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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Persona 3 OC || Annalise Fitz

Name: Annalise Fitz 

Age: 15 (16)

Birthday: June 6, 1992

Height: 160 cm (5'3")

Weight: 56 kg (125 lbs)

Zodiac: Gemini

Weapon: Butcher Knife

Arcana: Tower

Persona: Bishamonten

Affiliation: SEES

Annalise doesn't pretend to be something she isn't. She will express her feelings for things she likes and hates instead of keeping it to herself. Being so direct with others have caused others to be disliked by most students which makes her self conscious. Deep within, she's worried with what others think of her and worries over the people she cares for, but due to her direct nature, people find it hard to see that side of her. Annalise hates her direct attitude, but continues to be direct in hopes to make more friends since she isn't sure how else to approach at making friends.

Originally from America, Annalise moved to Japan at the age of ten after an incident that changed her life. When she was five, her parents had a divorce and her mother left for Japan. It was hard on both Annalise and her father. Her father, not being able to keep up with bills, got into a bad group of people who soon got to Annalise. They used her to pay up her father's debts by collecting other debts from others even if it meant by using force. She learned how to beat people up over the years and soon enough, Annalise was asked to take care of her father secretly. Unfortunately, the young girl lost majority of her sanity and went all out blaming him for turning her into a monster. Even apologizing to him at the same time for harming him. Two years of rehab she went through and the court decided to send her to Japan to live with her mother.

Living with her mother was different, but more stressful. Her mother got married to a man who had a son three years older than her who was an honor student. She didn't fit in and none of them seemed to mind when she would take care of herself. While alone, Annalise had discovered her obsession with blood after what she had gone through as a child. Not necessarily killing, but to see blood. When others weren't around, she'd find herself blood whether it be from dying animals or her own when she got hurt. The secret didn't last and her mother instantly started Annalise to see a therapist. With that going on, her mother also thought it was a good idea for her daughter to live on her own near school. So, Annalise left her home and left for Gekkoukan High.

"I hate waiting. It's a whole other level of pain, darling." (To Yukari while waiting to get food)

"Eh? I guess I'll stick around with you punks. As long as I get to kill something that is." (To everyone before joining SEES)

"Guns are so lame. I prefer to be up close and...personal." (To Junpei when discussing weapons)

"Start dying on me, would you?" (When fighting a Shadow)

"Man, I love the Dark Hour." (After defeating a Shadow)

When she grows up, Annalise becomes an expert in Blood Splatter.

Mitsuru and Annalise don't get along very well, but Annalise hopes that could change.

Koromaru was the first to fully trust Annalise before she had joined SEES.

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