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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lilith || Fairy Tail OC 8 ||

(Saphira & Lilith)


Name: Lilith Ambrosia

Nickname(s): Lili

Age: 10 (pre-time skip), 17 (post-time skip)

Birthday: September 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human


Hair Color: Silver Blue

Eye Color: Yellow Green

Skin Tone: Pale

Body Type: Slim

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 lbs


Good Traits: Disciplined, Open Minded, Reserved

Bad Traits: Loner, Over Emotional, Hot-Headed

Habits: putting her hands in her pockets or behind her back, leaving without saying a word of where she's going.

Phobias: Pyrophobia (fear of fire)

Personal Information

Likes: water, ice, blue, white, Saphira, magic, animals, Altera

Dislikes: fire, brutes, friends being in trouble (life on the line situations), being forced to go all out, pickles

Favorite Food(s): Blue Raspberry Snow Cones

Favorite Drink(s): Water

Favorite Color: Blue/White


Everyday: Lilith wears a light blue knitted hooded sweater with black shorts. Under her shorts are black stockings. Her shoes are black, fuzzy boots that have blue ribbons wrapped around them.

Sleepwear: At night, Lilith just wears what she wore for the day because she's never was aware that there were different outfits for different occasions.

Formal: Unfortunately, she doesn't have one, but it's not like she goes to any parties.

Swimwear: When swimming, Lilith just uses her shorts and her bra since it looks similar to a baby blue bikini top.

Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive

Edolas Counterpart: Lilith Frair

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Wendy Marvell, Juvia Lockser, Altera, Saphira

Close Friends: Lyon Vastia, Chelia Blendy, Sherry Blendy, Toby

Friends: Jura Neekis, Dobengal, Levy McGarden, Gray Fullbuster

Acquaintances: Most of Fairy Tail

Rivals: Natsu Dragneel (assumed by many due to their elements)

Love Interest(s):


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Foster Mother: Saphira

Professional Information

Guild: Lamia Scale (former), Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location: Right back hand (former), Right Shoulder Blade

Guild Mark Color: Light Blue (former), White

Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: Regular Rank (former), Regular Rank

Teammate(s): Altera

Magical Power Information:

Sapphire Dragon Slayer Magic

Mostly uses water based defense with some support. There are time when ice is used for attack, but it's rarely used. Since she is the Sapphire Dragon Slayer, many are confused with her abilities since it's a gem and not an element.  Like the other Dragon Slayers, Lilith actually has the ability to manipulate water and ice.
Sapphire Dragon's Roar: This is a water version of Dragon's Roar, but as shimmers of sapphire in it. When using this attack, Lilith breathes a water tornado-like blast at her given target. There are times when this attack becomes ice over water. When that happens, the water tornado-like blast becomes more of multiple icicles shooting towards her target.

Sapphire Dragon's Claw:  Lilith rarely uses this attack since once she swipes her arm in the direction of her target, ice erupts from the ground traveling to stop her target from running away by freezing their feet.
Unison Raid: She can use this with Lyon when she uses her water based magic when they work together.
Dragon Force: Lilith cannot perform this ability as of yet, but feels close in achieving it. She's learned from Saphira that it will give her the ability to actually perform Unison Raid on her own since she can use both water and ice.

Hand to Hand Combat: It's avoided most of the time, but Lilith will only do so when it's her last option.
Enhanced Smell, Durability, Endurance, and Reflexes: Just like the other Dragon Slayers, Lilith has these abilities since she, too, is a Dragon Slayer.


As far as she can remember, Lilith was raised by Saphira, the Sapphire Dragon. Saphira taught her Sapphire Dragon Slayer magic, but was a bit strict with it. Even though it was tough, Lilith pulled through and still loved Saphira as a mother. Saphira was different from most dragons. She didn't have wings like the others, but the blue dragon explained that she 'flew' in the water. Unfortunately, her happy life came to an end when Saphira disappeared. Lilith was alone and began to travel on her own hoping to find her.

Down the road, Lilith had joined Lamia Scale because she felt that she could improve her strength. When she joined, Lilith didn't confess to being a Dragon Slayer. She had told everyone she was just a water mage. The young girl had a small fear of what people would think of her being a Dragon Slayer, if they believed her at all! Many believed her, but Jura had suspicion on the girl's lie. As she took more jobs, Altera soon came into her life. Lilith had found Altera with a bloody back, crying. The young girl took the cat into a place where no one would see and started to treat the wound with the help of her magic. Altera is an Exceed with black fur and blue eyes, but unlike her kind, she no longer had her wings. Poachers had ripped them out for money. Since then, Lilith took care of Altera without the others finding out.

Lilith had felt upset about Toby and Sherry leaving the guild to follow some guy. She became cold towards everyone the moment she started to overreact. Others took note because she loved her friends. When they returned with a new face, Lilith cried happily to see her friends back in one piece. Once Lyon was introduced, Lilith felt like lashing out at him, but had a feeling they must have been through a lot since their absence, so she instantly forgave him with a smile with a welcome to the guild greeting.

As the alliance was formed, Lilith had only joined her guild mates for the journey to the meeting point.  At the half point, she had a confession to make to everyone. Prior to leaving, Lilith had officially left the guild. The young girl felt like she hadn't improved like she'd hope to. The group was rather shocked at her announcement and as expected, Sherry instantly disagreed of this, but it had already been done. Lilith grabbed her things and said her final farewell to her friends telling them the next time they saw her, they wouldn't recognize her right away.

Years of training on her own, Lilith had no problem of being alone with just Altera. She was improving and felt as if Saphira would be proud of her. Even though she was doing things on her own, Lilith did feel a bit strange from time to time. The small village she lived near always wondered what she did and Lilith was pretty sure they had hired someone to attack her at some point. That point was now. A man had appeared in a ninja like outfit had attacked. Lilith did her best to keep him away, but only hand to hand combat seemed to be the only option. Altera cheered her on, but both were equally matched. Both stopped and Lilith had asked if her suspicions were true. He agreed only to stop seeing things weren't bad. She treated him to some water that she had and the two talked for a bit. Next thing she knew, he was teaching her some tricks when it came to hand to hand combat. When asking of his name, the man called himself Dobengal of Sabertooth. Lilith did as well only no longer adding Lamia Scale in her name. Their meeting was cut short as the sun started to set. She felt a bit happy to see a new face and considered him a good friend.

As the Grand Magic Games came around, Lilith was outside of Magnolia Town when she came across a small building with the name 'Fairy Tail' on it. She felt like this would be the guild she would now call home and felt confident of calling herself a Dragon Slayer. When she called herself the Sapphire Dragon Slayer, most had never heard of it, but welcomed her with open arms. They were a cheerful bunch and it was easy for her to make friends. Wendy and Juvia came right through since Wendy was kind and gentle with Altera while Juvia had the connection with water. Carla also got along with Altera and also gave her clothes since Altera had no clothes to begin with. When the Grand Magic Games occurred, Lilith didn't make herself known to many. The word of Lyon or just seeing her old friends at the event made her smile seeing how they had changed as well.

Theme Song: 
Let It Go - Idina Menzel (Cover by Elizabeth South)


  • Her relationship with Natsu is rather difficult to place. When he starts using fire when not in a serious battle, Lilith overreacts in fear. The moment she does, water and ice tend to go crazy and it's hard for people to calm her down once it happens. Juvia and Gray are usually the ones to stop her.

  • Lilith stays with Wendy and helps with rent since Carla sees that Altera needs clothes.

  • Even though Saphira is no where to be found, Lilith will swim in the ocean hoping to find her foster mother. She does this usually around lunch time when she's not on a job and people in Fairy Tail are pretty much used to it by now.

  • Lilith is for certain that when Lamia Scale learns that the Sapphire Dragon Slayer is her, they'll try to bring her back just so that they have a Dragon Slayer in their guild rather than having Fairy Tail have four Dragon Slayers.