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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ayano || Fairy Tail OC 3 ||


Name: Ayano Chen
Nickname(s): Aya
Age: 16 (pre-time skip), 23 (post-time skip)
Birthday: February 29, X768
Gender: Female
Race: Human


Hair Color: Black and red highlights
Eye Color: Dark Sea Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: When she's sixteen, she's slim and underdeveloped. After the time skip, she's average now that she has a chest, but still short.
Height: 5'0”
Weight: 110 lbs


Good Traits: friendly, loyal, trustworthy, artistic
Bad Traits: hot-headed, lazy, insecure
Habits: tapping her fingers on a table
Phobias: Anatidaephobia (fear of a duck always watching you)

Personal Information:

Likes: coconut, animals, being around friends, designing clothes
Dislikes: ducks staring at her, not being helpful, being useless
Favorite Food(s): steak & coconut ice cream
Favorite Drink(s): mint tea, lemonade, water
Favorite Color: Blue


Everyday: When she was sixteen, Ayano wore blue & red plaid shorts and black tube socks with black slip ons. To match with her socks, she wore black arm warmers. Her shirt was a semi-long shirt that was a off gray tan color that had stripes. At the age of twenty three, she wears a red plaid skirt, a black and white blouse that is ripped at the shoulders, a blue rose pin with two red ribbons and a yellow star, and blue high top sneakers.

Sleepwear: Her sleepwear changes every night, but the common theme happens to be animals. They're all one pieces and have hoods of the animal she's being. Ayano wears these because they keep her warm and she feels cute being in them.

Formal: Currently, Ayano doesn't have anything formal. She is currently making a new dress for herself, but isn't sure if it's right for her.

Swimwear: She wears a black and blue plaid bikini that she created herself, but doesn't wear this until after the time skip. Prior to the time skip, she never wore a swimsuit because she was so insecure about her chest while the other girls her age actually had a chest.

Social Information/Personal Status:

Status: Alive
Edolas Counterpart: Aki Chen (male counterpart)
Relationship Status: Single
Best Friends: Lucy Heartifilia & Lisanna Strauss
Close Friends: Levy McGarden & Cana Alberona
Friends: Everyone in Fairy Tail
Acquaintances: TriMen & Lamia Scale
Rivals: Lucy Heartifilia (friendly)

Love Interest(s):

Laxus Dreyar

Growing up in Fairy Tail, Ayano had always had a crush on Laxus. Sadly enough, Laxus didn't recognize that she had a crush on her and treated her mostly like a sister just as he treated Lisanna. Plus, Ayano mostly lacked in a chest once her and Lisanna were at that age. Seeing him leave the guild, Ayano felt her world shatter, but kept on a fake smile on her face until Dita told her to move on. Ayano decided to get stronger and be better than Laxus as a person more than a mage. When they arrived back, Ayano wasn't at Fairy Tail, but has been on a three year mission that required her to be out of the country. Once upon returning after the Grand Magic Games ended, she had met Laxus and the others again. Ayano may not show it, but deep inside, she still cares for Laxus.


Mother: Mika Chen (deceased)
Father: Liang Chen (deceased)

Professional Information:

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location: Right to the belly button (her right)
Guild Mark Color: Blue
Wizard/Mage(Skill) Rank: At 16: Regular Mage, At 23: S-Class Mage
Teammate(s): Dita

Magical Power Information:

Celestial Spirit Magic

Ayano has the same magic as Lucy, but her spirits are different. Seeing how her father is from a different country along with her mother, they were given access to different celestial spirits. These spirits were known as the Chinese Zodiac spirits.


Name: Natsumi (Summer Beauty)
Specialty: Stealth
Original Summoner: Mika Chen, Lian Chen


Name: Kamui
Specialty: Darkness
Original Summoner: Liang Chen


Name: Shou
Specialty: Melee


Name: Cream
Specialty: Speed


Name: Masamune
Specialty: Controlling the speed of time
Original Summoner: Liang Chen


Name: Rena (Rebirth)
Specialty: Trickery
Original Summoner: Mika Chen, Liang Chen


Name: Hanako (Flower Child)
Specialty: Healing
Original Summoner: Liang Chen


Name: Dita
Specialty: Defense


Name: Kitaro (Happy Boy)
Specialty: Fire
Original Summoner: Mika Chen, Liang Chen


Name: Ryota
Specialty: Air


Name: Shizue
Specialty: Intel


Name: Buurin
Specialty: Earth


Before Fairy Tail

Ayano was born in a country to the west of Fiore. She can't remember what the country was called, but what she can recall is the time she had with her parents Her mother and father were Celestial Spirit mages and both held the keys to the complete Chinese Zodiac keys. Originally, they were planning to have two children, but that never happened after the doctor told them that Mika couldn't conceive more than one child due to some disease. Ayano grew up and six of the original keys that her parents had yet to make a contract with, created a contract with Ayano. They became her friends and protected her. These spirits were the pig, the dog, the rooster, the rabbit, the tiger, and the sheep. Dita, the sheep, was more of a protector since he mostly made sure Ayano was never hurt as a child. Years went on and Ayano was around ten when tragedy hit her life. Both of her parents were fighting a crude group of evil mages that wanted the keys for themselves. Dita was ordered to take Ayano out of there and he did. They fled the country and into Fiore leaving her parents to a sad fate.

Joining Fairy Tail

When she joined Fairy Tail, she was a bit sad and lonely now that she no longer had her parents. Ayano felt alone until Lisanna approached her first. It was Lisanna who brought her out of her shell and into a world where people wanted to be her friend. When the day was ending, Ayano didn't know where to go. She ended up following Lisanna home in secret and watched through the windows seeing how happy they looked. It reminded her of home and her parents. She sat on the ground and cried silently before she fell asleep outside. The following morning, Ayano had woken up in the house. Lisanna walked in and brought her breakfast and a new fresh pair of clothes. Elfman had been the one who brought her in and it had been finalized that Ayano would live with them until Ayano could find her own place.

Lisanna's “Death”

Like everyone else, Ayano couldn't believe it. She still didn't have a place to live since it was hard for her to find jobs she could do that gave a big pay roll. Not wanting to be a burden to Elfman and Mirajane, Ayano moved out onto the streets and soon out into the forest. During her time on the streets, she would find old clothes and grab all of them. Eventually, she would make her own clothes from scratch since she couldn't buy her own. For a few months, Ayano didn't return to Fairy Tail. When she did, Mirajane had changed her outlook as did Elfman, but both were glad that she was back showing that they were worried about her. Erza, Natsu, and Gray welcomed her back with open arms after being gone during that time.

Enters Lucy

Ayano had never shown anyone her magic to anyone since she felt insecure about what others would think about her spirits. When Natsu returned with Lucy, Ayano felt even more insecure seeing how she didn't even have a chest that guys would stare at. Even though her best friend was no longer with them, Ayano knew Lisanna would be the one to make friends with Lucy. Ayano brought up a conversation and she discovered that Lucy was also a Celestial Spirit mage! Not even thinking that others would be shocked, Ayano brought out Dita saying that she, too, was the same. Everyone in the guild at the time was shocked to even see this! Lucy was shocked that no one in the guild, not even Makarov, knew that Ayano could even do this which made Ayano laugh. Ayano hadn't laughed since Lisanna was around, so seeing her laugh made others happy to see her like this again.

Laxus Left

She didn't show it since almost everyone was pretty much angry and glad that Laxus was gone, but Ayano was upset. Her secret crush was now gone and would no longer be coming back. Ayano felt like she had nothing left even though she had Lucy and her celestial spirits.


When everyone became lacrima, Dita had protected her from such a fate by bringing her to the Celestial Spirit World. Instead of returning to Fiore, Ayano landed outside a strange building that had Fairy Tail on it. She didn't see her friends anywhere, so she decided to walk in. Everyone looked different to her until her eyes landed on Lisanna. Lisanna didn't notice her as Aki circled around Ayano instantly insulting her about not having a chest. Like that, both were head to head insulting one another causing those around them to laugh.

Lisanna's Return

Ayano had clung onto Lisanna like a lost puppy. They spent time together and Ayano even went up against Natsu on who should spend time with Lisanna. Eventually, Ayano gave Lisanna some space and hung around Lucy to show that Ayano had taken the initiative to make a new friend.

Tenrou Team Disappears

Hearing that Tenrou Island was gone, Ayano fell into depression. She had lost her friends. Even though Romeo believed they were out there somewhere, Ayano couldn't find it in herself to see such hope. Pretty soon, Ayano spent less time at Fairy Tail and only went there if she felt like she needed money. This went on for about four months.

Going Home

Two years after Tenrou Island vanished, Ayano had went up to S-Class since she's been taking harder jobs than the rest. Two years after that while looking at the job board, her eyes spotted a job of an old man asking to take down a man by the name Liang Chen. Instantly, she grabbed the job and ran out the door making everyone confused. Ayano didn't want everyone to see her father's name and that she was related to him. This was something she had to do on her own. So, she went to the port and left Fiore to return to her home country not telling the others where the job was taking her.

Three Year Gap

After taking the job to her home country, Ayano had traveled back, but never returned to Fairy Tail. During that mission, she had received the rest of the keys from her father, but not the way she wanted to get them. Her father had told her that her mother had died during the raid. He took revenge and became corrupted as did his keys. Ayano had to kill her own father to stop him from killing other people. It was the only way to put him at peace, but left such a hole in her heart. To think things through, Ayano decided to just travel around Earthland to not only think things through, but to connect with her new spirits that once belonged to her parents.

Returning To Fairy Tail

As Ayano arrived back in Magnolia, the Grand Magic Games were over. She went back to Fairy Tail and forced herself to walk in there knowing Macao would scold her for being gone for so long, but when she walked in, Ayano wasn't prepared to see such familiar faces! She even saw Laxus! Makarov had welcomed her back. He couldn't find it in his heart to scold her for leaving without a word, so all he did was pat her shoulder. Lisanna had commented that they had the same hairstyle, but found it cute that how similar they looked. On the outside, Ayano was smiling as if nothing happened, but on the inside, she couldn't think straight with the hole in her heart. Seeing Laxus, Ayano put on a smile and welcomed him back.

Theme Song

Where Are You Now by The Summer Set


  • Ayano makes her own clothes.

  • Dita and Masamune can summon on pure will.

  • Ayano still has no place to live after all this time.

  • Romeo and Ayano had never seen eye to eye and they still don't.

  • Having a strange dream on night, Ayano wrote a song based off of it called Ayano's Theory of Happiness. It mixes between her dream and her past.

  • When Ayano met Asuka, she wished to herself that Asuka would live a happy life and would never have to go through what Ayano had to go through.

  • Ayano can sing, but only does it when she's alone or around her celestial spirits.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maggie || Harry Potter OC ||

Full Name ←

Magdalena Cameron Jaden Flosadottir (Flosa-do-tear)

Nicknames ←

Cotton Candy

Also Known As ←

Maggie (most common), Lena, Camie, Jay

Age ←

12 years old (2 years older than Golden Trio)

Year ←

2nd year during Sorcerer's Stone

Birth Date ←

April 4th, 1978

Astronomical Sign ←


Ethnic Heritage ←

Icelandic & British

Species ←


Gender ←


Sexual Orientation ←


Virgin ←

Lost it to George during her fourth year.

Religion ←


Mental Illnesses ←


Voice - Accent ←

A Cockney accent, but sometimes her Icelandic accent slips in

Dominant Hand ←


Marital Status ←

Maggie had been single up until her fourth year. During her fourth year, she had a small fling with George, but it only lasted for a few weeks. It ended before the Yule Ball came around.

Hair Color ←

Naturally, her hair is black, but Maggie dyes her hair cotton candy blue.

Hair Style - Length ←

Straight, ending up slightly past her breasts.

Eye Color - Shape ←

Hazel with a tint of green that comes from her father's side. Her eyes are slightly bigger than her parents, so she seems like a dog when she looks around.

Glasses - Contacts ←

Maggie keeps maroon contacts, but doesn't need them to see. They're just to change her eye color. Though, she only wears them on Halloween and her birthday.

Complexion ←

Pale as a ghost as some students would say to describe her.

Height ←


Weight ←


Facial Structure ←

Her face is a bit long, but round on the edges. Some would assume she's some puppy looking for someone to have fun with when she's either looking around or smiling.

Body Type - Clothing Size ←

Despite her average height, Maggie is slim which makes her seem smaller than usual due to her oversized clothing. She always wears comfortable, oversized clothing and always sits with one leg hanging off the chair.

Cup - Bra Size ←

34 B

Scent ←

Bananas (you have no idea how much I wanted to type babanas [reference to Ni No Kuni])

Nails ←

Her nails are rather long. She usually paints them pastel colors since she finds the colors calming.

Make-Up ←

The only make-up she seems to wear is eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. She keeps it simple by not having a whole bag of different shades of blushes and eyeshadow.

Jewelry ←

She wears her father's dog tag from when he served in the army along with another necklace that has a robot on it that she had bought from a store in her hometown.

Piercings ←

She has no piercings since she's afraid of someone jabbing into her skin with sharp objects.

Scars ←

On her left lower hip, she has two adjacent scars that was from surgery due to appendicitis she received the summer before she became a fourth year.

Outfit Choices ←

Clothing Style

School Uniform

Maggie doesn't mind the uniform, but the robe she has to wear is something she hates! She never wears it and refuses when a professor asks her to. Many have given up on trying to get her to wear it. Other than that, Maggie wears the uniform like the other students except that her tie is loose.

Weekend Wear

No matter what season is in, she's found wearing long sleeved shirts when she doesn't need to wear her uniform. To go with her long sleeved shirts, Maggie wears either black, baggy gym shorts or gray ripped jeans. Maggie just wants to be comfortable where ever she may be.

Night Wear

Since she was ten, she's worn the same kind of sleepwear and that would be a kigurumi. She gets them over summer vacation. Every night she wears a different one going from a cow all the way to a pikachu! Once again, she just wants to be comfortable even in sleep.

Swim Wear

Maggie never really went swimming during her childhood and when she did, there were guys around. It always made her uncomfortable for them to just stare at her in a two-piece bathing suit, so she either wears an oversized t-shirt with some bottoms to a two-piece or the top of a two-piece and swim trunks.

Formal Wear

Wearing formal wear was never Maggie's thing. Due to her want of being comfortable, she would just wear a collared shirt and some slacks with some flats.

Yule Ball

Knowing nothing about fancy dances, she had to call up her mom about it who instantly squealed. Her mother, apparently, had been waiting for such an occasion and bought a dress. It was sent the day before the actual event and it fit Maggie perfectly. Maggi laughed it off seeing how the color was similar to her hair color thinking it was a joke her mother had made.

(the dress on the left)

Bill and Fleur's Wedding

Maggie was rather surprised that she was even invited to the wedding, but brushed it off. This time, she had picked out her own dress and around this time, her hair was back to its original color. Maggie believed that no one would recognize her right away since everyone was so used to her cotton candy blue hair.

Personality ←

Maggie loves to be different. She strives to be the one who does things differently in a mass of people, but does it in a way where she's comfortable with herself. The girl is pretty much a bookworm which connects to her mental illness. She accepts the fact that she's different from her classmates and practically flaunts it as if she needs to tell the world. In reality, she wants others to know that it's okay to be different from the crowd.

Unfortunately, Maggie enjoys defying the law. This is proven by how the cops in her hometown know her on first name basis. Even though she gets into trouble for it, it shows that she wants her voice to be heard since she's mostly getting caught for starting a rally, several strikes, and causing her elementary school to shut down for a few weeks due to poor food choices they serve to the kids. Not only does she defies the law, but also the rules in her house made by her mother.

Strengths ←

She's very strong-willed once she's on a topic she's passionate about. Her being strong-willed is the source of her rebellious, stubborn nature, but that's not the only strength she has. Despite her appearance, Maggie knows more than she puts on. She knows how to deceive others into thinking she doesn't know much, but in truth she's intelligent. Even if she's intelligent, though, Maggie doesn't play fair. Her intelligence and her rebellious nature add to that and so she instantly goes for the advantage points she can find to get the upper hand.

Weaknesses ←

Maggie is definitely stubborn which leads her to misjudge people all the time. She won't dismiss someone right away, but in her mind she's misjudging everyone she sees based off of their appearance and what they show towards others. She also doesn't use her common sense very much. When others try to solve mysteries they find themselves in, Maggie is the one to come up with the most ridiculous answer that would make no sense or even relate to the mystery at hand causing people to not take her seriously.

Quirks ←

For a unique girl such as Maggie, she loves to make up scenarios when others ask for her opinion on solving some question. She'll keep rambling on and practically make a whole story out of it making people listen to her new found story. Maggie has Bibliomania, so she is always taking books from the library and stash them in her room to read for later when she can't sleep. Depending on the book is if she'll return it or not.

Hobbies ←

Besides her Bibliomania, Maggie really does enjoy reading. It makes her creativity flow through her. Another one would be to be different from the crowd by not doing what she's asked to do unless it's homework.

Habits ←

Every week, she checks inventory on the books she currently has. It could be mistaken as a quirk, but she's done this after her first month after being diagnosed with Bibliomania.

Likes ←

Reading, being different, rebelling against the rules, spending time outside, listening to music, helping others having their voices being heard

Dislikes ←

Rules, high authority, dull people, locked up libraries, being hushed, put away in a locked room/cell/area

Fears ←

Being locked up in a room/cell/area, losing her voice, becoming the perfect daughter her mother wants her to be, being someone she doesn't want to be, following the rules

Worst Fear ←

Being someone she doesn't want to be

Guilty Pleasure ←

Rebelling against the rules, Maggie loves doing it that it's become a second nature to her. She's been doing it at a young age that she can't get enough of it. She doesn't seem to care how it may make her look like on her record because she believes that it defines her as a person.

Passionate Love ←

Nature, the outside world gives her a whole new perspective in which her books can't give her. It gives her a sense of realism. Maggie enjoys the fresh air and just listening to the noises animals make as if they were letting their voices be heard only in a different language.

Quotes ←

Authority? Ha! Don't make me laugh. Do I look like the kind of girl to follow the rules? Seriously, is it because I'm in Ravenclaw?” (To Hermione after meeting in the library)

“Did you know, I was supposed to be born the day you and your brother were born? I got pretty lazy and wanted to sleep for a few more days.” (Her thoughts about the Weasley Twins ideally referencing George to be the person she's thinking of)

“You're a nice girl, really, but not the type to ever be in a serious relationship any time soon.” (George Weasley to Maggie before breaking up with her)

“He just thought you two weren't going to get serious is all. You two were an okay match in my opinion.” (Fred Weasley, in reference to George and Maggie calling it off)

“I don't get it. You fail at class participation and yet you score high on the exams. Miss Flosadottir, is there something you're trying to say here?” (Professor McGonagall to Maggie after one of her exams)

“I grew up differently from everyone, even Hermione. Despite what I am, I don't see myself any differently. The things I have done in the past is something I am not ashamed of, so you shouldn't be ashamed of the things you've kept to yourself.” (To Neville Longbottom)

People assume I'm bat-shit crazy to defy the law, but I'm a normal person who just decided to stand up for others. My actions confuse others. That, I could care less about. What's more important now is that I keep sticking up for others even if it's in secret. Maybe one day, they'll see me in a different way.” (How she wishes people to see her as)

Theme Song ←


Backwards, Matthias


Love Song ←


Fall Into These Arms, New Politics


Favorite Color ←


Favorite Food ←

Chili Con Carne

Favorite Drink ←

Non-Carbonated Strawberry Soda

Favorite Candy ←

Ring Pops

Favorite Flower ←


Favorite Animal ←


Favorite Smell ←


Favorite View ←


Favorite Season ←


Favorite Weather ←


Favorite Place ←

The Courtyard in Hogwarts

Favorite Instrument ←


Wizarding School ←

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Affiliations ←

Order of the Phoenix

Dumbledore's Army

Ministry of Magic (ironically; as an adult)

Loyalties ←

Weasley Family

Order of the Phoenix

Ministry of Magic

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Blood Purity ←


Parseltongue ←


Metamorphmagus ←


Thestrals Visibility ←


Special Abilities ←


Future Occupation ←

Employee for the Administrative Registration Department

(Department of Magical Law Enforcement [more irony!] for the Ministry of Magic)

Gringotts Wizarding Bank Vaults ←

Maggie didn't get one until her second year

House Elf ←


Hogwarts House ←


Wand ←

Ebony wood, unicorn hair, springy, 10 inches

Quidditch ←

Maggie doesn't really care for it, but does watch it from time to time. When she was with George, she went to one of his games to cheer him on.

In School Pet ←

Gains a Fire Crab after her fifth year

Animagus ←


Boggart ←

It's herself only in her mother's eyes which is having her natural hair in a ponytail and in a prep school uniform in an all girls' school. When she casts Ridukulus, it turns into a man wearing a frilly pink tutu.

Patronus ←

A wolf, the origin of a domestic dog. Since her eyes make her seem like a dog, it only makes sense that her patronus is a wolf.

Mirror of Erised Imagine ←

Everyone not judging her based off of her past record with her father by her side.

Best Class ←

Care of Magical Creatures

Worst Class ←

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Favorite Spell ←

Colovaria, Maggie uses it to dye her hair with ease.

Favorite Potion ←

Girding Potion, uses it when she needs to make a quick get away.

School Reputation ←

Maggie is knows as Ravenclaw's rebel. She throws everyone's ideal image of a Ravenclaw out the window seeing how she refuses to follow the rules at Hogwarts. She would be classified as a trouble maker, but she doesn't cause trouble just for fun. Maggie usually has a legitimate reason for rebelling against some rules. There is also a rumor of how she'll never be in a serious relationship, so she only does flings. Maggie knows it's a lie and wondered how that rumor even started, but never allows it to bother her.

Ordinary Wizarding Levels ←

| O= Outstanding, E= Exceeds Expectations, A= Acceptable, P= Poor, D= Dreadful, T= Troll |

Transfiguration: A

History of Magic: E

Divination: A

Arithmancy: A

Ancient Ruins: E

Herbology: A

Defense Against the Dark Arts: D

Care of Magical Creatures: O

Potions: A

Astronomy: E

Friends ←

Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Neville Longbottom

Acquaintances ←

Cho Chang, Myrtle, Luna Lovegood, Penelope Clearwater, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley

Best Friends ←

Hermione Granger

Enemies ←

Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle

Rivals ←

High Authority Figures

Role Model ←

Nobby Leach

First Kiss ←

George Weasley

Past Relationships/Flings ←

Even though it was a short while, she had a fling with George Weasley that never got serious. A year after the break up, Maggie dated Neville for several months. She called it off telling that he deserved someone better.

Yule Ball Date ←

Since George broke up with her before the Yule Ball, Maggie decided to go on her own. She wanted to seem independent and unaffected by the break up. In the end, she sort of pulled it off if she didn't see George with his date.

Bill and Fleur's Wedding Date ←

Once again, Maggie went on her own. Her different appearance was a sign that she could change if she put her mind to it. When she saw George missing an ear, she casually joked about it with him. Still thinking that he only saw her as an immature girl, Maggie tried to have fun, but left early seeing how she couldn't handle seeing George without her old feelings resurfacing.

Crushing on Her ←

George Weasley

Neville Longbottom

Relationship Status ←

After a short fling with George and a decent relationship with Neville, Maggie became single after she graduated.

Love Interest ←

George Weasley

They were both in the same year and their reputations were known after a full year, so it wasn't hard for them to learn about one another. Maggie and George started out as friends all the way up to their fourth year. George was the one who made the first move by kissing her. She followed in response and the two became a thing. Although, it only lasted for a few weeks. Several months before the Yule Ball, George had called it off seeing how she wasn't taking the relationship seriously, or at least that's what he told her. After that, Maggie remained the same feeling hurt on the inside. She ignored the feelings and rebelled against a few rules on campus which led her to detention.

After graduation, Maggie went back home with her mom still rebelling like always. She's tried several times to move on, but couldn't handle it. One day when she tried to land a part time job, and failed, Maggie was invited to the wedding of Bill and Fleur. It had been a long time since she had seen the Weasley family, so it wouldn't hurt to go. When she got there, Maggie had dyed her hair back to its original color in hopes to show George that she has changed. The sights of seeing the bandage around his head, though, brought her pain, but hid it very well. Not wanting to keep the awkward tension between the two, Maggie hit up a conversation with him by a single joke about him being “holy”. It pained her to see him like that, so she left early before shit hit the fan. The young woman decided then and there to try and become a better person to prove that a rebellious girl like her could change. Her relationship with George now is more of a casual conversation with a few jokes as she shows that she's changed, but keeps her rebellious side with her.

Birth Place ←

East End, London, England

Current Location ←

West End, London, England

Future Location ←

West End, London, England

Known Languages ←

English & Icelandic, Maggie learns more in the future for her job.


Alba Urania Flosadottir – Mother – Alive – Muggle

Jonathan Edward DeWitt – Father – Deceased – Muggle

Fred Weasley II – Future Son – Half-Blood

Jayden Cameron Weasley – Future Daugher – Half-Blood

History - Past ←

Maggie is the only child of Jonathan DeWitt and Alba Flosadottir. Her parents were engaged at the time and planned on getting married in May. Unfortunately, Jonathan was killed in action when he was called on duty leaving Alba to raise their child. As Maggie grew up, she started to get rebellious after seeing a kid in class speak up about a good point about class naps. The girl rebelled against her own mother and did things her mother didn't like. Sadly, her mother didn't notice Maggie stealing books until the girl had a large collection on her own room. She was diagnosed with Bibliomania and her mother locked her books away in hopes to cease it which it didn't.

One day, she received a strange letter to a school along with a woman, better known as Professor McGonagall, there to explain to Maggie and her mother the situation. Her mother found it as a joke while Maggie was all in about magic existing. Like always, Maggie went against her mother's rules and went to Hogwarts. During the hat sorting, the hat commented about her absurd behavior making some of the students laugh before he placed her in Ravenclaw.

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