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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

♪ Melody ♪ //Kingdom Hearts OC\\

Name: Melody

Nickname: Mel

Age: 5 (BBS), 15 (KH1), 16 (KH2), 17 (KH3)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Keyblade Weilder

Likes: music, sweets, nature, being around friends and family, training with Terra, making music with what is around her, festivals

Dislikes: Xehanort, the darkness, losing those who are dear to her, dull people, quiet places, being scolded by Yen Sid, people asking about her scar on her right cheek

Family: Master Eraqus (father, deceased), Harmony (mother, deceased)

Residence: Land of Departure (BBS), Radiant Garden (BBS), Destiny Islands (KH1 & KH2), Radient Garden (KH3)

Journal Entries:

First Entry
A young girl who lives happily with her father and his pupils. When suddenly two of the disappear, another vanishes to go find them. Her father then sends her to Radiant Garden for safety unsure of what would become of the future.

Second Entry
All alone in a world she is unfamiliar with, Melody creates music to keep her company until she runs into a girl around her age named Kairi. The two wander around the city until they run into Aqua. Aqua is surprised to find her master's daughter there, but could see where he was coming from. Both Kairi and Melody are given wayfinders from Aqua before she goes off.

First Entry
A girl who can barely remember her past living with three of her closest friends Riku, Sora, and Kairi. All four of them wish to visit other worlds, but Melody wishes only to find those within her memories. The island vanishes and she wakes up in a different world that is completely unknown to her.

Second Entry
Only travelling with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, they traverse different worlds together and save them all. Still not knowing much of her past, Melody can only seem to grasp her knowledge of using her keyblade.

First Entry
Returning to the islands, Melody slowly remembers her past be the sounds she hears. Unlike Kairi, she returns to the island they all played on feeling as if something were calling her. Once there, she is taken to another world that is hard for her to understand.

Second Entry
After escapsing a fake world created by a man named Ansem, Melody is reunited with Kairi and meeting the real Hayner, Pence, and Olette. Wondering if even the strange boy named Roxas was a lie, Melody looked for him with no success. His face remained in her mind, but not as Roxas. His name slowly changed into a different name. Ventus.

First Entry
Memories returned, Melody is torn apart and is unsure of what she should do. With the memory of losing her father and her original three friends, Melody wishes to meet with them once more. Even if there isn't much for her to do, Melody decided to visit Yen Sid hoping she could improve her skills as a keyblade weilder and possibly even become a keyblade master like her father and dear friend Aqua.

Personality: At the beginning of Birth By Sleep, Melody is upbeat and always talkative towards her friends and father. She trusts everyone except for Master Xehanort since she is fully aware of how he uses the power of the darkness. After leaving her father, she becomes less social and lost. Seeing Aqua again brings her happiness and she cherishes her new wayfinder that is in the shape of a musical note. At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts, Melody is once again talkative, but isn't as upbeat as she used to be. Her fractured memories prevent her from being truly happy. Later on in Kingdom Hearts, she gets serious and takes full on responsibility of being a keyblade weilder. During Kingdom Hearts 2, her memories are coming back and it's driving her crazy. She becomes less social with Kairi and spends most of her days on the islands listening to the waves. When she meets Roxas, she becomes happy, but confused with everything. After leaving Roxas, her mind is left in a haze and confusion takes its full course. In Kingdom Hearts 3, Melody remembers everything and always has this sad look in her eyes when she's alone. She's happy now that she has her memories back and still serious about being a keyblade weilder.

Background: She was born in the Land of Departure as the daughter of Master Eraqus, but her mother died after labor. Eraqus raised her carefully and taught her everything he knew as a man and a keyblade master. When Eraqus and Xehanort had their battle, Melody was hit on the right cheek leaving a scar on her face just like her father had after being hit seconds later. It wasn't mentioned to Terra, Aqua, or Ventus how she got it. Her scar was meerly an accident from training as Eraqus put it. When Eraqus was resting, Melody would train with Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. Terra was practically her older brother whom she loved dearly and Aqua was her older sister who would help out her father because he didn't truly understand how a girl should be raised. Ventus was Melody's best friend. She loved looking up at the stars with him at night even if Aqua nor Terra were there. When her father was sending her away, Melody created a scene and refused to leave. She wanted to wait for Aqua, Terra, and Ventus to return, but in results, she was sent away. Before she was transported away to Destiny Islands with Kairi, she never saw Terra nor Ventus. Only Aqua was the last person she could see along with her father before her memories became a haze.

Appearance: In Birth By Sleep, Melody wears a light purple tank top with black capris and gray sneakers. In Kingdom Hearts, she continues to wear the same light purple tank top with black capris and gray sneakers, but adds a light purple belt as an accessory. In Kingdom Hearts 2, she wears the same thing, but adds a light purple arm warmer on her right arm. In Kingdom Hearts 3, she wears the same thing only her tank top has tears on it below her chest on the right side and one small tear above her chest on the right side.

Love Interest: Sora, Ventus, Vanitus, or Roxas (depends all on you and possibly the rp)