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Friday, May 23, 2014

Naoki || Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project OC ||

Name: Naoki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Species: Human

Height: 162 cm (5'4")

Weight: 54 kg (120 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Birthday: May 14

Occupation: Cashier at a Candy Store

Ability: Glass Eyes

Status: Alive


Naoki has a large mass of energy thus taking her forever to actually get rest. The only reason she even has so much energy is because she's always eating sweets or drinking carbonated drinks. She doesn't particularly enjoy sleeping for certain reason from her eye ability. Despite having her energy, Naoki isn't as hyper as many people would assume. Since she doesn't get much sleep, she sometimes baby sits kids during late hours which adds to the factor of why she doesn't sleep much. There is a downside to her lack of sleep. After a long time of no sleep, Naoki's words become mixed around and holding up a daily conversation becomes difficult.

Eye Ability

Through the Looking Glass: Naoki's eye ability is shortened to "Glass Eyes" which allows her to see the different paths in a scenario; the good and the bad.


Naoki doesn't recall her birth parents, but she remembers living with an old lady who had no name or surname. She just called her granny and from what she could remember, Naomi was an active kid who wouldn't sit still. Besides that, everything else is a haze to her. What she can't remember was the day her granny died.

One day, Naoki and her granny were walking home after getting groceries. It was a normal day, so nothing strange was to be expected. They took the same path home, but it was blocked off for construction. There were two options: take a cab or take the detour the construction workers had given them. Not having the money to pay for a cab, both decided to just take the detour. While walking down the detour, Naoki was being herself as she skipped beside her granny. No one was there beside them except for a shady man walking their way. The man looked around and instantly pulled out a gun aiming it at granny demanding for food and money. Naoki began to cry in fear which caused the man to become irritated. Demanding that granny would silence Naoki, granny held her telling Naomi to make a run for it. Naomi didn't want to leave her granny and continued to cry. The man lost his patience and pulled the trigger, killing granny. Panic ran between the man and Naoki. Not thinking straight, Naoki ran into the street to run far away from the man who started to gather the food for himself. Naoki just ran down the street not realizing that there was a car making a turn. As the car made its turn and sped up, Naoki was hit and killed. Upon her death, Naoki was brought into the haze where she was possessed by the snake with the "Glass Eyes" giving her the ability to see the different paths of a scenario.

After her granny's death, Naoki continued to live in the apartment she grew up in with her granny. Whether or not they were truly related is something she never cared for. Naoki believed that they were family and continued to stay in the apartment. With her new ability now at hand, Naoki, at first, didn't have control over it. When she went to bed, Naoki would see the day before her as it showed her the different paths that could play out. It was strange at first, but there were some that got out of control such as seeing car accidents and robberies from people on the street. Once it came to that, Naoki began to fear of what she could dream next.


  • Her hoodie was given to her by her granny at some point before her death.

  • Naoki never thought of giving herself a surname.

  • In her mind, she believes that there isn't a single guy out there who could really fall in love with her because she's always full of energy.

  • Her favorite color combination is pink and black.


Kousuke Seto (preferred)

Shintaro Kisaragi