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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anna || Starry Sky OC

Basic Information

Name: Anna Kazami

Age: 16

Birthday: February 14

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Ethnicity: Japanese American

Physical Information

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Gold

Bust: 32A


Uniform: Anna normally wears the female uniform of Seigatsu Academy keeping a clean and cut look. Her hair, though, remains to be a mess.

Everyday: When she's not at school or at an event, she's usually seem in brown sweats, Domo slippers, a long sleeved black and white striped shirt, and a kitty sweater. Her slippers are mostly for when she's inside, but when she goes outside, Anna wears warm black boots.

Formal: During events, Anna is always found wearing dark gray dress pants, a dark purple collared shirt, and a black vest with black slip ons along with black socks. Her hair is put into a nice bun putting on a professional look.

Sleepwear: Anna just sleeps in whatever she wears for the day except for her school uniform. It's just her way of being lazy and conserving laundry.

Swimwear: This is the only time Anna actually shows some skin. She wears  a dark blue two piece bikini keeping her hair in a messy style.


Good Traits: Conservative, Loyal, Honest, Independant, Hard Working (when she's really into what she's working on at least)

Bad Traits: Lazy, Socially Awkward, Sleep Deprived, Clumsy

Habits: Falling asleep with her eyes open after not sleeping the night before

Phobias/Fears: Being alone

Personal Information

Likes: Coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate, outdoors, fantasy books, romance books, cats

Dislikes: Decaffinated coffee, spicy food, people leaving her alone after they had set up to get together, learning to be a lady

Favorite Food(s): Chocolate

Favorite Drink(s): Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Favorite Color: Brown

Social Information

Status: Alive

Relationship Status: Single

Best Friends: Tsukiko Yahisa, Kanata Nanami, and Suzuya Tohzuki

Friends: Kazuki Shiranui (she sees him as a friend, but isn't sure if he sees her as a friend as well) and Hayato Aozora

Acquaintances: Homare Kanakubo and Oushirou Shirogane

Professional Status

Year: 2

Department: Mythology


Father: Ryosuke Kazami (alive)

Mother: Erica Jones (deceased)

Cousin: Wataru Kazami (alive)


In her early years, Anna lived with her mother. Her father and mother weren't married at the time. Due to her father's financial status, Anna was left to live a normal life until anything turned for the worse. She grew up loving mythical creatures and their backgrounds, but kept it on the inside since most kids found her weird for it.

During her early years in school, Anna had become close to a trio: Tsukiko, Kanata, and Suzuya. Since she didn't have any siblings, Anna became attached to them. She enjoyed the simple life with her three friends. Unfortunately, once they reached elementary school, things started to change. Tsukiko introduced Kazuki to the rest of the group. Anna, though, could only meet up with them from time to time to place since her mother's health started to fall. To the rest of the group, they started to think that Anna wasn't comfortable around Kazuki. Then, after Tsukiko was found in one of the shrine storages, Anna was at home where her mother passed away in her sleep from her bad health.

After her mother's death, her father came into the picture explaining everything to her. Her father was a wealthy business owner who had no children of his own, but her. He explained that she would have to leave the life she knew and start a new with him. Anna didn't have much of a choice and left not having time to say goodbye to her friends.

Living with her father was a big change. Anna had to learn the proper behavior for a young lady and that one day, she would take over her father's business once he retires. To help her, Anna's cousin Wataru was to teach her in the ways of business. Her father, though, wanted her to also follow her interests and not be ashamed of them. Wataru began her lessons while finishing up his days at Seigatsu Academy in the Space Department. Anna became interested in the school and began her studies to get into the school.

Anna got into Seigatsu Academy two years after Wataru had graduated and pretended to be a boy since the population was all male according to what Wataru told her. For half of her first year, Anna pretended to be a guy until Hayato called her out on it wondering why a girl like her would pretend to be a girl when she wasn't alone. Hearing there was another girl in the school, Anna had announced that she was a girl and pretty much shocked her class. During that day at lunch, Anna was on the hunt to find the other girl. Reaching the roof of the school, Anna had run into a familiar trio. In such a long time, Anna had met Tsukiko, Suzuya, and Kanata again. Without saying hello, Anna just started to cry out of happiness confusing her friends. It took a while of explaining of who she was, where she had been, and the happiness they all shared, but in the end, they were back together in the same school.

It wasn't until the beginning of her second year where she asked Suzuya about what happened to Kazuki. He told her about what had happened and Anna nodded pretending he never existed for Tsukiko's sake.

A few days later, Anna helped Hayato carry some files to the Student Council room because she didn't want to head home to more lessons on how to be more lady like. When they walked in, she saw three third years at a table drinking some tea. Hayato greeted them all and introduced Anna to them all. Oddly enough, Kazuki was right there. She felt awkward all over again just like when she first met him all those years ago. Anna gave an awkward greeting making Oushirou laugh causing Anna to feel even more awkward. Homare gave a kind smile explaining that Oushirou was a kind person. She gave a small smile to Homare, but couldn't help and glance at Kazuki wondering if he recognized her at all. Sadly, her visit was cut short when her phone went off. Wataru was calling her signalling her to head home. She bid her farewell and went home.

Love Interest(s)

Kazuki Shiranui

Even though Anna is awkward around the older male, she develops feelings for him after they see each other again in the Student Council Room. Anna can never find words to even say to him when he comes out of nowhere while she's having a conversation with Hayato. Most of the time it's right before she asks Hayato if he could help her with one of her lessons on how to walk properly, but because Kazuki arrives before the question comes out, Anna pushes it aside and excuses herself right away so they could discuss Student Council things. In a sense, it's her way not wanting Kazuki to know that she can't even walk in a straight line or have a professional attitude.


  • Anna can't walk in a straight line which ticks off the maids back home and her older cousin Wataru.

  • Since her father is at work all the time, Anna either spends time in her room or just taking small walks around the large estate.

  • Anna didn't tell Tsukiko, Suzuya, and Kanata that her father was a rich businessman during her explanation about what she had been doing over the years.

  • Most of the guys in Anna's class had voted her as the class representative after she announced being a girl.

  • Hayato helps Anna out with being their class's representative.

  • When her father invites her to a party filled with business partners, Anna hides herself by the chocolates and ends up staying up the whole night.

  • Anna is a heavy coffee drinker.

  • Hayato and Suzuya are trying to get Anna off her coffee addiction.

  • The two hair clips in her hair belonged to her mother, so Anna wears them in memory of her mother.

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