed to leave freely. Not wanting to seem like he was copying Fairy Tail, the man decided to add a twist. Upon resigning from the guild, your guild mark will change into one out of three things: a lion's head, a bat's wing, or a scorpion's tail. This all depends on which part is stronger within them.



Zane Anderthal

Haru Clare

Momoko Ichinose

Camellia Tytannial

Aki Waters

Destiny Waters

Willow Waters

Lauren Forest



**I will be putting more information on each character later on. Right now, I just wanted to create a guild and its members :) BTW, Camellia is for Deru and Deru named Camellia. Hope she is to your liking. Gwaine will be the first character to come out with info.**