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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Christine "Chrissy" Williams || Ace Attorney OC

Name: Christine Williams

Aliases/Nicknames: Chrissy, Chris, Tweedle Dee, Number 2

One-off nicknames: Miss Blank

Born: 1994

Age: 22

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'4"; 162 cm

Family: Unnamed father (52)
Kristopher "Kris" Williams (twin brother, 20; deceased)

Friends: Phoenix Wright (Childhood friend and former defense attorney), Maya Fey (Good friend), Miles Edgeworth (Childhood friend),  Pearl Fey (Good friend), Larry Butz (Childhood friend and childhood crush), Dick Gumshoe (Detective involved with the last two cases she was involved in)

Affiliates: Mia Fey (former defense attorney), Judge, Winston Payne (former prosecutor during her first trial), Franziska von Karma (former prosecutor during her last two trials)

Occupation: High school student, Drop out college liberal arts student, Cashier, Waitress, College Law Student, Defense Attorney


Good Traits: Observant, Patient, Can Keep Composure, Poker Face

Bad Traits: Temper, Snarky (slightly), Unorganized, Lazy


As a child, Chrissy would cause trouble everywhere with her twin brother Kris. In grade school, they would be the instant person to be accused after they prove that it wasn't Larry. They got away with most of their pranks and neither parted from each other. Both were good friends with Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Larry during this time until they parted their ways for different schools.

During high school, both Chrissy and Kris were accused of murder. In this period of time, the twins had developed a rebellious stage. Students pretty much feared them because they got into fights with other people. Both twins went on trial with Mia Fey as their defense attorney since neither could afford to have two different defense attorneys. The victim happened to be the school's prefect who kept the school in line. He was found dead by the garbage bins beaten to death with kendo swords. Everyone expected it to be the twins since they fought anyone who pissed them off. Mia proved their innocence revealing that the killer was actually the captain of the kendo club, a shy boy with good grades. It turned out that they had bad history with one another ever since they were kids. Both twins were thankful of Mia and promised to her that they would clean up their act and change their lifestyle.

About a month or two after the trial, the twins decided to leave home. Their father was a drunk and would usually beat the twins up if they were around. Kris got two jobs while Chrissy studied to get into college.

Two years later, Chrissy was on her way home from college when she entered her apartment she shared with Kris. A large man had knocked her out and vanished. She had woken up the next day held up in the detention center. Afraid of what was happening, she instantly asked for Mia Fey, but was informed of her death. Chrissy felt broken as she sat in her cell. Her college professor decided to call up a defense attorney for her and told her that he was a good man who would help prove her innocence. Phoenix Wright appeared and the two had a rather awkward reunion. Maya Fey was there and believed every word Chrissy had said while explaining what had happened. Chrissy, though, wasn't aware why she was in there. She didn't find out until the day of the trial. The moment Franziska accused her of murdering Kris, Chrissy was shocked. She instantly broke down crying shocking the entire court. The trial went on for another two days and Phoenix had solved the case nearly too close to call once he discovered the relationship between Kris and his father. Their father, apparently, had been harrassing Kris and Chrissy. Chrissy wasn't aware since Kris hid the phone calls and letters from her. The day she came home, her father knocked her out after strangling his own son for not returning home. Chrissy thanked Phoenix and Maya for all that they did.

Once she got back on her feet half a year later and dropping out of college, Chrissy decided to become a defense attorney just like Phoenix and Mia who both have saved her from being falsely accused of murder. She thought it would be some sort of closure for her brother's death and a way to thank Phoenix and Mia.

Chrissy didn't have much money to go back to college and pay rent at the same time, so she decided to land two jobs to handle it. Her first job she got was a cashier at a music store that had just fired their last employee for stealing money. The second job she got was a waitress of a new cafe that had just opened up by her apartment.

Just as she got to her bar exam, Chrissy witnessed a murder on the way to use the restroom. Well, it wasn't exactly seeing it, but she heard it. She hid in a supply closet and heard the murderer run away. Curious, Chrissy went to find the victim and found the body. She instantly informed the police and her bar exam was put on hold until it was cleared up. Phoenix became the defense attorney on the case and was rather shocked that Chrissy was a witness and the one to find the body. They caught up for a bit and Chrissy ended up meeting Pearl. During their interview/hang out, they ran into Larry who instantly started to flirt with Chrissy not remembering her at all. Finding Larry funny, she broke the news to him after a few minutes of endless flirting with lame puns. 

After passing her bar exam, Chrissy became a defense attorney! She ended up working for Phoenix since she didn't see anywhere else she wanted to go to. During work, Phoenix tends to complain about her lazy attitude, but she does get the job done by winning most cases.

Love Interest(s): Larry Butz, Phoenix Wright, or Godot

Theme Song: Drawing The Line by Royal Pirates


  • When Chrissy is on a case, she never wears formal wear. She's always seen wearing sweats, shorts, sweaters, or hoodies with sneakers.

  • When Chrissy went up against Godot the first time, he called her Miss Blank since she had a blank expression on everything, but that was only because she didn't get any sleep the night before.

  • She still pulls pranks, but mostly on Phoenix.

  • When she's not on a case, Chrissy is usually found eating sweets in the park.

  • Edgeworth and Chrissy haven't run into each other as of yet, but she's aware of what he does and hopes to see him one day in court.

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