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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nabi || Magi OC 2

Biographical Information

Name: Nabi

Physical Description

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"; 163 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Ice Blue


Allies: Buer, Morgiana, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, Aladdin

Enemies: Shion


Djinn: Buer

Occupation: King Vessel, Slave (former)

Affiliation: Buer, Sinbad, Alibaba, Morgiana, Aladdin, Hakuryuu, Amon, Zagan


Good Traits: Intelligent, Observant, Patient

Bad Traits: Loner, Brooder, Hot-headed, Trust issues

Favorite Food: As long as she gets to eat, then it's fine

Favorite Drink: As long as she gets to drink, then it's fine

Likes: Food, drinks, spending free time alone

Dislikes: Oblivious people, idiots, liars, Shion


As long as she could remember, Nabi was constantly being sold off to a new master every other month. She was constantly abused and soon lost her ability to cry or show emotion besides a hatred look. When she turned ten, Nabi was put under the care of a man named Shion. He treated her fairly well and pretty must treated more human than her previous masters. In her heart, she felt like she could regain her ability to show emotion. During these years under Shion, he taught her even how to fight! Nabi felt more comfortable to use a bow and arrow, but just the bow for close combat. In close combat, Shion told her that she was talented with using the metal bow he bought for her. Her emotions slowly surfaced and she was smiling again.

At the age of fifteen, Nabi didn't feel like a slave anymore. Shion was like a father figure to her now and she was proud to have him around. Unfortunately, Nabi wasn't aware of Shion's true colors. Shion was a two-faced man. He'd put on a facade just to get closer to what he wanted. In this case, he wanted the weapon locked away in one of the dungeons that happened to be close to his home village. Shion raised Nabi just for that purpose. When they reached the village, Shion showed his true colors to her. He shoved her into the dungeon giving her a fake smile telling her that he'll wait for his prized weapon when she got back.

Nabi lost the ability to show her emotion within the dungeon and wandered around. There were men screaming in pain, but she showed no fear. She no longer cared and would accept death. Her own father figure played her like a violin just for this moment. Nabi couldn't believe she couldn't see through his lies! As she continued through the dungeon, the djinn of the dungeon watched her closely. In his dungeon, he had set up illusions for all men to fall for, but Nabi walked by them as if she didn't see them. When she got hungry or thirsty, Nabi had shown to the djinn that she knew what was poisonous and what was safe to drink or eat.

Once reaching the top of the dungeon, Nabi looked around not finding anything interesting to her. There was a ton of gold around her and yet, she didn't want any of it. The djinn showed himself as Buer, djinn of illusions. He had told her how her intelligence brought her here and proven to him that she was worthy to be his vessel. Before he had infused himself in her bow, Nabi stopped him. She dropped the bow and arrows telling him that she no longer wanted her bow and arrow. Looking around the room, she found a golden bow and a good set of silver tipped arrows. Nabi took them and told Buer that she was ready. Buer smirked and fused himself into her bow and arrows telling her that they would be the strong together.

Nabi had returned and according to the locals, it had been three years. She had aged up to eighteen while in the dungeon. Asking around where Shion was, all she was given was that he had given up after two weeks and left her for dead. Nabi decided to kill Shion as her mission hoping to stop the man from using anyone else just to get what he wanted.

During her travels in finding him, she stayed in Sindria once Sinbad had gotten word of her conquering a dungeon on her own. He treated her by giving her a wonderful room, nice clothes, and good food, but she turned it all down unsure if Sinbad was the type of man she could trust.

Soon, Alibaba came around with his friends and Nabi didn't get along with Alibaba right off the bat nor Hakuryuu. Nabi called Alibaba an idiot on many occassions for not seeing that Morgiana liked him more than a friend. With Hakuryuu, he gets upset with her for not fighting back if she gets wounded to the point where she could die. Nabi told Hakuryuu that she accepted death three years ago and wouldn't have a problem with dying now.


Archery: Thanks to Shion, Nabi is very skilled with using a bow and arrow. She also learned how to use a bow in close combat if it comes to that.

Observance: Originally, Nabi could usually tell what people were like, but was decieved by Shion. When she joined with Buer, her observing skills doubled and now she can observe others and already tell what kind of person they are and how strong they are.

Intelligence: Nabi was already intelligent to begin with, but now with Buer, Nabi had gained other knowledge most common folk wouldn't know about. Buer feeds her information which grows her intelligence on a daily basis, so she never stops learning.

Djinn: Now with Buer at her side, Nabi can manipulate illusions and create others to decieve her opponents in any fight. Despite Buer being a Djinn with high knowledge in logic,  natural and moral philosophy, and the virtues all herbs and plants, he has the knowledge in knowing how to decieve men and women with his illusions after observing them to see what they desire most.

Metal Vessel: Nabi's Metal Vessel is her golden bow and silver tipped arrow that she got from the dungeon Buer resided in. Originally, it was supposed to be her bow and arrows given to her by Shion. (she does have attacks, but I don't feel like naming them. Lazy mini~)

Djinn Equip: In this state, Nabi's body becomes half purple smoke. Her legs become smoke, so it makes it easier for her to sneak around when the opponent listens for her movements. An emerald strap goes around her shoulder which holds to quiver that holds her arrows giving an endless supply of arrows. When in Djinn Equip, Nabi shows her hatred more and her emotions are usually what fuels her magoi in this state.

Djinn Weapon Equip: There isn't much difference between weapon equip and when she regularlly uses her bow and arrow. The only difference is that when she draws one arrow, she can make illusions to show that she's shooting more than one, but in reality she aims one at her opponent. The illusion arrows are just distractions.


Quantity of Magoi: 3

Fighting Ability: 4

Physical Strength: 3

Technique: 3

Leadership Ability: 2

Wisdom: 5

Love Interest: 

Hakuryuu Ren

Theme Song

A Realistic Logical Ideologist (English Cover) by Juby Phonic

Relationships (more in detail)

Sinbad: Nabi can tell he has a good heart with his ideals, but there's another side that she sees that makes her unsure to see if he is trustworthy. Even though he has all these supporters, Nabi can't fully trust the man. She also hates the way he gets women right beside his side just by a few words. There were times he tried flirting with her to have Nabi to join forces with him, but she declined just like she did with all the free things he had offered her before.

Alibaba: Nabi knows she can trust Alibaba, but she doesn't enjoy the fact how oblivious the male is to many things. She considers him to have full potential in becoming a good leader, but would lack in many other things such as knowing who to trust. Nabi has considered of actually joining Alibaba's group, but knew it wouldn't exactly work with how she acts around others and she had her own mission.

Hakuryuu: They've never gotten along since they met. Hakuryuu had tried and Nabi never did. It's the fact that she just accepts things for they are and doesn't want to change much about the world. He also hates the fact on how she just accepts death and that she won't fight back if it comes to that. Nabi knows Hakuryuu doesn't know her backstory and hopes that he doesn't find out. She believes that he will treat her differently if he ever found out.

Morgiana: Morgiana is the only one that Nabi told about her past and swore her to secrecy about it. Nabi finds only Morgiana worthy to know of her background and knows that Morgiana would keep a secret until it was the right time to reveal it to the others. Buer says that they have a strong connection because of how they were both slaves at one point, but also because it's good for females to bond together.

Aladdin: He tries his best to get close to Nabi, but she pushes him away. Nabi does trust Aladdin since he's a trustful magi, but because of her loner attitude, she doesn't want to be around others often. It also goes with her trust issues after Shion betrayed her. She sees Aladdin someone she could go to right away for help, but since she could never admit that to his face, it would be her secret she would only know.

Shion: Before he showed his true colors, Nabi adored him like a daughter would her own father. They were close, but after he left her to die in the dungeon when she didn't come out after two weeks, Nabi hated the man. When she's by herself, she asks people if they had heard of Shion. If they did, she asked them what they knew about the man. Killing Shion is her only goal in life, but never thought of what she would do after she accomplished that goal.


  • People have a hard time reading Nabi while she can easily read people.

  • Nabi had gotten close in meeting Shion again, but ran into Alibaba and his friends.

  • Her attire is barely seen since she's wearing a huge cloak over it, but she wears the bottom rags she wore as a slave and her top is something she took from Buer's dungeon.

  • She didn't take much from Buer's dungeon. Just her new bow, arrows, and a top since her rags were torn.

  • Nabi finds it annoying to tie up her hair, so she leaves it down having it dangle past her waist.

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