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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yuzuki //KARNEVAL OC\\

Name: Yuzuki
Meaning: yu (meaning gentleness, superiority), zuki (moon)
Nicknames: Yu-chan (only by Tsukumo and Iva), Zuki-nee (only by Kiichi)

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 13
Age: 18
Height: 162 cm (5'4")
Hair Color: Black with red tips
Eye Color: Golden yellow
Blood Type:O
Relatives: unnamed parents (dead), older brother (dead), younger twin sisters (dead)

Affiliation: Circus First Ship's Lieutenant

Status: Alive

Title: The Clown Reaper

Yuzuki is a quiet girl who keeps her problems to herself. She won't let anyone help her with her own problems. Being lieutenant of the first ship keeps her busy with solo missions, but most of the time she just stumbles upon missions rather than receiving them from the higher ups. Yuzuki doesn't care if another Circus member is on the job when she sees a Varuga. She'll kill it right away based off of instinct. Yuzuki is most commonly mistaken as Tsukumo's older sister because she's always seen wearing a serious expression. On the inside, she's soft hearted and hates to kill people. It pains her to kill Varuga because she still sees them as people which leads to hesitation which only Tsukitachi has seen. Yuzuki also has a kind heart where she will take care of the injured or those who are in need of comfort.

Tsukumo: Even if they are mistaken as sisters, Yuzuki actually sees Tsukumo as a sister. Tsukumo reminds her of her younger twin sisters based off of appearance and Tsukumo is fully aware of that. Both keep in contact often even if they don't see much of each other.

Iva: Yuzuki enjoys Iva's presence and finds it entertaining when Iva shows her masculine personality around men. Iva takes the role of the older sister she never had. She doesn't really speak with Iva, but shows that she does care by visiting every so often when she can. It's also frequent to see both of them on a mission together.

Tsukitachi: Obeying every order he gives her is what she does. There's never any questions. Yuzuki is loyal to Tsukitachi whenever she is around him. They don't see much of each other since he deals more with meetings while she takes on missions. It's rare for them to be seen together, but when they are it is strictly business even if Tsukitachi jokes around with her.

Jiki: Both don't get along. Neither say a single word to each other after the incident when Jiki tried to get closer to Tsukumo once getting past Iva's eye.

Kiichi: Yuzuki is aware that Kiichi looks up to her in various ways and treats her better than Tsukumo. Several times has she requested Kiichi to be nicer to Tsukumo, but it never works. In the end, Yuzuki doesn't pay that much attention to the bluenette when she's around.

Akari: He tends to her wounds and checks up on her since he is her doctor. Yuzuki casually talks to him and has full respect to him.

Hirato: Yuzuki isn't fond of Hirato. She doesn't speak with him or answer his questions because she doesn't like him. Nothing has happened between the two, so she doesn't have a real reason as to why she doesn't like him. It's just because she just doesn't like him.

Yogi: She sees him as a fool for being afraid of Akari and being childish for a 21 year old on the outside, but on the inside she's jealous of him. Yuzuki wants to be childish, but can only watch Yogi be childish. It's difficult for her to try to talk with him due to his nature even if he starts the conversation. The only time she has spoken to him was through work, but that's rare.

Gareki: The perk of her interest is who he is. Yuzuki is curious about who is he and why he's involved with Circus since no one else has told her about it. It didn't make sense if it was because Nai was with him. She didn't understand their relationship. Yuzuki has casual conversations with him since he's easier to talk to and she finds it funny when he tries to act all tough with his words.

Nai: Yuzuki is careful with Nai. She sees him as a fragile child who could be easily broken. If she's around at the time he's learning with Tsukumo, Yuzuki would help out. Even if he's not her responsibility, she feels like he is her responsibility.

Stealth, Speed

Mechanical Red Scythe

As a child, Yuzuki grew up in poverty. Both of her parents were working three jobs and her older brother had four. Yuzuki took care of her younger twin sisters while everyone was away for the longest time. Even though she was taking care of her siblings, Yuzuki was always ill. She had five different medications just to keep her from being bed written. Then, around when she was seven, a new rule came in. A new government came into play in her city where all the children under the age of twelve had to fight to the death. There would be a match at the end of the week and those who survived got to live another week. Through these matches, she had lost her twin sisters and her older brother. Her parents couldn't handle the pain and ended up committing suicide leaving Yuzuki on her own. She continued to fight in these matches losing her personality up until the age eleven when Circus arrived. They saved each child, but Yuzuki had lost her sanity to the point where she started to kill some Circus members before she was taken in for evaluation. The higher ups had decided to have her apart of Circus and to use her strength to help their cause. From there, Yuzuki slowly began to regain her sanity through Circus. She went up the ladder and landed the position of lieutenant at the age of sixteen.

- Yuzuki hates killing the varuga as she sees them still as humans.
- Her room has old photos she managed to find during a mission back in her home town of her family.
- She loves cute things.
- Even if she doesn't show it, Yuzuki fears blood.
- It's easy for Yuzuki to hide her fears.
- She draws on walls.
- She's been told that she's a talented artist.
- Yuzuki still gets ill and when she does, she stays around Akira majority of the time just for safety precautions.

Crush: Yogi or Gareki (All depends on who your crush is)

Decided to change what I want on here ^^;

So I'm on Quizilla like a maniac to roleplay them animes/mangas (I need to stop talking like Cry xD)

It's difficult to post up my original characters for certain animes since it fails to post, so I decided to post them up here from now on!

If you're coming from Quizilla, then hey! S'up?

Now, I'm going to do my rules on what I have to say on roleplaying~~

1) Grammar
I admit it that I'm a grammar nazi, but I understand when you make mistakes. Don't worry, I won't be all up in your face and go off telling you that it should be said like this. I've learned to just be a grammar nazi in my head unless I peer reviewing something. That's a whole different story, but just write the way you feel is right. I'm sure I can figure out what was said AND I understand if English isn't your first language. It's a tough language because I still have issues with it being my first language.

2) Length
What do you like to do? I've done lengthy paragraphs to one liners, but never script form. Another way is where I use this "~" to separate my oc from your crush ( not in the order though ). I'll try to match the same amount as you do, but I can't keep that as a promise. There are times when you or myself will have a good ol' brainfart and it ends up being shorter than the other part we wrote.

3) Commitment
Just message me if you're going to be gone for more than three days or tell me before hand about what might be a factor to you replying fast. I'll tell you mine if I have one at the moment or what might happen in the month we're rping in in case it might clash with it.

4) Mary Sues?
Don't ask about it. I don't even know what a Mary Sue is! Don't explain it to me. Every time someone does, it's a different explanation, so it's cool if your oc is a Mary Sue.

5) Limits
Bestiality. That is in the Vault of NO. Everything else is fine. This section will be updated in case I come across a situation where I find uncomfortable in, so keep referring back here in case you wanna try something out. If it's not here, then go for it!

6) Contact
Email or Quizilla, but I do prefer email since there's NO CHARACTER LIMIT (...why is there a character limit?!)

7) Crushes
Alright, so each crush is under the information with each oc I have. I'll post up the ones that I have on Quizilla here since I'm lazy~

KHR: Bel/Dino/Yamamoto/Gokudera (depends on who your OC's crush is and if it's none of them, then who do you feel most comfortable with playing as)
Fairy Tail: Gray or Sting (depends where you stand in the series)
UtaPri 1: Otoya
UtaPri 2: Ranmaru
NANA: Nobu
Ao no Exorcist: Ruji/Renzou/Amaimon (again...depends who your OC's crush is and if it's none of them, then who do you feel most comfortable with playing as)
Code Geass: Gino

8) Links to OC's (in order of crushes)

List of Fandoms
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Kingdom Hearts
Fairy Tail
Uta no Prince-sama 1000% or 2000%
Brothers Conflict
Ao no Exorcist
Code Geass
Diabolik Lovers
Ouran High School Host Club
Fruits Basket
Barajou no Kiss
D. Gray-Man
Heart no Kuni no Alice
Starry Sky
Arcana Familglia
Tiger & Bunny
Deadman Wonderland
Digimon (1 & 2)
Shugo Chara
Special A
Vampire Knight